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Another week of information pouring in with regards to the GCR/RV/Redemption. Without going into the fine detail of it all, the common denominator of Intel is that it has started. Tier 3 (royals and elites), done. Tier 4 (the groups) started, not done, but finishing up this weekend and the beginning of the week. The public is to come next week as well as the bond redemptions. There you have it, without going into all the minutia of post- funding nonsense. I think I could have just hit ‘repeat’ from the past months Intel providing. This has been, literally, an “any day” thing for a very long time.

The contention of this writer is, it is geopolitical. All the fundamentals and logistics of advancing the event into fruition is a matter of X’s and O’s and can be figured out. The bigger detaining issues deal with governmental and legislative or congressional activities and protocols. When I presented this point of view on issues to those who give information to me such as HR 5404, S3320 or S2779, it actually turned into an argument with them defending their information. In reality, who am I to question them? I am just a civilian with no clout My common sense approach seems to ruffle feathers. When you step back and look at all the inhumane hotspots going around the globe or horrific things that have occurred and for some reason, not catching much press coverage, you have to conclude it is geo political. When I say “geo-political” I am referring to governments, including the US, who leverage the suffering of their citizens to gain some political foothold.

On Wednesday, August 8, 2018, the President signed into law:
S. 2779, the “Zimbabwe Democracy and Economic Recovery Amendment Act of 2018,” which amends the Zimbabwe Democracy and Economic Recovery Act of 2001. and sets tough conditions for Zimbabwe to re-engage with the United States of America. In the mean time we have economic sanctions on Zimbabwe?

The concept of sanctions has always been a pet peeve that my rational mind cannot quite understand. We sanction countries under the flag of humanitarian violations. So lets’ impose economic sanctions on a starving population. Lets ’hinder the efforts of a country to move forward and then ask them why they are not moving forward. This is like putting someone in jail for not paying child support. We will put you in jail for 30 days so you can catch up on your arrears and lose your job. Makes zero sense.

From Syria to Yemen to South Sudan to the Philippines and Myanmar, we are witnessing spiraling violence and repeated violations of humanitarian law, including targeting of hospitals, schools and civilian residential areas, as well as blockades of relief aid. These large, simultaneous emergencies have taxed the international community’s ability to respond

Another example, Ethiopia. Ethiopians have endured years of drought and water scarcity, and they now carry the added burden of an armed, ethnic conflict after clashes between Ethiopia’s Oromo and Somali regional states have escalated in recent months, driving more than 850,000 of them from their homes this year alone. Families have fled their homes with nothing more than the clothes they were wearing. Many sleep on the bare floor without a cover. Cases of pneumonia have already surfaced, raising fear of an outbreak. Acute respiratory infections are a problem, too, and, with no adequate bathrooms, so is a lack of
sanitation, particularly as it increases the risk of acute watery diarrhea.

Before violence took root in southern Ethiopia in April, almost 1 million people, most of them farmers, who were self-sufficient and able to provide for their families. Their children had health care and attended school. Then they lost their land, their homes and life, as they had known it, in many cases, literally overnight. And the world as a whole is uniformed This week, the Ethiopian government signed a peace deal with the Oromo Liberation Front. Let’s see if that takes hold.

These situations are rampant throughout the planet and as, a rule, go unreported or swept under the rug. The practice of sanctions, embargoes and military actions only feed the demons we are trying to destroy. To starve a population because of the actions of their governing bodies can only be described as insane. .

The relevance of the Paris Accords is that, finally, we have a global common ground and forum that all can agree upon and brings all nations to the table where other issues can be resolved. The awareness of the ineffectual and insane practices of committing human rights violations to combat human rights violations is upon us. The grand solution is the GCR/RV.

We must keep our focus on the global benefits and reason for the GCR/RV, and not allow our personal conditions to define what relevant information is to be digested. The fact remains that laws have to amended or created throughout the 209 countries, on dozens of different levels including finance, trade, banking, fiscal policies, treaties and political resolutions for these funds to flow.

One should take heart that this has been going on for quite some time and most issues have been resolved or understandings in place adequate enough to move forward.

The masses outnumber the Powers to Be 99.99 to 1. It is the combined efforts of the masses that will make the difference. We will make decisions based on the right thing to do for humanity, not some political or trade agenda.

For a partial list of bills and acts submitted to the 115th Congressional Finance Committee that exemplifies the point that all nations are experiencing . Send an email subject line “Congress” to reply


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