Dinar Updates

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BGG: …they have had LD’s printed and ready to use for quite some time…LD’s won’t be a hold-up…the only reason we see no LD’s – is because they are of little use … when they are – we will see them.

Ask yourself this – why would they print them and have them on hand, if they didn’t intend to use them ?


Q: [can you comment on the cbi rate change?]

Wmawhite:   Yes…interesting that the IMF has the CBI “by the hand” and this is the first move in how many years?

Just speculation…get the Buy/Sell to a point that is stable in preparation for de-pegging from the dollar.  …we are at the point, IMO that as the IMF has told the world that they expect Iraq to re-enter the “markets” by the first half of 2016.

Nothing has changed. The world has been told what to expect.

Knowing this, what has to change with the IQD in order for it to re-enter the “markets”?

Answer: a tradable/recognized currency…that reflects the true value of Iraq.

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