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wmawhite says   IMF has stated that Iraq needs to have the “free flow of currencies” and that they (IMF) expects Iraq to re-enter the economy market prior to the first half of 2016.

Now, think this through. How well will Iraq do if they are required to have the “free flow of currencies” if business/investors are not able to exchange currencies freely. Instead, that will only have windows that open and close? Think people……think!!! You folks already have the necessary information.

Nadita says  wmawhite.. the currency has to be tradeable internationally in order for it to have free flow for trading/investors.

Nadita says  when IMF stated first half of 2016… do they mean a “real” half of the year (jan-June) or 1st quarter

Nadita says(  My guess in this one is 6 months which is Jan – Jun… so Iraq in a way is given Dec – June 2016 to go international with its currency to play in the global market.

tman23 says to wmawhite   We will need to see the new lower denoms ASAP……They just can’t spring them into circulation without educating the citizens… Otherwise with no LD’s the 3 zeros will have to be removed from the currency when accounting the exchange…….

wmawhite says to Nadita  you are correct……….and when the status of the IQD changes…..when Iraq (meaning) it’s currency is back on the world economic stage it must be free flowing………….there are none of these opening and closing of windows……..there are none of these “sucker” rates. Zero.

Baxter1243 says   WMA… does Iraq have to be in Article 8 before they can have an internationally currency..

quicktolegit96 says   DID YALL GET RK UPDATE?

Baxter1243 says  quick..no… spill it

wmawhite says to Baxter1243:  Article 8 is the “Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval” to the world financial institutions.

Nadita says:  wmawhite.. sucker no sucker rate.. I want a rate lol

quicktolegit96 says:  BAX ARE U SERIOUS?

Baxter1243 says:  wma… so is that a yes or no?

quicktolegit96 says:  WHO WANTS RK UPDATE? LOL

Baxter1243 says:  Yes.. Im serious..

Nadita says:  baxter.. cricket22 posted the whole email.. look at the chat copy

Baxter1243 says:  Ok… thx Nadita.. bout what time was it

wmawhite says to Baxter1243:  There are some Iraqi economists that believe the value of the IQD will need to change in value prior to moving to Article 8. We shall see.


Nadita says:  baxter.. look at 10:55 am

Baxter1243 says:  quick.. yes I know.. but to go International.. do they have to be in Article 8
Baxter1243 says: thx Nadita

Nadita says:  wmawhite.. I believe the closing and opening window is not for the currency free flow but for the window of rv.. that seems Iraq’s window to play without pushing the button is getting narrower 🙂

Nadita says:  quick.. I agree with you


quicktolegit96 says:  BAXTER I DONT THINK SO

missb says to wmawhite():  been waiting for art 8 , 4 long time thanks

wmawhite says():  Folks,…..if you are an Iraqi store owners and you have goods on the shelfs that costs you thousands of dollars and today the value changed dramatically upward, would you go change the pricing on those goods?….NO!!!! Instead, once you receive the new goods that costs you less…then you change the pricing…………..and that is when the LDs will start to appear.

Nadita says():  quick.. I am with you


Nadita says():  wmawhite… so what do you think about Iraq saying they want to par with USD 1″1

tman23 says to wmawhite():  Iraq RV’s……..1-1 …….Yahooo !! A IQD 25,000 note is worth 25,000 usd !!! I am a foreign investor opening business in Iraq……I need to make payroll….. I owe Ali $80 for his days labor…… I transfer funds of usd to exchange into IQD…… I owe Ali $80….. I must pay him in IQD……. The smallest note is 1000 IQD and NOW cost me $1000 usd to get one………. I owe Ali $80….. What am I to do ????? And I will wait patiently for the answer………

quicktolegit96 says():  TMAN SUP BROTHA

wmawhite says to tman23():  No it is not worth $25,000….it is worth 25,000 IQD in Iraq.

Nadita says():  tman23…. in that case, the higher notes for banking/business use will come out as the LD too…

Nadita says():  otherwise.. it will create havoc in giving exchange

tman23 says to wmawhite():  That is great……..But I must purchase currency to pay my workers…… So what will the CBI sell me the currency for ????

Nadita says():  tman23.. you will get less dinar when you exchange dollar to dinar because of the bank spread

Nadita says():  dinar will be like other currencies once it’s international.. there will be a spread in buying and selling

Nadita says():  Iraqi will want to be paid in dinar so they don’t lose in the spread

wmawhite says to tman23():  The value of a country’s currency is only relevent outside of its country. Just like inside the USA $1 is worh $1 inside the USA it is not worth 0.27 KWD.

wmawhite says to tman23():  Or 1166 IQD.

wmawhite says to tman23():  Inside the USA it is $1.00

Nadita says():  wmawhite.. at this time

tman23 says to wmawhite():  Please think about what I am saying…….Because I am telling you flat out…….You are wrong……They cannot have a RV and do business without LD’s being circulated……And if they do RV without the lower denoms…….Then the existing 3 zero notes will not include the zeros on the notes when accounting in exchanging currency

It would stand to reason – in such an event… they will have to make the LD’s available in an “emergency” fashion…

NWBeauty says():   Um…I have smaller bills than $1000

jeffusa says to DiagyAAAE():  tastes wooly

BGG says():  (the LD’s they have on hand – and have had for quite some time)

DiagyAAAE says():  lol

NWBeauty says():  I have $250 and $500 bills Does anyone else??

Baxter1243 says():  Here we go again on the Dinar value in Iraq and its value in the U S…

BGG says to NWBeauty():  I think I have down to the 100’s??
BGG says to NWBeauty():   and…

Nadita says():  Baxter LOL

trout1 says():  well if they have them they must intend on using them

BGG says to NWBeauty():  they have had LD’s printed and ready to use for quite some time…

NWBeauty says():  someone said $1000 lowest bill

Nadita says():  BGG.. I am with you.. I thought there are some lower denoms right now in Iraq but scarce the larger bills

BGG says to NWBeauty():  LD’s won’t be a hold-up…

wmawhite says to tman23():  Let say this as nice as I can………….”I am not wrong.”
quicktolegit96 says():  WHITE LOL

BGG says to NWBeauty():  the only reason we see no LD’s – is because they are of little use (currently)… when they are – we will see them.

NWBeauty says():  well I have them in my safe 😉

Cricket22 says to tman23():  I am sorry, all I wanted to do was share RK’s email. ({)

BGG says():  Ask yourself this – why would they print them and have them on hand, if they didn’t intend to use them (eventually)??

NWBeauty says():  it was a GREAT email TY4 Sharing

Nadita says():  cricket22.. it’s not your fault.. don’t feel sorry 🙂 it has been the debate

wmawhite says():  Folks,…..again…..think this through……..why do we have the size of currency we have here in the USA,……….or in France or in Japan………it is NOT because of the international exchange rate………….why is it? Instead, it is because of the costs of goods in any particular country.

Nadita says():  BGG.. agree… it costs money to print money

NWBeauty says():  some days I wonder if the LDs I have are the only ones I’ll ever get to exchange 8-|

dennis2 says to Cricket22():  It was an interesting read for sure. Thanks for posting it.

wmawhite says():  The numbers on the currency is for the purchasing of goods by the citizens.

Cricket22 says to dennis2():  You’re welcome
Cricket22 says to Nadita():  Thanks 🙂

faith1 says to NWBeauty():  i’m sure many have the smaller notes,, they use to be available for purchase…IM Experience….. I agree BGG when lower notes are put out to the people the price change will have too have happened…IMO once they’re in use they should have entered full acession into WTO and make IQD available in trade international…. then we go…. to the bank ! The monies (lower denoms) is ready..printing done

Nadita says():  cricket22 I enjoy reading different opinion about dinar 🙂 so it was nice.. I don’t get his emails

Annieo says():  Crickett22 thank you! im believing, hoping and praying!

dennis2 says to Cricket22():  You did “good”! 🙂

Nadita says():  cricket.. I read news, rumors and everything in between 🙂

wmawhite says):  Folks,……now the costs of goods is affects by the value of a country’s currency. But, again, why do we have the type of currency we have…it is not because of the international exchange rate.
wmawhite says():  affected

Nadita says():  Iraq has been groomed for such a time like this for 10 years but there is detour and hopefully they are on the right track now

_firefly_ says():  CBI NEWS – Statement) held an expanded meeting under the chairmanship of His Excellency the Governor of the Central Bank Mr. Ali Mohsen Ismail, in the presence of an economic advisor to Prime Minister Prof. Dr. appearance of Mohammed Saleh, and Dr. Ahmed Rehn Ali Member of the Board of Directors, and Messrs Directors-General of the Bank, a large number of academics and relevant experts in the fields of economy, finance and business, and discuss the study were presented by the conservative, tagged (international reserves and foreign currency sale window at the Central Bank)

Nadita says():  cricket.. amen

_firefly_ says():  strange the date on it

Nadita says():  firefly 11/29/2015 the meeting had taken place

_firefly_ says():  Correct
_firefly_ says():  I wasn’t there on Sunday

Nadita says():  and jabouri cancelled his trip to Sweden to hash out the budget is very telling for me.. they want to have the grand opening soon

_firefly_ says():  I didn’t check yesterday

Laura Thompson-Small[[email protected]] says():  I thought the Governor of the CBI was Alaak?

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ghost says():  Mr White, looks like I missed a good conversation. I am reading your last few posts, I know that you are well liked and respected and I find your commentaries insightful, but…… Your last explination leave one rather major consideration untouched: The interconnected nature of world commerce.

If a nation imports (the greater the import %, the greater the impact), then the exchange has a DRAMATIC impact on the cost of goods and thereby the most usable denominations of currency, would you not agree?


quicktolegit96 says():  Dear Valued Customers,

Dinar Corp is what it is because of You, our customer. Every decision we make at Dinar Corp is with our customer in mind. And I am constantly thinking of ways to improve our service, and to better your experience at Dinar Corp.

Over the past few years, we have experienced our ups and downs, our setbacks and advances. And through it all, we have been guided by your feedback and concerns. As a result, Dinar Corp has become a better company for it. Thank you for that.

In the past few months, many of you have reached out to us with concerns about a lawsuit. For a long time before we filed the lawsuit, we remained silent. I had personally hoped that the issue at hand would subside. After we filed the lawsuit I had also hoped that this would not impact our customers. But my hopes were dashed and now, with great reluctance, I must inform you that the lawsuit is real and active.

quicktolegit96 says():  I do not believe in bad mouthing anyone. I do not believe in kicking someone while they’re down. I believe in honor, truth and determination. So at this time, I will not speak in detail regarding the lawsuit Dinar Corp has filed Against its competitor.

What I will say is this. I hope to resolve this lawsuit amicably if we are given that opportunity. And that this lawsuit will in no way impact our services to You.

This lawsuit will in no way affect our commitment to You. And that you have my Promise that we will continue to be here to support you today, tomorrow and years to come in this currency market. Dinar Corp is stronger than ever. And we have You to thank for that. God Bless.

ghost says():  apologies — I ommited the word RATE — ie. exchange rate…

Nadita says():  quick… sounds like they are going to be back in business… ??

Nadita says():  ghost.. if I read your comment correctly..

dennis2 says to quicktolegit96():  Isa there a date on that Quick?

quicktolegit96 says():  nadita i think that was an old email, brb

Nadita says(12:14 PM):  if Iraq were to import say tv from the US.. the cost of tv will be 100 dollars and the tax and tariff is 300% plus profit so the tv will be selling for 600 dollars = 700,000 dinar…

Nadita says():  at the rate of 1166. When the revalue happens.. and the exchange rate is 3 dollars per dinar so the cost of tv will be 200 dinar

DiagyAAAE says():  nad i need to watch my shows! its worth the cost

Nadita says():  I might be confused

_firefly_ says():  Bloomberg TV – IMF opens doors to adding NEW CURRENCIES

ghost says():  Hi Nadita, I cant say that I am following your math exactly; however, I will say that if a country imports most of it’s goods (I have read that Iraq imports 90%)then the international exchange rate will dramatically impact the price on the street of 90% the goods sold / manufactured.

wmawhite says to ghost():  Good points……………the need for a particular type/size of currency is directly related to the costs of goods in a country. The value of the country’s currency directly affects the costs of goods in that country. So the size of the currency is indirectly related to the value of the currency…………..

_firefly_ says to wmawhite():  Simple economics 101 my friend
_firefly_ says to wmawhite():  I mean REAL simple

wmawhite says to _firefly_():  true


ghost says to wmawhite():  I couldnt agree more with that, I must have misunderstood (not a first) – I thought that you were suggesting that a nation’s internal currency valuation was a choice made without impact of the international exchange rate. Thanks for clearing that up for me.

wmawhite says to ghost():  I have been trying to get folks to stop getting hung up on the size of the currency…….because, we will be Loooong Gooooone by the time all of the notes (LDs) are distributed because the new value of the IQD will need many many months to work its way through all of the Iraqi economy.

DiagyAAAE says():  mThe Iraqi dinar exchange rate options

Author: intelligent loyal Khalidi 01-12-2015 03:55 PM

10k Iraqi Dinar notesIn light of the suffocating financial distress taking place in the Iraqi economy because of the large decline in oil prices, and experts concerned to discuss the most appropriate option to determine the dinar exchange rate.

The Iraqi parliament discussed before the possibility of lowering the dinar-dollar exchange rate by 10 percent to 1300 dinars to provide the general budget of 5 trillion dinars ($ 4.2 billion), or down 20 percent to 1400 dinars to provide nine trillion dinars.

DiagyAAAE says():  There is no doubt that cut dinar any percentage will provide additional resources for the general budget because it will increase the amount of the Iraqi dinar, which you get by the Ministry of money in exchange for the replacement of its revenue from oil or foreign loans in dollars with the Central Bank.

But artificial way to increase government resources at the expense of citizens. Valmtdharr is normal especially those with incomes Limited citizen as will decrease the purchasing power of their incomes, especially prices of imported goods, also would be affected creditors in local currency, including the Iraqi government bondholders at home.

katkat says():  Mr White, GA. Wouldnt logistics be a factor for the people that say a short window to cash our iraqi currency? if you are international, wouldnt in country rules apply to all?

DiagyAAAE says():  The almost adoption of Iraq entirely on oil revenues and the weakness of other resources as commodities and services, excluding oil or the presence of investments financial overseas or large foreign reserves, and the high cost of external borrowing, are all indicators to a lack of available to address the problem of the current lack of government resources from foreign exchange options.

This makes cut spending on the one hand and try to increase some direct taxes and fees types and the issuance of treasury bonds in the local market solutions are inevitable.

DiagyAAAE says():  Anyone who has followed the march of the Iraqi dinar exchange when it was equal to $ 3.3 for before the start of the Iraq war – Iran’s price until it reached 3000 dinars to the dollar During the recent years of economic blockade, ie 1990 – 2003, he realizes that the problem simply lies in the difference between the offer and demand for the dollar on the one hand, and between the supply and demand for the dinar on the other hand.

It is a simple equation of price control not only the currency, but all kinds of goods and services. So if it is difficult to state control to one end of the equation have to control the second party to ensure that the incomes of the exchange rate in chaos.

DiagyAAAE says():  When it was Iraq’s resources from limited oil by the First Amendment of oil prices in 1973, used the currency law, which is a remnant of the gold standard, presumably cover 70 percent of exporting gold, foreign currencies and currency, to control the amount of dinar display through government spending.

Because of the Iraqi – Iranian war abolished the currency law and disturbed the balance between the supply and demand of foreign exchange as a result of the increased military and civilian government spending. The government allowed the private sector to import goods from its resources and sell prices are not subject to its control.

Thus, there are two prices has become the exchange: official he keeps to $ 3.3 and is used for official expenses, and parallel is determined by the relationship between the foreign currency supply and demand. And the expansion of much difference between the two prices after the imposition of the economic embargo on Iraq in 1990 rose parallel to 3,000 dinars sometimes.

katkat says():  The reason I say logistics, is because limited number of compliant banks, locations, travel to and from etc…. lack of infrastructure and transportation

katkat says():  in Iraq

wmawhite says to katkat():  Iraq is joining the world economic markets……………..not the “in-country exchange window” market. Please stop thinking that want Iraq does in-country has anything to do with the world markets.

DiagyAAAE says():  After the occupation and allow the re-export of oil and the liberation of the Iraqi deposits frozen, it was expected that the Iraq reform of cash withdrawn whereby banknotes excess of trading.

But he used the daily currency auction which specific amounts of dollar sold to the banks and the private sector to meet domestic demand for foreign currency, especially for the purposes of importation. And resulted in the continued increase in oil revenues to a gradual improvement in the exchange rate even reached 1220 dinars to the dollar.

And is considered by many politicians and technicians that daily currency auction way to smuggle the dollar by private banks under the pretext of import. And increased their criticism in the light of the current financial crisis. The question addressed by concerned now in Iraq is:

DiagyAAAE says():  Do I have to continue in the daily currency auction, despite accusations to the auction? Or should halt its work and resort to other means if it becomes free and purchased the process of selling the dollar without restrictions as some suggest?

The choice of the appropriate exchange for any state-minute process of price and related economic and financial situation of the State Economic and its ideology. ‘

The state that choose full flotation of its currency and make it sell the currency and buy Harin and without restrictions are usually powerful developed economies that have sources of important and multiple foreign currency and be their currencies of importance in international trade and investment flows and have large reserves of an international weight currencies.

dinarmassa says():  Heres what I received from the U.S. commodity Futures Trading Commission regarding DC.

DiagyAAAE says():  The countries that demonstrate their currencies foreign currency and one as dollar or a basket of currencies, Felthafez at this price in front of her two options: first, to have large reserves of foreign currency and gold to enable them to intervene to support the currency price installer when necessary, eg the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC).

And second, to maintain the exchange rate through the management of this price by the monetary authority that affect the factors that determine the demand for foreign currency. This is what Iraq was doing before the first oil boom.

DiagyAAAE says():  In Iraq, currently, the government does not have an official rate of the dinar against the dollar or a basket of currencies. The old and the price is no longer $ 3.3 Mstamla any type of trading, even though he has not been formally repealed.

Accordingly, and in light of the limited resources currently of foreign currency and the difficulty expanding beyond oil resources, it is imperative that manages the State the current exchange rate through the development of the central bank balance of foreign exchange determines the share of each paragraph of imports of goods and services and transfers without charge and others.

And thus can maintain the stability of the current price on the one hand, and restricting expenditure in foreign currency limits of available resources on the other hand, to become favorable conditions for monetary reform and the adoption of an appropriate official exchange rate. news.faceiraq.com END

katkat says():   I think that was my point, Mr White

_firefly_ says(): Parliamentary Legal: emergency session to vote on the 2016 budget during the current month   Political  Since 01.12.2015 at 10:27 (GMT Baghdad)

_firefly_ says():  Detection of the Legal Committee member Salim Chawki, Tuesday, for the convening of an emergency session of parliament during the current month to vote on the budget in 2016, among the government delayed enactment of the oil and gas law due to be sent to Parliament.

katkat says():  just because I think so doesnt make it real.. I was asking your opinion

_firefly_ says():  for the convening of an emergency session of parliament during the current month to vote on the budget in 2016

_firefly_ says():  Said Shawki’s / scales News /, that “the House of Representatives during the current legislative session managed to legislation laws have been stalled for eight years as a law parties, labor and treaties as well as legal investment and passports,” noting that “oil and gas broken the law by the government.”

DiagyAAAE says():  UN: Iraq is facing the most serious crisis on the world finance sooner

2015/12/1 11:30  UN – Iraq is facing the most serious crisis on the world finance sooner[Baghdad – where]

said Assistant Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs in the United Nations Kyung-wha Kang, said that “Iraq faces the most dangerous crises in areas of tension in the world.”

A statement from the United Nations Mission in Iraq [UNAMI], that Kang “visited the provinces of Baghdad and Erbil to discuss the humanitarian crisis.”

The statement quoted Kang say “I have spoken with who have lost almost everything women, and if we are to succeed in responding to the most basic needs, we will be need more capacity, as well as improved access and security opportunities, where insecurity displays the full relief operation in Iraq at risk.

DiagyAAAE says():  “She stressed that” the economic crisis affecting the Kurdistan region and the country constitute a major concern, and it is time for the international community to step step forward and works
to provide emergency funding to provide life-saving assistance, “a sign that” this does not happen, the impact of the crisis would be disastrous.

“said Kang at the end of her visit, which lasted two days,” there is a need for funding to maintain the sustainability of humanitarian programs and provide assistance in rebuilding areas that was restored from Daash gangs to enable people to return voluntarily and safely to their homes.

wmawhite says():  Folks,……if you return from a trip to Japan or France orGreat Britian or Argentina or where ever do you worry about having to rush to the bank in order to exchange the left over currency from that country? Of course NOT!!!.because there are no windows…..those are international recognized currencies ….and the same will apply to Iraq,

DiagyAAAE says():  “She noted after a meeting with senior officials in Baghdad and Erbil and key partners, to that” Iraq is facing one of the most dangerous crisis, and that in areas of great tension in the world, and no doubt, it should be on the international community to intensify humanitarian efforts.

“It pointed out that” The United Nations estimates that there are now more than 10 million people in need of some form of humanitarian assistance, as displaced nearly 3.2 million Iraqis since January 2014, and suffer the humanitarian response efforts in Iraq from a severe lack of funding.

_firefly_ says():  lol nm then

DiagyAAAE says():  “He explained that” the humanitarian response plan with the highest priority, which was launched in June, which called for the amount of US $ 498 million to respond to the most urgent needs in the second half of 2015, received less than 50 per cent, forced humanitarian partners to the closure of dozens of life-saving programs “.anthy  alliraqnews.com  END

ghost says to wmawhite():  Oh, yes I think that many (most) will be gone as soon as their “number” is reached. Which is exactly as it should be. I will say this, however: The larger denoms would seem to suggest continued current rates.

Candidly, I still reject the notion that it is to reduce the note count. I will easily conceed that it is an extra “get” if the nation needs to replace the note anyway (much like our attempt at the $2 bill during our inflationary days). If there is to be a dramatic increase in IQD value (which, of course, I hope to see), there will need to be some infrastructure to allow there to be something smaller than a $250 (value) dollar bill…

dinarmassa says():  Please be advised that the U.S. commodity futures Trading commission has brought a civil enforcement against Husam Tayeh, Dinar Corp. Inc. and My Monex, Inc ( and others) .

You are being contacted because you attempted to purchase Iraqi and/or Vietnamese banknotes from the defendants, but your money order or cashier’s check was not negotiated and your order was not perfected.

Please note that you should contact the bank or other entity from which you originally obtained the money order or cashier’s check you sent to the defendents, and request a refund. this came from Ken Koh Futures Trading investigator

wmawhite says to ghost():  And there are those notes…….by looking at the CBI website and looking at the notes…..the CBI is telling the world what they intend to do…………..we see today’s notes because of the needs placed on it (costs) and we see what will happen by looking at the LDs which will occur due to an increase in value of the IQD.


ghost says to wmawhite():  I continue to believe that the brightest light we have is the dramatic reduction in government salaries. The 50K – 100K IQD has 2 logical uses: 1) use by individuals under the current exchange rate scheme; and 2) inter bank under a RV scheme

jarhead says():  amen

RickeyT says to wmawhite():  Isnt’t Kuwait still a exotic currency?

wmawhite says to RickeyT():  Good question……not sure if that has changed.

wmawhite says to RickeyT():  What I do know about the KWD is that you can buy i KWD for close to $4.00 and turn around and sell it for about $3.00………….$1.00 spread at BoA, Chase, Wells Fargo, etc.

quicktolegit96 says():  FF, YES SIR

ghost says to wmawhite():   As far as Kuwait goes, not sur what makes it “exotic”, but from first hand experience, it trades freely. I used an ATM to obtain them and they were converted and withdrawn from my bank account

RickeyT says to wmawhite():  that is a 25% spread


wmawhite says to RickeyT():  Yep
wmawhite says to ghost():  And that is what we are waiting on today…..and the IMF is expecting something similar during 2016.

ghost says():  oops, my last was to all — this chat thing is new for me 🙂

RickeyT says():  I am thinking that the airport might be the best place to exchange

wmawhite says to RickeyT():  Not if you are exchanging in the millions…………lol

RickeyT says():  I hate Chase

_firefly_ says to wmawhite():  I was just typing the same thing lol

wmawhite says():  lol

ghost says():  Airport wont work for HUGE transactions, and they are usually MORE expensive than banks

wmawhite says():  I highly suggest that as this event unfolds that you visit a very qualified tax attorney prior to doing anything.

jarhead says():  when when when

_firefly_ says to wmawhite():  An INTERNATIONAL tax attorney 🙂

wmawhite says to _firefly_(1):  yep

RickeyT says(Did anyone watch “The Men that built America”? About the Rockerfella’s, J.P. Morgan, and Bildebergs, and Dale Carnagie. All were crooks.

wmawhite says to jarhead():  For you………you visit after it happens…….LOL

ghost says to wmawhite():  Great advice

wmawhite says to RickeyT():  Very good show.

jarhead says():  gosh 😐
jarhead says():  (lol)

wmawhite says to jarhead():  Now go outside and play nicely………lol

jarhead says():  lol

ghost says to RickeyT():  Using todays standards, nearly everyone who was successful falls into that catagory – from industrialists to politicians. That was the way they rolled 🙂

jarhead says():  and where we messed up is allowing lawyers to become politicians!!

RickeyT says to ghost():  Yep! It shows how politicians are bought and paid for.

wmawhite says to ghost():  Also,…….back then they were the only folks putting up the money tto build the plants/factory………….they were taking all of the risk.

RickeyT says to ghost():  It shows who runs the world…

wmawhite says to jarhead():  Exactly

JD1 says():  makes trumps case

LLN65 says():  the Lawfirm Dowe Cheatem and How 😀

ghost says to wmawhite(Don’t misunderstand me. It was brutal, but given the envrnment, it was the only way to succeed…

wmawhite says to ghost():  I agree…………….if they had not step up and put their money out there we as a country would have never been in a position to safe Europe’s rear-end twice during the 20th Century.

wmawhite says to ghost():  stepped
wmawhite says to ghost():  save

ghost says to jarhead():  LOL, I’d we messed up by letting *******’s (fill in your own) become lawyers 🙂

jarhead says():  lol