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The value of the Iraqi dinar rose against the dollar by 0.20%

The value of the dinar rose 0.20% against the dollar on Thursday, after the central bank sold more than $ 181 million to cover the private sector’s dollar needs to import and meet the requirements of travelers for tourism, treatment and work.

The exchange rate of the dollar in the capital Baghdad:

The sale price of the dollar = 121.750 dinars   The price of buying the dollar = 120.750 dinars

The dollar exchange rates were recorded in the northern governorates:

The sale price of the dollar = 122.250 dinars   The price of buying the dollar = 121.250 dinars

The dollar exchange rates were recorded in the southern governorates:

The sale price of the dollar = 122,000 dinars   The purchase price of the dollar = 121,000 dinars

Article Credit: en.economiciraq.com (Special Thanks to Charles Bright)

The value of the Iraqi dinar rose against the dollar by 0.20%

BGG ~ They almost NEVER show the buy/sell in the various regions like this… so this isn’t vital information “tourists” need (as if there were any of those in Iraq)… it’s an advertisement directed at the IMF and the world.    It’s up to you to figure out why.

International arrest warrants for hundreds of “corrupt” Iraqis, including a former prime minister!!

Twilight News – A new government source revealed on Sunday the completion of arrest warrants against those accused of corruption and waste of Iraqi funds.

“Some 1,000 arrest warrants have been completed against those accused of corruption, including political leaders and a former prime minister,” the source told twilight news. “The memoranda were completed under the supervision of an international investigation team.”

“The current prime minister has not yet decided on whether to accept the implementation of this matter before or after the elections,” the source said, speaking on condition of anonymity.

He said that “there is an international procedure in this regard, especially as investigations in this regard proved the contribution of stolen Iraqi funds to terrorist operations and armed organizations,” according to the source.

The Iraqi Prime Minister Haider Abadi, announced earlier, after the end of the war against Daqash, he will launch a major campaign against corruption, after the activation of the work of international investigators began their duties to this end in the capital Baghdad.

Iraq signed two years ago a memorandum of understanding with the United Nations to involve international investigators in the files of major corruption of priority.

Article Credit: Shafaaq.com (Special Thanks to Tim Tarkington and Charles Bright)

BGG ~ For those concerned this won’t include Maliki… this may not be the case. The language – “a former Prime Minister” was included in the news release.

This could mean Maliki, or it could mean Allawi or “what’s his face…” – Jaafari, I think, who was in the Oil Ministry. He was interim PM for like a year back in the early 2000’s…

It also points out Abadi is considering whether to allow the UN to proceed before the elections or after. I have a suspicion there is pressure being put on him over this. It may well be out of his hands soon.

Masoum endorses the law of the Iraqi National Oil Company

Shafaq News / The Information Office of the Presidency of the Republic, announced on Sunday that Fuad Masoum Sadiq today ratified the law of the Iraqi National Oil Company.

The Office explained in a statement to the News Agency that this law, which was voted by the House of Representatives earlier, based on the provisions of item (I) of Article (61) and Article (III) of Article (73) of the Constitution,

​The oil resources in the fields and land allocated to them under the law on behalf of the Iraqi state and to increase production and development of oil and gas industry and related facilities and facilities and working methods on the basis of efficiency, flexibility and competitiveness to maximize revenues for the benefit of the Iraqi people.

He added that it came in accordance with internationally recognized standards, which requires the formation of the Iraqi National Oil Company as a public company wholly owned by the state and reflect the concept of ownership of the people of oil and gas and the development of specialized formations within the organizational structure commensurate with its role in the management and development of oil and gas fields produced and discovered to promote the oil and gas industry and develop various Other energy sectors in Iraq.

The statement pointed out that this law was sent for publication in the Official Gazette.

Article Credit: shafaaq.com (Special Thanks to both Tim Tarkington and Charles Bright)

BGG ~ I think we can safely say – (so far) this one and the other one about the UN indictments are the big news for the day.