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BGG News Highlights & Comments 5-13-18

Who? What? Why? Iraq’s election (2018)

BGG ~ Folks, it is as simple as this… These election results are critical. Even with an outright win by Abadi, it may well take him some time to fully form his next GOI and move things forward.

BGG ~ No matter what anyone says, there is still a ways to go.

We need to wait and get a true reading on what the fulsome numbers look like once everything is counted…

It sounds like Abadi’s faction won a significant number of seats… which is a big deal for Abadi.

He will need still help to “form” the next GOI… and he may get it… FROM THE KURDS (and others).

The real story out of these elections will be this… It wasn’t about Maliki vs. Abadi that turned out to be the real issue. It was Kurds.

The Kurds may well turn out to be the “kingmakers” that some have speculated… but it may not be the “old guard” Kurds (the KDP). It looks like to me – the KDP (the same sh!T bags who were in a hinky, secret alliance with Maliki all along)… look to have gotten blown out this time around.

There was a change movement in this election – but it started in Kurdistan. The big numbers seem to have been split between the two (or three) opposition parties, the Goran, the PUK and to a lesser extent the Democracy faction, led by Barham Saleh.
It was a stunning day in Iraqi politics!!