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BGG (Highlights): I cannot see how anyone is actually following the financial details of this thing and not be thoroughly EXCITED about where we are (finally!)…

One point that gets missed alot – they have signed deals and agreed to remove and adhere to a more “international standard” regarding their internal MCPs… (…”multi-currency practices”)…

THIS IS HUGE… MCPs coming to an end…this is a big point in their whole “economic reform package” – it is a complete overhaul…

MCPs and currency being only one point of the program…even until recently – they are still (or have been) operating under some odd MCPs. The WB and IMF doesn’t like it…

They have agreed to change – are taking direct action and have taken on breath-taking reforms daily…it’s happening before our very eyes…and my final thought is this…

Once they step across that “currency threshold” moving towards a “singular currency regime” – the logical solution is for the IQD to be “on par” with the USD (which they are currently using)…

You do realize what I just said – RIGHT?

The IQD is widely regarded as “GROSSLY UNDERVALUED”… by noted world economists…

For them to move to a “single currency” there needs to be some parity once they do so…

They can’t come right out and say what it is they really mean (or convey their true intentions)… but  this is looking inevitable.

Emailed to Recaps:

From islandg1211: We have excellent news!

This agreement with the Kurds over Kirkuk is Very Important!! No RV until Article 140 had been resolved. Getting an agreement with the Kurds is extremely important. This is good news!!!

The meetings between Barzani and Abadi are going very well, with the two most crucial issues being settled. In a press statement, Barzani announced yesterday that an agreement over post-liberation Mosul’s government has been reached between Baghdad and Erbil.

Today, it was announced that an agreement over Kirkuk’s oil was reached between Baghdad and the Kurds. Article 140 has been in contention because the Kurds wanted the Kirkuk oil fields. Today’s agreement splits the oil in half and the expenses.

Resolving the differences between the Kurds and Iraq has been a major hindrance to any meaningful progress for Iraq. The Kurds have always been able to delay laws moving forward within the GOI. The HCL could never be passed nor implemented without an agreement over the Kirkuk oil fields. Retaking Mosul could not have gone forward without an agreement with the Kurds.

These two agreements with the Kurds is VERY important and is Real Progress. Finally!

Additionally, the Council of Ministers have agreed on a draft for the 2017 Budget, and plan to send it to the Parliament by mid-September.

The Amnesty Law was finally passed.

Obeidi, the Defense Minister was fired over corruption charges.

Zebari, the Finance Minister may also be fired over corruption charges.

The war on corruption is beginning with the passing of laws and the questioning and dismissing of high level officials. Iraq was lost because of corruption and terrorism, and both have to be addressed.


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