Dinar Updates

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firefly   Shabibi was on the verge of doing something in 2012. Just before he rolled out his plan Maliki raided the CBI and put everybody in jail except for Shabibi who somehow managed to escape.

In 2013 Abadi AND Saleh told us the deletion of zeros project will occur in 2015 AFTER THE NEW PARLIAMENT.

Q: [Looks like CBI is trading arabian currencies now?]

firefly :Swapping currencies between countries now!  WOW!  So if they are swapping currencies that must mean……

Q:  [If that is true, it truly has begun!]

firefly : Yes it has.


tman23  Do you know what they are referring to when they say..”the Central Bank is working on the application of parallel policy”?

The IMF refers to parallel policy as the “dual exchange rates”…one being the CBI rate and the other being the market rate…

The IMF’s Christine Legarde said sometime back in early 2015…The parallel policy has served Iraq well over the years, but the time has come for Iraq to work off a one exchange rate policy…

If the IMF is loaning Iraq money, I would think it reasonable to assume Legardes words would be included…and the working on the application of “parallel policy” sounds like they are both going to exist…when reality may be they are working on moving to ONE.

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