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Amongst the plethora of Intel being narrated in the GCR/RV world lies sparks of truth and accuracy. There are quite a bit of expanded exaggerations, speculation, and enhancements to these truths but the underlying message is still there. This has begun in earnest.

The problem now, and always has been, is the definition of “Start” or “Begun”.

Through numerous attempts in previous posts, I have attempted to bring the reality to what is occurring. The master plan is moving along as designed, with some minor delays along the way but considering the scope of the undertaking it is progressing significantly.

Funds being positioned, agreements in place, procedures developed and re-developed, pecking orders for the distribution schedules, rates established (waiting for some to be locked in) and so on.

As an individual whose main concern is “when can I exchange” the predefined “Start” carries a different scenario. All that really matters is that it has begun and it is just a question of time for things to work their way down through the plumbing to the public.

To use a metaphor, this is like a highway being built. The planning for the highway is done years before it actually begins construction. If you are lucky enough to be a land holder in the path of the highway, you will do well.

So along the way word leaks out in various ways of the impending highway and people scramble to buy up as much of the property in the path of the highway as they can finagle at reduced values. The problem is no one really knows when the construction is going to start (that is a highly guarded secret) or if, because of unforeseen obstacles, the path of the highway can change.

Not a bad investment because at the end of the day, like currency, the land you bought still has value. Maybe not giving you the return hoped for but still it retains some value.

I speak to this from firsthand knowledge. In another life as a Civil Engineer for a national railroad, any easements, plan blueprints or land acquisitions that concerned railroad property passed by our office.

I was given the plans for a future highway to make adjustments to existing maps and do the cost analysis. 17 years later they began construction. In that 17 years all the details were hammered out.

Funding was sorted out, land acquisitions determined, general contractors were retained, material, equipment and supply lines established and all the other permits and local legislation acquired to move forward. As time went on there were some minor and major adjustments to the plan but the original plan was still present.

The GCR/RV is just like the highway. An original plan was drafted up years ago and they went to task creating the detail to allow it to manifest.

If you were a person who had acquired the currency in your possession through avenues generally accepted as, “in the path” of the GCR/RV (i.e. Royals, Elders and their family, Elite, Whales etc.) you will probably do well.

Those that heard about the GCR/RV along the way through various information leaks and decided to go out and purchase the land, (currency–bonds) may or may not see the results you hoped for.

There is no accurate way to confirm if you will see benefits from the event because there is no way to know what the plan is, if it has changed or if there are still changes to come. Remember, the obligations of government issued instruments like currency or bonds just don’t go away.

Those debt obligations are either settled, rolled into another obligation, in the case of bonds, or, in the case of currency, repatriated or exchanged into the current currency values.

Look at what happens when a government tells its citizens that the money you received from us to use for your goods and services is worth nothing. (Venezuela, Iraq, Zimbabwe, Brazil etc.) Not Good!

All the details being formulated, and all the variable therein, to allow the flow of the event are so expansive, with little margin for error, that we on the ground floor cannot possibly conceive its true complexity. We don’t know what immovable objects have cropped up requiring a change of direction in the original plan or what adjustments to the plan were made to ease the deployment.

I personally believe everyone will see some type of exchange. Simply because I can’t imagine any government dealing with the shit-storm that will follow if some elites or Royals are paid and the common person is not, and because of the size of this transaction and so many players, it will get out.

This is how organized boycotts, strikes, marches, protest, class action suits, coups and government take overs are born. When the masses arise together against a single purpose, change of magnitude occurs.

This line of dialog may seem monotonous at times, that it is repeated over and over but we all must realize, that to participate at the public level is a privilege not a right.

If you want to be considered in the process you must clearly show your intentions, mimic the intensions of the original spirit of the plan: create jobs, help others and dedicate your activities to the betterment of humanity. To just haphazardly mention “I want to do humanitarian projects” with no substance behind your remarks, will pass relatively unnoticed.

This is about changing conditioned mindsets and releasing the inner humanity in all of us that has been held captive by the intentional social engineering of those who reputedly have our wellbeing in mind but in realty are self-serving power hungry oligarchs manipulating laws and economies for their own self-interest.

The paradigm shift is upon us. The results of the previous mindsets and manipulations have become evident. Poverty, homelessness, war, financial implosion, economic stagnation all products of the mishandling and manipulating our natural resourcing and the human element.

Your mindset will change from using all your mental capacity just to survive, a result of social engineering, to using your capacities to help others. We can fix our world by always practicing “do more for others than you do for yourself”. We are being given the resources to accomplish the task. What you do with those resources is up to you. Given the opportunity will you be a part of the problem or be a part of the cure?

Even If you are someone who just wants to solve the desperations of your immediate circle of influence, pay off the house, get out of debt, and stabilize the family with no intentions of diving into a project, your activity will still generate monetary velocity and could feasibly effect 100 more people in some fashion.

Do the math, 5 million people affect 500 million, 500 million affect 10 each, that’s 5 billion people affected. And that is not considering the project and technology impact.

All that said, it cannot be overstated to emphasize the importance of being prepared. Spend more time doing the research on what you will need to accomplish your goals and be able to present yourself as a competent steward of what you are about to receive. Business plans, what type of bank accounts, what kind of trusts you need, what questions you need answered etc.

If you don’t know what questions to ask, don’t stress it so much.

Make no mistake, those who are orchestrating this event are aware of educational needs of the masses. You can look forward to educational resources being made available to guide you through this transition of fear and survival to a financially productive citizen.