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BGG News Highlights & Comments  5-20-18

BGG ~ There is no cat – no bag. The IHEC will address all the complaints in a thorough and complete fashion. If there were fraud – do you think anyone willing to pull such a thing off wanted Sadr to be the winner? C’MON MAN!! 

​Source Reveals The Meeting Of Abadi And Sadr .. Conditional Second Term!

Baghdad today – A source familiar with the Sadrist movement, the scenes of the meeting of the leader of the current Moqtada al-Sadr, Prime Minister Haider Abadi in Baghdad.

The source said in an interview with Baghdad today that “the leader of the Sadrist movement, Moqtada al-Sadr, agreed to give Prime Minister Haider Abadi a second term, during the meeting they had just gathered in Baghdad.”

He added that “Sadr demanded the return of Abadi from the Dawa Party and pledges to fight corruption fully, including names influential in the political process.”

Sadr’s office revealed details of Sadr’s meeting in Baghdad after midnight on Sunday.

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Mnt Goat () –  …So we all know that Al-Abadi did lose the popular votes, thus he did lose the election, however…Could Al-Abadi be the next PM even though he lost the popular election?  …even though a candidate runs for office and does not win the overall popular vote, he/she can still possibly be nominated as the candidate for the office and, if ratified by parliament, take the duty of forming the next government of Iraq, thus the prime minister position. …

So, in this election process of 2018, we see that Al-Sadr does not want to be prime minister since he is a cleric but wanted to be able to select someone who will fulfill the “Sadr Movement’s” party policies. So, who will he select?

That is the million dollar question…  …Al-Abadi can be nominated and probably will be the nominee submitted to parliament by the “Sadr Movement”. However, having said this, it is very premature…There is no proof of this. All the news states Al-Sadr has to still decide however he is open to it. This is what he really said. Let’s just watch it all play out and see if there are any surprises…


Sadr And Abadi Close To Declaring A Clear Alliance In Iraq
* Iranian efforts to form a coalition led by al – Maliki and Ameri

– Dubai (Arab event): While delaying suspicions of fraud in Kurdistan, Anbar and Kirkuk , especially in the announcement of the final results of the Iraqi elections, in contrast , is growing debate about the alliances that Stffersha elections.

The leaks to the near declaration of a clear alliance between the leader of the alliance, “Asron,” Moqtada al-Sadr, who has achieved leadership in this election, and the leader of the coalition, “victory”, Haider Abadi, in a proactive attempt to block the Iranian efforts to form a coalition led by Nuri al-Maliki and Hadi al-Amiri .

The task led by Qassim Soleimani to form the largest bloc in the next parliament does not seem easy. Many sources close to Sadr say many leaders of different blocs want to join an alliance with Abadi and form a government. Negotiations have made significant progress on some issues . The debate remains only about what is said to be required to sever the relationship between the Abadi Party “Dawa”.

Sadr, who is heading to become the most powerful political force in Iraq, for three days, saying that the Iraqi decision will be from within the border and all partners of princes as long as they are not occupiers of the country, as he put it.

Tensions are still rising in Kirkuk, where gunmen have been besieged by several polling stations and pressuring UNHCR to change the election results.

However, with the introduction of the results of the elections abroad, the Commission showed leaks on the change in positions of forces, which called for the Commission to indicate the presence of changes in the sites of blocks, although not large.

Article Credit: http://alwatannews.net/article/772424?rss=1



MilitiaMan () –   Article:  “The Parliament directs the Commission to take the necessary measures to provide confidence in the elections”  The cat is coming out of the bag…Evidence is suggesting the elections are rigged.. No longer doubt but facts. Will the evidence be set aside…?

With Al Sadr meeting with the five, I’ll bet as we are taught the results will be “” more of a move along nothing left to see here… lol Plus the USA ordering Solameini “” to get out of Iraq finds us with the hicupps subsiding as he crosses back over the border..?  it is also obvious the investors are ready to roll when it comes to re construction.. the timeing of it all coming together is fascinating!

Even the video Walkingstick posted has presentation boards in the back drop and advertising those involved!!There was one that stands out to me and if we recall EO 13303, one will know a major player in this project to iraqs MR.. imo.

BGG ~ There is no cat – no bag. The IHEC will address all the complaints in a thorough and complete fashion. If there were fraud – do you think anyone willing to pull such a thing off wanted Sadr to be the winner? C’MON MAN!! The USA doesn’t order the General to do anything, he is our enemy. He does as the Mullahs tell him.

Regarding E.O. 13303 – this is a continuing Executive Order. It is extended every year. This year being no surprise and no “harbinger” of things to come.

Stryker () –   Iraq election: Al-Abadi will have to negotiate his future…The vote dealt a blow to Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, whose Nasr alliance is trailing in third place.  But with no group winning a majority, he could still be a major player.


Abadi Closest To The Premiership

Said Habib terminal head of the parliamentary wisdom bloc that Haider Abadi, the current prime minister is the closest to get a second term of others and stressed the existence of talks between the blocks of the alliance and the formation of the largest bloc in the coming period. ​

​Al-Turfi said that one of the advantages of Haider Abadi, which qualifies him to renew the mandate for another parliamentary session is to get a list of good seats in parliament in addition to his victory on terrorism, according to his claim.

He stressed that the current wise conditions for the next prime minister in the event of an alliance with him is the application of the law and accountability of corrupt and state building in accordance with sound rules.

He added that the talks to form the next government has started since the announcement of the preliminary results will crystallize during the coming hours to come out of the largest bloc, indicating that the largest bloc will be far from sectarianism and will include all components to reduce the page of sectarianism and abomination.

Article Credit: Irqnews.com      LINK