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The Wall Street Journal predicts Abadi will remain in office after the May elections
Baghdad today – “The Wall Street Journal” in a report published Friday, the survival of Prime Minister Haider Abadi in office after the next election, while indicated that the alliances after May, who will decide the form of the next government.

The pro-Iranian Shiite factions, inspired by Hezbollah, also act as political parties, and as with Hezbollah, their ability to exercise political power within Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi’s government and abroad is derived from their weapons, By the total votes they will receive in the May 12 elections. ”

“The multiplicity of political forces and the influence of Iran and the fragmentation of the Iraqi parliamentary system means that post-election bargaining will determine the course of the state rather than the elections itself.”

“Nothing fundamentally changes in the way Iraq is governed,” the paper quoted Haddad, an Iraqi political specialist at the National University of Singapore, as saying.

Haddad added: “The election is likely to result from another coalition government headed by Abadi”

“There is no coherent opposition that can easily outperform it,” Haddad said.

Article Credit: baghdadtoday.news (Special Thanks to Charles Bright)

BGG ~ I like the WSJ’s optimism… we all know how accurate they were on the last election they “predicted”.  I’m hoping on this one, they are more accurate.

Sadrists rally against corruption in Baghdad ahead of elections

Supporters of fiercely pro-Iraq Shiite cleric Muqtada al-Sadr gather on Friday at the nation’s capital.

Some held signs reading “the people demand accountability for the corrupt.”

The demonstrators gathered at Tahrir Square, as Iraqi lawmakers are yet to pass a 2018 spending bill.

Others read “million-man march, reformist, electoral, walking towards reform.”

The country is set to hold May 12 parliamentary elections.

Article Credit: Rudaw.net   http://www.rudaw.net/english/middleeast/iraq/020320182

BGG ~ This may be some of the best news yet. Seeing Sadr and his people on this side of things is a very, very big deal.


The provincial government announces a political meeting on the budget and send a message to Baghdad

The Kurdistan Region Council of Ministers during a meeting on Sunday that the passage of the federal budget law is a clear violation of the principles of partnership and consensus on which the new Iraq was built.

The Council of Ministers of the Kurdistan Region expressed its appreciation to all the Kurdish blocs in the Iraqi Council of Representatives, praising their position and aligning them together and unify their word and position on the issue of the Iraqi budget law, and supported the unity of this row.

The Council decided to hold a joint meeting in the next few days with the Parliament of Kurdistan and the political parties in the Kurdistan Region to discuss this issue. According to a government statement.

The Council of Ministers of the Kurdistan Region stressed that the Kurdistan Region, despite all the problems and differences, is committed to resolving all problems with Baghdad on the basis of the Constitution, and expressed the hope that the talks and dialogue between the Kurdistan Regional Government and the Iraqi federal government to a result in the interest of everyone and solve all Problems.

​After a difficult labor, the Iraqi parliament approved yesterday the law of the general budget for 2018, ending months of disagreements on most paragraphs of the law, especially the allocations of “popular mobilization” and oil-producing provinces, at a time boycotted Kurdish deputies meeting in protest to reduce the share of the region from 17 percent to 12 , 6 percent, threatened to boycott the political process.

Article Credit: shafaaq.com

BGG ~ This is almost comical… Think about this for a sec…

These guys, none of whom are elected and aren’t regional MP’s (because the Parliament was disbanded by Massoud Barzani) – are only advisers to Nerchivan Barzani who wasn’t elected either…

…all get together, look “super-duper” official and “send a message” to Baghdad.     Really?!?