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Pablo says to wmawhite():  What do you think Maliki’s going to do now in light of the recent judicial decision?

wmawhite saysHere is a very good new media outlet from Kurdistan. I check it every morning: http://rudaw.net/english

wmawhite says to PabloI expect that he will continue to debate and negotiate until something concrete is decided concerning him. Remember: it is not over until it is over…………some great NY Yankee catcher said that once………..I think………

_firefly_ says to wmawhite: Reduction of 6 trillion dinars from the budget ceiling and the adoption of US $ 40 as the price for a barrel of oil – November 25, 2015

_firefly_ says Parliamentary Finance Committee announced the drafting of a parliamentary proposal to cut about 6 trillion dinars of the total expenses of the general budget for the new year 2016,

_firefly_ says and the adoption rate of $ 40 per barrel of oil.

tman23 says Parliamentary Committee on the economy and investment, chels, set up committees to investigate the decline in Central Bank reserves. Knight said “no worries for Iraqi economic situation for 2016 ″, stating that” there are calls for the formation of committees to look into Central Bank reserves decrease of 76 billion to 60 billion dollars, where this amount went? “.

it is not permitted to use the reserve, but there are areas in the Act for the protection of Iraqi monetary and economic stability, but they are few. ((( 76 billion in reserves……….DID YOU KNOW……20% OF THE CBI RESERVES ARE IQD ????? TAKE 20% FROM THE 76 BILLION….. ))) …..

Pablo says to wmawhite He’ll negotiate from Iran, or will he just stay there for ‘medical reasons?’

_firefly_ says He said committee member pros Hamadoun said in a statement seen by our economy news agency that “the Finance Committee has not yet been possible to reach the final ceiling to reduce the total allocations and expenditures of the general budget in 2016”.
She noted that “the Committee’s deliberations are still continuing to discuss the ministries and sectors and government institutions expenses.”

She explained that “there are drafting an initial proposal to reduce the parliamentary about six trillion dinars of the total ceiling of the general budget by reducing capital expenditures and a portion of operating expenses.”

wmawhite says to _firefly_More evidence that the IMF is actively involved with Iraq as they prepare the 2016 budget the “old fashion right way”……………….IMO

_firefly_ says( She noted that “members of the parliamentary finance committee unanimously to adopt a price of $ 40 per barrel of oil in the budget to address the risk of falling prices on the world market rather than the price at which the law was adopted by the government of $ 45.”

_firefly_ says Hamadoun considered an MP for the coalition to Iraqi forces, “the federal public budget prepared by the Council of Ministers, digital only and not differ much from the budgets of previous years.”
_firefly_ says :HUGE !!!!!!!!!!!

wmawhite says to Pablo Maliki has very little to negoatiate with has the culture of Iraq’s “old guard” starts to change and move forward.

_firefly_ says Did I mention HUGE?
_firefly_ says This move realigns the budget in accordance with world market crude prices.

Pablo says to wmawhite Very true.

_firefly_ says Will allow them to turn a profit immediately
_firefly_ says HUGE !!!!!!!

Pablo says Very good news firefly.

MadDScout says I’m diggin’ it

Pablo says Will they vote on the budget before the recess?
tman23 says MP of State of law coalition , Haider al- Mawla confirmed on Thursday that the federal government will resort to external borrowing  in order to address the budget deficit of next year.

Al-Mawla said in a statement received by Shafaq News, that the government will rely on borrowing from the World Bank , the Japanese Agency and other banks, which will help Iraq in allocating funds for the implementation of infrastructure and services projects through payment on credit, noting that other loans that the government will restore to is internal borrowing from banks in the country……

This appears to END any debates……It also appears they understand that to build and rebuild they will have to go in debt which means CREDIT…….AND for the “World Powers” to invest by granting credit….they have an input on what is required from you….. AND the best thing for Iraq is…..when your money is in their basket…..they will protect their interest !!
Pablo says They need to resort to an RV!!!

_firefly_ says to tman23 Correct, CREDIT is VERY important for any country

wmawhite says This is in keeping with what the IMF stated three (3) weeks ago……………….”Iraq will re-enter the economy markets prior/before the first half of 2016.”

Melissa Taylor[[email protected]] says : What some don’t understand is that even if they RV’d today it’s not going to be a quick fix for Iraq. They still need money now. Just saying… 😀

TexasProud says to Melissa Taylor[[email protected]] well if it did RV at near or over a dollar and we can exchange it wont matter

Melissa Taylor[[email protected]] says True. It won’t matter to us but it will matter to them. 🙂

mudder says And the freedom continues…lol

_firefly_ says Problem is … people are still living in the past. Still have the Maliki regime mindset. This is no longer the case folks. Abadi has done a complete 180 in Iraq since he became PM. This is and always has been a process. Be thankful you are a part of it !

mudder says to _firefly You could copy that statement a 1,000 times in chat and still some people wouldn’t understand….

_firefly_ says to mudder True, and a real shame

Baxter1243 says firefly.. what did Iraq do today concerning the budget.. ? I couldnt read up cause chat hasnt been copied… Did they lower the per barrel price?

mudder says to _firefly_ :And the real reality is people want to know when…. And when the time comes I think some will be SO LOST on how to handle the life change they will be able to start a TV show called HOW I LOST MY FORTUNE yup

jtank says WMA u r talkin Dec to enter the world market

Baxter1243 says Ok..thx.. what did they lower it to?

mudder says to Baxter1243(3:17 PM):40

Baxter1243 says ok..thx

_firefly_ says to Baxter1243 Reduction of 6 trillion dinars from the budget ceiling and the adoption of US $ 40 as the price for a barrel of oil

_firefly_ says to Baxter1243 the parliamentary finance committee unanimously to adopt a price of $ 40 per barrel of oil in the budget to address the risk of falling prices on the world market

Baxter1243 says Well.. thats closer anyway…

quicktolegit96 says i get the feeling iraq is exporting oil to USA from here on out….i could be wrong

wmawhite says to jtank(3:32 PM):The translation from the IMF came out a couple of different ways. I read it has an expectation the IMF has that Iraq will be re-entering the global markets sometime within the first half of 2016. In order to do so………..what does Iraq need to have? Answer: a currency it calls its own with a value that reflect the true wealth of Iraq.

tellmemore says wma can they wait much longer

wmawhite says to tellmemore I don’t think they are waiting on anything………….it is evident that the CBI/GOI/IMF plus a few we don’t know about have been working together to bring…..as the IMF said, bring Iraq back into the economic markets by sometime during the first half of 2016.

wmawhite says Folks,…remember, when gurus would tell anybody who would listen that this investment was a big secret? Or, they are telling us “smoke” because they don’t want us to know?……what a butch of bull!!!! Folks, Iraq want the world to know…..they want all folks to see they as a great place to invests. They want the IQD to be used worldwide…….because that runs the value of the IQD up.

jtank says for some reason seems they want outsiders to own iqd

tellmemore says wma i think we are in agreement – just wondering why it is taking so long now that they have the laws passed and malarki is out of the country

wmawhite says to tellmemore It is only “taking so long” if we truly knew when it is to change in value. If the CBI/IMF have not gotten to that point in time where they are ready………..then it is not taking so long.

tellmemore says(3:48 PM):who knows maybe they are taking a week off to celebrate 🙂

crank7 says( wmawhite: Prior to the first half of 2016….. or sometime during the first half of 2016?

wmawhite says to crank7 Yes,……….the oath came from the IMF head for North Africa and the Middle East…..so it had to be translated and that part is difficult to understand the true intent.

crank7 says wmwhite……… yes, indeed!! Very confusing. 8-|

Baxter1243 says it doesnt look promising.. since its already newstime.. but.. hang on.. you never know.. (y)

jtank says ERBIL, Kurdistan Region— More than 90 percent of food consumed in the Kurdistan region is imported, according to data compiled by the region’s ministry of agriculture.

“The population has grown and our production has not,” said Anwar Omar, general manager at the ministry.

The need for food products will be even higher in 2020 when the population climbs to 6 million people from its current 5.4 million, Omar added. http://rudaw.net/english/kurdistan/271120151

jtank says(6:55 PM):MAINZ, Germany – Germany said it is bolstering its military presence in Iraq’s Kurdistan Region and deploy jets in the fight against ISIS, following a French plea to EU allies after the deadly bombings in Paris.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel and ministers decided on extending the German military mission in the war against the Islamic State. http://rudaw.net/english/kurdistan/261120153

FatherofThunder says  Any idea when we BGG will have his next call?

_firefly_ says to jtank I told you guys that a week ago. Nice to see it in print 🙂

jtank says firefly- no Md so am surfin

subgirl says to _firefly_ ):(y)wow! I sure like that!! In ink! (y) and already past

jtank says peeps talkin in other chat that Maliki being head of sol might still be a way to hide from the law

subgirl says well, I don’t think IMO that there is a place for him to hide esp in Iraq! that is my opinion only…

Nadita says are the news quiet today…?
Nadita says( what do you think of Iraq postponing the 50K now..?I

subgirl says to Nadita no I think there is some esp in the chatlog…

Nadita says sassy.. you got it right
Nadita says 11-28-2015 Newshound Guru firefly It is definitely a plan and IMO they have run out of time. I’m still expecting a lot of misleading and recycled material this month. Dec should be very exciting. IMO…Do or die.

kazorchian says shabibi is supposed to have an announcement at 10:30 am tomorrow

subgirl says to kazorchian about what?

Nadita says kazorchian… hopefully rv time

kazorchian says(7:39 PM):something to do with finance

subgirl says to kazorchian oh wow! would love that!!!!
subgirl says to kazorchian Sweet!!!!

Nadita says kazor.. I hope he announces the RV..

RickeyT says it’s 4:39 AM there right now

diagyAAAE says Almost that time already… how far is Iraq ahead of us, 9 hrs?

sassy says kazorchian did you see a article about it?

subgirl says to Nadita I don’t think the rv is coming that way tho. it will happen in the night… IMO

kazorchian says no my friend told me he saw it somewhere

subgirl says to diagyAAAE yep 9 hours ahead!

Nadita says rickey.. we might here it tonight

subgirl says to Nadita yep!
subgirl says to Nadita but we’ll see!

Loopback says Development Policy Institute is hosting the Governor of the Central Bank tomorrow

Date: 11/27/2015 16:27   Information / BAGHDAD / ..

Hosts the Institute of the progress of development policies on Saturday Governor of the Central Bank for the purpose of discussing monetary policy. According to a statement of the Institute and Agency / information /, received a copy of it “will be hosting the Governor of the Central Bank on the Keywords tomorrow in the Institute building at 10:30 am to talk for monetary policy and the existing reserve and other files related. “The statement added that” the seminar will involve a group of finance and economy experts “.anthy 25 K.    http://www.almaalomah.com/news/39482

Loopback says will be hosting the Governor of the Central Bank on the Keywords tomorrow in the Institute building at 10:30 am to talk for monetary policy and the existing reserve and other files related.

Nadita says loop.. it’s not Shabibi then.. still Alak, correct..?

kazorchian says( he said shabibi i think

Loopback says to diagyAAAE Yes it is. I would love to be a fly on the wall during that meeting.

subgirl says to Loopback so Shabs is the one talking in this meeting tomorrow??

Loopback says to subgirl That’s not what the ink says.

monique13 says but it’s 10:30 a.m. their time? so it’s tonight for us?

subgirl says to Loopback oh ok, just wanted to make sure I heard it correctly! (y)

Baxter1243 says Where does it say Shabibbi?

kazorchian says it doesn’t

kazorchian says maybe it’s not it says governor of cbi

RickeyT says to monique13 it’s 4:45 AM there right now

diagyAAAE says ):It does not…. Gov enor of CBI

Baxter1243 says I kind of doubt its Shabs..

kazorchian says yeah i could be wrong

monique13 says to RickeyT thanks

Loopback says to subgirl( :All the article indicates it that Keywords will be in a meeting the discuss reserves, monetary policy, and other files.

subgirl says to Loopback( ok, we’ll just see if they put it in the articles who was there??

_firefly_ says to Loopback So I wonder what Shabibi was doing in kuwait and Iraq with Zebari meeting with the IMF

cjquade54 says( nothing about them making an announcement

_firefly_ says Sorry, was meant for the room
_firefly_ says( Pictures don’t lie

subgirl says to _firefly well hoping it has to do with this RV???

kazorchian says we’ll find out soon enough

diagyAAAE says with PhotoShop, pictures do lie lol

_firefly_ says And the one in Kuwait refeered to Shabibi as the Governor of the CBI

diagyAAAE says Jk FF

sassy says ):firefly Well that is interesting hmmmm

_firefly_ says Just a thought 🙂

sassy says firefly I like it

subgirl says to _firefly_ oh wow! I like that!! (y)

_firefly_ says to diagyAAAE I know 🙂

_firefly_ says to diagyAAAE We may never know the entire story

jeffusa says to _firefly_( only 1 story I want to see end

_firefly_ says Remember, we only see what they want us to see !!!!!!!!!

diagyAAAE says FF it’s always been a mystery to me, I do however think we are Close, SOOOON lol

_firefly_ says All plans have an end date !!!!!!!

diagyAAAE says thats for sure

Loopback says to _firefly_ I think he still has a lot of sway over monetary reforms in Iraq, but from the side lines. And the fact that the IMF is giving direct input into the goings on at the CBI is very exciting and telling. They are out of money, oil is not going to recover anytime soon, they cannot ramp up the private sector fast enough to be of help. They need to do something very soon to add the need liquidity.

Loopback says to _firefly_ needed..
Loopback says Very exciting times.

_firefly_ says to Loopback True but we also have to take into account the contracts, agreements and debts that need to be repayed

_firefly_ says to Loopback There WILL be consequences

Loopback says to _firefly Very true.

_firefly_ says to Loopback Also like I said a week or 2 ago, no way in he!! or high water that Germany would jump on board unless they were certain of repayment of loans

Loopback says to _firefly They also have a huge issue with the displaced. That is going to be a major revenue drain.

_firefly_ says to Loopback Yeah, many items in play here that need desperate measures for a resolve

sassy says Loop if they can put them to work with all new jobs that will be coming into Iraq. That would help

_firefly_ says to Loopback Then there is the Paris club debt !!!!!!

sassy says :  Loop Contracts means jobs

_firefly_ says to Loopback IMF WB loans
_firefly_ says to Loopback I could go on but don’t think I will

Loopback says to _firefly_ Desperate times bring desperate measure. I sure am glad that there seem to be following the plan that Shabs started years ago. It means they have a chance to right the ship.
Loopback says to _firefly_ ):they seem..

_firefly_ says to Loopback As of today I see no stumbling blocks whatsoever
_firefly_ says to Loopback Sistani has spoken, followed by Abadi and the CBI

Baxter1243 says thats what I like to hear.. no stumbling blocks (y)

_firefly_ says to Loopback That brings peace to me

Loopback says to _firefly_ The Supreme Court really stepped up by throwing out Nujayfi’s lawsuit.

_firefly_ says to Loopback( I’m not surprised 😀

cjquade54 says to Loopback is that for sure?

_firefly_ says to Loopback They have over 2000 names on that list
_firefly_ says to Loopback 300 plus are / were politicians

subgirl says to _firefly I sure like that!!! 🙂

Loopback says to cjquade54 Over 11 news sources carrying the story. I would say it is a done deal.

cjquade54 says to Loopback great I haven’t seen it but I know we were waiting to hear the result

Loopback says to cjquade54 Some of the article even have the four page ruling posted.

cjquade54 says to Loopback so I guess that’s it for Mailiki as well?

Loopback says to cjquade54 It doe set legal precedent, for the other two lawsuits.

cjquade54 says to Loopback that’s big news!

Loopback says to cjquade54 HUGE NEWS!!
Loopback says to cjquade54 LOOOOOPOOW NEWS!
Loopback says to cjquade54 IMO

dovi says just got here…looks like we have some significant news…may I have a preview please?

kazorchian says dovi the cbi has some kind of meeting tomorrow
kazorchian says supposed to discuss monetary policy

dovi says to kazorchian now you’re talkin!

kazorchian says finances

dovi says to kazorchian alright!!

dovi says to kazorchian so what time is that here? CST
subgirl says to dovi here is the link to the conversation tonight… http://www.dinarupdates.com/showthre…r27-2015/page2

kazorchian says to dovi like 1 am

Pablo says BGG doing a call this weekend?

subgirl says to Pablo I am not sure. He has not been in the room too much lately. We shall see about tomorrow and Sunday???

subgirl says to Pablo I hope soo!!

Pablo says So, are we looking at an RV this weekend? 😀

subgirl says to Pablo wouldn’t that be wonderful!!!! 🙂

kazorchian says probably not
kazorchian says i think they are waiting for iran

Pablo says I know, I’m just making jokes.
Pablo says Iran?

kazorchian says iaea report supposed to come out by 15th
kazorchian says then they revalue
kazorchian says ):probably same time as iraq

buck says to kazorchian you have info on the iran schedule>>??? when are the last of the sanctions lifted, if not already??

Pablo says I doubt that they would RV that much, Iran is not as wealthy as Iraq.

kazorchian says they have a meeting on the 8th
kazorchian says report is supposed to be out december 1st or 2nd
kazorchian says timeline is anytime after 15th sanctions are supposed to be lifted

Pablo says You think that both of them will go at once?

kazorchian says( yep

buck says to kazorchian who is kj?

Pablo says Why would they do that?

kazorchian says kj does news and info on iran

coco1 says to kazorchian( Was that Nov. 15th timeline or is it Dec 15th?

kazorchian says http://www.iqdcalls.com/kj.html
kazorchian says 15th of december

coco1 says Thanks!!

Pablo says( Why would both countries go at once?

kazorchian says gcr going to be a basket of currencies going
kazorchian says indonesia vietnam iran iraq zimbabwe

Pablo says Are going and silver going as well?
Pablo says Oh great, I was hoping that they would all be staggered.

kazorchian says kj brings on an investment banker miss jw she deal with 1 billion plus deals

Nadita says kazor… I am learning lol

kazorchian says shes very knowledgable

Nadita says kazor.. are you saying dinar and rial will go together on 15th December

RickeyT says to kazorchian how hard did she laugh when the dinar was mentioned?

kazorchian says anytime after dec 15th

Nadita says kazor.. didn’t Iraq go on recess till Dec 8th…?

buck says well i am doubtful over the “basket “scenarios, but i have never listened to them so i will see how it goes. thank you…

kazorchian says dec 1st the recess until the 8th

Nadita says kazor… thank you

Pablo says Is this the 11/25 show?

Pablo says 26th, pardon me.

kazorchian says 11/25 they put the 26th for some reason

sassy says buck like me I do not buy the basket theory at all

Pablo says Okay, I will listen to that tomorrow.

dovi says to kazorchian the 15th is past my birthday shucks

kazorchian says mon wed fri he does calls

Nadita says( kazor… what call are we talking about..?

kazorchian says(9:12 PM):kj
kazorchian says http://www.iqdcalls.com/kj.html
dovi says to kazorchian was hoping to have a nice birthday Dec 12

buck says it is almost 4 hours long…. what is up with that

Nadita says( kazor.. that call is 214 minutes lol

dovi says to Nadita( umhmm

Nadita says(9:13 PM):kazor did you listen to it.. ?

kazorchian says very long calls goes over news and miss jw comes in and they do questions

Nadita says kazor… can you give me the jist of the call..? I know you guys are talking about it.. 🙂 thanks

kazorchian says not really just that iaea reort is due they say dec 1st or 2nd

Nadita says what is iaea…??

kazorchian says( ):then theres a meeting on 8th about it
kazorchian says international atomic energy agency

Nadita says and why is it important…?
Nadita says by the way.. Was Iran out of sacntion yet..?

kazorchian says they clear iran of all requirements
kazorchian says for sanctions to be lifted

Nadita says( kazor.. the iaea will clear Iran of sanctions..?

kazorchian says( once sanctions are lifted they go back to old rate before sanctions 3.41

Nadita says kazor.. are you serious.. Iranian Rial was 3.41
Nadita says I will be rich lol

kazorchian says( yep thats what it was before sanctions
kazorchian says plus inflation

kazorchian says they are saying 3.59
kazorchian says yeah i have alot of rial too

Nadita says( kazor. if Rial goes to 3.59 and they don’t have as much as Iraq… wow.. dinar will go higher than that…

buck says can we legally own and buy rial from iran???

kazorchian says yes you can

Nadita says ):Buck… you can buy them here in USA…

buck says but is it legal….

kazorchian says yes

buck says thank you

kazorchian says ebay has it around $75 per million

Nadita says I guess buyirr.com is not doing business anymore…????

kazorchian says nope

Nadita says kazor.. what happened to them…???

kazorchian says they discussed that on call

Nadita says what did they say…?

kazorchian says they just disappeared

Nadita says now there is a new site lol

kazorchian says didn’t know why
kazorchian says( ):i listen to everybody

Nadita says kazor.. lol

Nadita says you cover all the bases

kazorchian say i try natida doesn’t hurt listening to everybody

Caravaggio says And waste a lot of time.

Nadita says I only read if it’s interesting 🙂

buck says some of his calls are more than 6 hours….that is nuts

Nadita says buck lol

kazorchian says yes buck he did a marathon call when negotiations were finallized

_firefly_ says NOBODY has exchanged. That’s the sillyest tale in Dinar land

samson says totally agree firefly

Nadita says firefly… yes they did 🙂

_firefly_ says not only silly but illegal. How can one exchange with no rate

Nadita says( I know some people who did 🙂

Loopback says Well I know a couple of people who did exchange… but at around 20% loss.

Nadita says firefly.. I like your comment about 10 cents lol you just debunked AM

dovi says to _firefly i need to know what time that is US

Nadita says ):I would not say it otherwise 🙂

dovi says to Loopback( based on what amount for exchange?

_firefly_ says to Nadita Not trying to debunk anybody, just tired of all the BS out there

Nadita says( firefly.. I hear you
Nadita says but I know 🙂

Nadita says the bottom line is who you know 🙂

dovi says to Loopback how can they exchange at a discount when there isn’t a rate

Loopback says to dovi( about 820.00 per million.

dovi says to Loopback LOL Ok

Loopback says to  They sold it back to the dealer they purchased from.

dovi says to Loopback I got that!

_firefly_ says to dovi Loops is talking about selling their dinars back to the deakers 🙂

dovi says to _firefly yep no rate nothing to exchange

samson says anyway grandkids have arrived so must go and will leave on in case Millie pops in
Loopback says to dovi ):Correct.

dovi says(9:41 PM):the meeting tomorrow that we’re watching for…10:45 is their time or ours?

Nadita says(9:41 PM):wow.. that is really stupid but again.. people who are desperate will do this and they think it will never rv…
Nadita says(9:41 PM):dovi.. theirs

dovi says(9:41 PM):so what time will that be for us
dovi says(9:41 PM):est cst anything

buck says(9:41 PM):they are 8 hours ahead of central time

dovi says(9:41 PM):are they nine hours ahead?
dovi says(9:42 PM):so about 2 am?
dovi says(9:42 PM):ish

kazorchian says(9:42 PM):yes

dovi says(9:42 PM):thanks

tman23 says(9:42 PM):I was at a Travelex in Miami and purchased 2 million IQD from a man and women who were selling back….. travelex sold the IQD for $1005.00 per million and the exchange back to USD was $678.00….. The $678 rate is the same that was going in Dubai and also in Iraq from currency traders……

dovi says to tman23(9:43 PM):I think I paid more than you did..2012
dovi says to tman23(9:43 PM):and 2013

Nadita says(9:43 PM):tman23.. you are saying that you can buy iqd at the airport…?

Nadita says(9:43 PM):travelex is a money exchanger, right..?
Nadita says(9:43 PM):dovi… me too.. I think I was paying 1250 per mil
Loopback says to tman23(9:43 PM):ouch

dovi says to Nadita(9:44 PM):I think 1050 to 1150 depending
dovi says to Loopback(9:44 PM): right

dovi says to Loopback(9:44 PM):ouch

Nadita says(9:44 PM):dovi.. later in 2013 I paid 1100

dovi says to Nadita(9:44 PM):sounds right

Nadita says(9:45 PM):2011 was 1250 🙂
dovi says to Nadita(9:45 PM):ugh

tman23 says to Nadita(9:45 PM):Some Travelex YES…… Miami…..Orlando….. Denver….. that I have been at and inquired…….

Nadita says(9:45 PM):dovi.. you can buy now from dinarians for 750-800

dovi says to Nadita(9:46 PM):I was standing at my Dad’s casket at the viewing when a man he knew approached me for my phone number called me late and sold me my first $200 purchase. After that by the mil

dovi says to Nadita(9:46 PM):I’m done..do not want another dime of it.
dovi says to Nadita(9:46 PM):mine will have to do

kazorchian says(9:47 PM):i’m done buying currency have enough too

dovi says to Nadita(9:47 PM):just hope its all good

kazorchian says(9:47 PM):now we wait

Nadita says(9:47 PM):dovi…. me too

dovi says to kazorchian(9:47 PM):yep I may buy 1 mil of Rial next week but am done

Nadita says(9:47 PM):kazor you got it right

dovi says to Nadita(9:48 PM):(y)
dovi says to kazorchian(9:48 PM):yes now we wait

kazorchian says(9:48 PM):yeah iran has a good chance of a good return cheap right now

dovi says to kazorchian(9:49 PM):I can get it at a small local bank, takes few days to get it but price is set when I order

kazorchian says(9:49 PM):i bought mine on ebay

dovi says to kazorchian(9:50 PM):if you have a relationship with a reliable dealer why not
dovi says to kazorchian(9:50 PM):I have to check again to see their price..might balance out by avoiding shipping

kazorchian says(9:50 PM):yep never had any problems free shipping too

tman23 says(9:51 PM):So when you take $678 per million and……divide 678 by 40 notes = $16.95 per note…… When you take 25 and divide it by 1.5 it equals $16.66…… So we see that there was a discussion of 1500 -1 in the 2016 Budget…… AND an economist from the CBI in 2012 that discussed a study and exampled using the 1.5 IQD to 1 usd…… Interesting…BUT…. one could speculate all day long on rates and possibilities playing with numbers…….all we can do is wait and see how this evolves before 2016

dovi says to tman23(9:52 PM):but it fills up the time and boredom so its good to speculate a little
dovi says to tman23(9:52 PM):at 1.5 I’m done
dovi says to tman23(9:53 PM):at least a couple milllion anyway

tman23 says to dovi(9:54 PM):I;m all in …… IMO…if you can get 16k usd for a note that cost you $28usd…..get it and run….the notes will not carry those zeros for long IMO…..

cjquade54 says to dovi(9:55 PM):that’s about 67 cents isn’t it?

dovi says to tman23(9:55 PM):got it thanks
dovi says to cjquade54(9:55 PM):IDK

cjquade54 says to dovi(9:56 PM):IDK ?

dovi says to cjquade54(9:56 PM):IDK = I don’t know 😀
dovi says to cjquade54(9:56 PM):learned from the grandkid

cjquade54 says to dovi(9:57 PM)::D

Mark McKinnon[[email protected]] says(9:57 PM):no one knows….. LOL

dovi says to Mark McKinnon[[email protected]](9:57 PM):LOL amen
dovi says to Mark McKinnon[[email protected]](9:57 PM):but those seem to be some of the most difficult words to utter in public

cjquade54 says to dovi(9:58 PM):if 1.5 IQD = 1 USD then 1 IQD = .67 USD (approx)

dovi says to cjquade54(9:58 PM):Well…you can’t prove it by mean LOL But I’d let go a mil for 67Cents about now

Nadita says(9:59 PM):tman23… I am all in at 1.5

tman23 says(9:59 PM):The salary ladder they announced and retirement pay would be about $2.66 as a rate to meet international standards…. standards being generalization as to what other countries pay their employees……

dovi says to Nadita(9:59 PM):are you interpreting 1.5 as 67 cents?

cjquade54 says to Nadita(9:59 PM):= 67cents

Nadita says(10:00 PM):dovi I was interpreting it 1.5 dollars..
Nadita says(10:00 PM):cj at 67 cents, I will exchange a couple mil
Nadita says(10:00 PM):and ride it

dovi says to Nadita(10:00 PM):ditto

cjquade54 says(10:00 PM):me too … 1 mil anyway

Nadita says(10:02 PM):tman.. are you saying the rate will be somewhere 1.50 – 2.66

RickeyT says(10:09 PM):.67 and I am gone….
RickeyT says(10:10 PM):.10 and I am gone

dovi says to RickeyT(10:10 PM)::P know what you mean

Nadita says(10:11 PM):rickey.. yep…

tman23 says to Nadita(10:11 PM):No idea what rate…….only that they are talking about lifting the 3 zeros…….and hope we have the opportunity to catch the window of exchange before 3 zeros are lifted from the exchange on the nominal value of the notes thenselves……..

Nadita says(10:11 PM):tman23… at this time, it’s in the air

tman23 says to Nadita(10:12 PM):It’s been in the air since the first day we bought in

Nadita says(10:13 PM):tman yep
Nadita says(10:14 PM):tman23.. I read your stuff at dinar guru.. I like what you got to say 🙂

dovi says to tman23(10:14 PM):hasn’t it though

tman23 says(10:15 PM):The 50k notes are a real concern…….. And as I said IMO…..they are not good for us….no matter who tries to spin it, it doesn’t spin !! But glad to see they held off on the release of the notes……which is good for us IMO……

dovi says(10:15 PM):if the window is that narrow and the traders are gone that we dealt with will we be going to banks

buck says to tman23(10:15 PM):.and hope we have the opportunity to catch the window of exchange before 3 zeros are lifted from the exchange on the nominal value of the notes thenselves……..so are you saying eventually they will lop the value….???

dovi says(10:15 PM):if we don’t have the notes does it matter to us? 25K is highest I have

Nadita says(10:16 PM):tman23… I don’t think they need to take out 50K notes if they are going to rv
Nadita says(10:17 PM):tman23.. I feel it’s 50/50 to go either way

dovi says(10:18 PM):oh…they haven’t released the 50K
dovi says(10:18 PM):well I have been very plain about it all along…the most I know about $$ is how to spend it and how to save it.

Nadita says(10:19 PM):dovi… hahaha…

tman23 says to buck(10:19 PM):Lets play devils advocate……You live in Iraq, you have 4 …25,000 notes under your mattress for savings…… $80 usd !! The rate comes out at $1.00 ……you now have something worth $100,000 usd…. How long are you staying in Iraq with your family…..and uncle Ali has 30 of them notes under his mattress…….

buck says to tman23(10:19 PM):ok

Nadita says(10:19 PM):tman23… don’t they all like to go shopping?

buck says to tman23(10:19 PM):go on

dovi says to tman23(10:20 PM):we gotta move fast whatever it is..like you said

dovi says to jeffusa(10:21 PM):no like Dubai

_firefly_ says(10:21 PM):Who is saying a LOP now? 😀

Nadita says(10:21 PM):dovi.. once the situation changes there, they will want to stay

graylnjo says(10:21 PM):Nobody……and I mean NOBODY knows squat about any rate or date if there ever is one because we are dealing with the biggest LIARS on the face of this planet!!! JMO({)

Nadita says(10:21 PM):firefly not me

dovi says to Nadita(10:21 PM):but enough would leave to effect the economy

RickeyT says(10:21 PM):tman23 , like I said the other day

dovi says to graylnjo(10:22 PM):but I will take an educated guess any day and that’s what we’re getting here tonight

Nadita says(10:22 PM):dovi.. I guess it depends on each individual

dovi says to graylnjo(10:22 PM):thanks tman

jeffusa says to _firefly_(10:22 PM):ISIS lopped the ears off their people that did not stay and fight

_firefly_ says(10:22 PM):ISIS who?

Nadita says(10:22 PM):jeffusa.. you are joking,r ight..?
Nadita says(10:22 PM):firefly the blue monster lol

cjquade54 says(10:22 PM):doesn’t the IMF have some sort of rules about this? they can’t just do whatever they want .. it must be justified if they’re going to be one of the international players

jeffusa says to Nadita(10:23 PM):Source: ISIS cut off ears of 70 of its elements in Nineveh

(IraqiNews.com) Nineveh – A source in Nineveh province said on Thursday, that the ISIS has cut off the ears of 70 of its elements in Nineveh, because of cowardice and leaving the fighting fronts.

dovi says to cjquade54(10:23 PM):I think we’re dealing with however they feel they can best pull it off within the rules

_firefly_ says(10:23 PM):Yeah I saw that

jeffusa says to _firefly_(10:24 PM):thats the ONLY lop in Iraq

_firefly_ says(10:24 PM):If that lol

dovi says to cjquade54(10:24 PM):you’re making my case for women and children getting out and the men if they can’

jeffusa says to _firefly_(10:24 PM):you saying that’s just HEARsay ? lol

dovi says to cjquade54(10:24 PM):I would get high-behind and outta Dodg

_firefly_ says(10:24 PM):I have VERY good reason not to believe many news storys

quicktolegit96 says(10:25 PM):whas the news

Nadita says(10:25 PM):firefly.. shooit it 🙂

_firefly_ says(10:25 PM):personal experience

dovi says to _firefly_(10:25 PM):what reason?

jeffusa says to _firefly_(10:25 PM):heck I don’t believe our press

quicktolegit96 says(10:25 PM):FF ITS SMOKE IMO

cjquade54 says to _firefly_(10:25 PM):the best advice is … question everything

dovi says to jeffusa(10:25 PM):ditto

_firefly_ says(10:25 PM):It will end up on Guru if I say it lol

dovi says to _firefly_(10:25 PM):well thats the price of celebrity 🙂

Nadita says(10:25 PM):firefly promise it will not.. subby can take it out of the chat.. just for us lol

buck says to cjquade54(10:26 PM):why should i think that is the best advice????

dovi says to _firefly_(10:26 PM):cmon firefly I didn’t buy that
dovi says to _firefly_(10:26 PM):whats your reason??

buck says to cjquade54(10:27 PM):i was just questioning everythng lol lol

Josie says(10:27 PM):Question: Does anyone else remember over the years that “some” would say that we would see gold prices fall prior to a revaluation ? I can remember reading that many times. Anyone else ?

Josie says(10:29 PM):Was struck that on the CNN home page there is an article that gold is at a 6 year low and falling. Not saying it means anything, but it made me remember what I had heard some say would happen as a revaluation would near.

cowboywads says(10:29 PM):I REMEMBER THAT JOSIE

Nadita says(10:30 PM):Josie.. I remember that too…

quicktolegit96 says(10:30 PM):josie great pt….it is near

quicktolegit96 says(10:30 PM):Nadita true

firefly… I am waiting

quicktolegit96 says(10:30 PM):okie spoke up for the first team in like a year the other day….

dovi says to quicktolegit96(10:31 PM):what did he say?

quicktolegit96 says(10:31 PM):really?

quicktolegit96 says(10:32 PM):dovi okie has landed

dovi says(10:33 PM):I thought you were going to tell me he ran out of petrol
dovi says(10:33 PM):and crashed
dovi says(10:33 PM):Okie always has plenty of fuel

quicktolegit96 says(10:34 PM):ran out of patrone, yes he did

dovi says to cjquade54(10:35 PM):they are knocked out already 😛

quicktolegit96 says(10:35 PM):biggest news piece of the day?

dovi says to quicktolegit96(10:36 PM):whats that? The cbi meeting?


quicktolegit96 says(10:36 PM):im asking the audience

dovi says to cowboywads(10:37 PM):just when I had it figured out here you come with your monkey wrenh

cowboywads says(10:37 PM):SORRY LOL

dovi says to quicktolegit96(10:37 PM):thats my answer then…the CBI meeting at 10:45
dovi says to quicktolegit96(10:37 PM):am
dovi says to quicktolegit96(10:37 PM):I mean their announcement

quicktolegit96 says(10:37 PM):meeting over what

dovi says to quicktolegit96(10:37 PM):finances
dovi says to quicktolegit96(10:38 PM):ask subby for the link
dovi says to quicktolegit96(10:38 PM):its rolled off now..link to chat discussion about it

cjquade54 says to dovi(10:38 PM):what announcement? I thought they were just announcing a meeting

dovi says to cjquade54(10:38 PM):I thought I read announcement but that’s me

cjquade54 says to dovi(10:38 PM):not a press release after

dovi says to cjquade54(10:38 PM):better read it yourself

dovi says to cjquade54(10:38 PM):ok probably
dovi says to cjquade54(10:39 PM):subby got me the link and that’s what I thought


cjquade54 says to dovi(10:39 PM):I could be wrong but that’s how I read it

dovi says to poppy3(10:39 PM):invention?

dovi says to cjquade54(10:39 PM):thanks hon
dovi says to cjquade54(10:40 PM):straightened me out

dovi says to poppy3(10:40 PM):what did okie invent?

firefly_ says(10:40 PM):He meant intervene 🙂

dovi says to _firefly_(10:41 PM):oh thanks
dovi says to poppy3(10:41 PM):sorry hon understand now


dovi says to poppy3 (10:42 PM):wow
dovi says to poppy3 (10:42 PM):thanks for that info

cjquade54 says to poppy3(10:42 PM):Okie has been mocked but many have great respect for him