Dinar Updates

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wmawhite   The IMF has stated that Iraq needs to have the “free flow of currencies” and that they (IMF) expects Iraq to re-enter the economy market prior to the first half of 2016.

Now, think this through. How well will Iraq do if they are required to have the “free flow of currencies” if business/investors are not able to exchange currencies freely.

Instead, they will only have windows that open and close?   …and when the status of the IQD changes… when Iraq (meaning) it’s currency is back on the world economic stage it must be free flowing…there are none of these opening and closing of windows… there are none of these “sucker” rates.  Zero.


Q:  [the rate at the cbi has changed…its NOT 1166 anymore.] 

wmawhite   When you least expect it, an in conjunction with the IMF, the CBI makes a move to close the 2% spread between it and “street rate”.

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