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Good Evening,

The information I have been exposed to within the past week has been, for lack of a better word, extraordinary. By all accounts, the GCR/RV should be fully engaged as of Friday the 13th. I have listened to the complete detail on the implementation of the exchange, from the source which, I would hazard a guess, is the same source that the Group Leaders receive their info from. That detail consists of procedure updates, security protocols and issues, exchange rates, events that have and will be an intricate part of the process, the process of how the asset backing for the currency works, and more the delivery system for the values, and the motivation for the event in general. Like I said extraordinary.

Having been privy to such information, other than satisfying a curiosity, it changes very little in our day-to-day activities. There is a sequence of events and actions that have been designed to facilitate the global stabilization of currencies and the vertical benefits that will be achieved from doing so. When the event occurs, all things will be made clear such as the following: how to proceed, what type of account structures, tax liabilities, project stipulations, rates and so on. Passing this information on prematurely seems like it causes more damage than helps. While exciting, expectations and hopes are elevated, once again a false sense of security is mentally formed. The pubic has been through that scenario too many times. When it happens, it happens. Trying to get a jump-start or be first by searching out and digesting information prematurely causes bad decisions and damaging choices. Things can start at any time but things can be delayed at any time.

Relax, the good news is that it is happening. That seems to be a fact. Those that dictate the welfare of humanity had become aware decades ago of the deteriorating human condition and began measures to right the sinking ship. However, if you look at the history, one has to keep in mind, the powers to be that created the situation we are currently in, thought they were doing the right thing, at the time, also. In the past the escalation of technologies, population growth and corruption were not factored in to decision making and more often than not those creating the laws were doing so for their own self-interest and motivations, which by design, fell on the backs of the suffering public.

The new generation of leaders, having learned from the failures of the past, have created circumstances for the benefit of the masses. A change of strategy from their predecessors.

An easing of the world condition is in motion. We as the individual must do our part to assure its success. The financial situation will take care of itself in the very near future. Focus should be on helping others and what you, as an individual, can do. Even though the powers to be are creating the environment for change, it is up to us to utilize these blessings in a proper manor for change to occur. We have been programed through the decades to only be concerned about our immediate circle of influence with no regard to the suffering of others. If you carry the mentality of selfishness forward, once hydrated with capital, the current destructive human element will only grow larger and more decimating. De-program yourself and once given the capacity to do so, stabilize yourself and family first, but remember to pay it forward and reach outside of your immediate circle of influence and feel the pain of others who have been discarded by society. Only then can true change be affected.

I welcome comment and your thoughts. Please respond to [email protected] so we can share a unified front to aid our humanity