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We can all agree on one thing, Iraq adding value to its currency. From there we can all agree to disagree on how they get to that point.

As we wait on the seating of the GOI, we have seen everything from Abadi being the new PM, to Abadi being left out.

We have recently seen talks of a rapprochement between Sadar and Ameri’s alliances which could lead to good things because Iraq can not move forward with both going against one another after the GOI is formed

The question will be can those two entities work together to form an INCLUSIVE GOI? If they are not inclusive to all parties, Kurds, Sunnis, Turkmen, Yezidis, Arabs etc, they will continue to wallow in the manure they are in now.

The international community has called for it and without that support, Iraq has nothing. The Shia will dominate, but they have to let others in

Sadar, if given the chance, has produced 5 names for the position of PM, including Abadi. Personally I think the Governor of a Province, forgot his name, would be the best choice with Abadi being my #2

​Now as far as adding value to the IQD? As our membership grows, I’m seeing a lot of talk about this very important subject that is dear to all of us

If you fail to read the news about what Iraq is telling us outside of the political mouthpieces, you will always think “just add value and everything will be ok” That thought will get you nowhere and make you look foolish when opening mouth.

If Iraq were to put the IQD on the Forex market right now, they could neither support and sustain a value of 1190, or on a 1:1 par with the USD. PERIOD.

Now some may say well Vietnam does it at what 20,000 to 1? Apples and oranges my friends. Just like comparing currency values thru trade and bilateral agreements have zero to do with a currency’s value between country’s

Iraq would go belly up if they even tried to put the IQD on the Forex market at this point

Why do I say that? Because they have NO economy aside from oil. We saw that in an article Kaleigh posted that gave us numbers still in the upper 80’s as far as oil dependent revenue. Once those numbers get to a much better ratio of let’s say 60/40, we may have a chance

​Now some may think “well Bobby’s just throwing numbers out there” Nope,

​I throw those numbers out there because I have read the IMF SBA’s, the National Development Plan, the Reconstruction and Investment Plan and International Institutional studies on Iraq’s economy. It really is that simple

​Kaleigh started this forum so people with busy everyday lives could come here, get factual information aside from all the BS in Dinaro World, and continue with those lives.

If we start acting like those other sites and throw stuff against the wall just to see if it sticks, we will start the slide into the proverbial rabbit hole

In no way shape or form am I trying to stop people from making comments. All I’m asking is that we make sure our comments has some sort of validity and some thought

My suggestion……let Iraq form it’s GOI, hopefully an inclusive one, and then we watch what direction they will go.

​The people of Iraq are speaking and they are speaking with a voice of reason. They, just like us, are tired of the status quo and that right there is our hope

We have 1 somewhat stable stability and that’s the CBI, which still has some work to do towards financial inclusion.

If Iraq gets it’s act together politically and starts supporting in full The National Development Plan, that’s when you should start getting excited

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