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As we gather information for the purpose of satisfying our personal curiosity in relationship to our investment or future participation in upcoming events (I.E. GCR/RV/Redemption), it is a sound idea to examine that information in terms of its accuracy, and the motivation or agenda behind the information. Never take anything at face-value and understand that if you are assimilating information from an “Intel Provider” most of the time the information, being presented, is very calculated on how and when it is delivered.

Whether an Intel provider is writing a document, preparing a presentation, or both, you should want to consider how they summarize their main point and the end goal of the message being delivered. Their intentions are to provide a clear sound bite or synopsis that is more likely to get picked up and repeated, reinforcing their message. By strategically crafting the verbiage, it helps to control the interpretation of their message.

This is an art of its own particularly for those wanting to control a specific narrative. They follow a pattern of applied linguistic techniques. Being aware that these techniques exist can give you a leg-up in deciphering what is truth and what is verbal manipulation.

The four characters for developing these sound bite deliveries are: 1) be clear and concise, 2) use vivid, dynamic language, 3) make it easy to repeat and 4) make it memorable. The goal of the information being delivered is to make sure the idea of what is being delivered represents all four characters.

Intel providers won’t always be creating the message; in some cases they are asked to summarize someone else’s written or verbal message. Look for one or more sentences or phrases that capture these elements. Is the information being delivered done without stumbling? Is it easy to read or hear? Does it get the job done?

They may create mental images that reflect their intention but may lead to purposeful miscommunication. Conversations follow predictable patterns and have main parts or stages that can be clearly identified if you leave yourself open for interpretation that you may be being manipulated.

Information sites such as Dinar Detectives or Dinar Chronicles operate as a business model in the same manor or dynamic news agencies operate off of, which are designed to bring readers to the site for increased advertising potential but are not a noble cause. They are aggregators of information designed to create content for their sites with the intention of increasing viewer participation. And, like a news agency, they have a dynamic in place where they do not have to be accountable for information presented or the “We don’t make the News-We just report it” concept or “The information came from a Source that must remain anonymous”. The information they provide is always second, third or fourth hand.

So there is no misunderstanding, I firmly believe there are those who are providing information and are of a noble cause trying to help. TNT, S.L , B. Fullford and others , at their core, mean to help the public as a whole. But remember, someone is providing them with the information and another someone is providing that someone with information and on it goes. They all refer to Pentagon Sources, Banking Sources, Agency Sources, Treasury Sources, Insider Sources and any other would-be sources that sound relevant but can’t be mentioned or verified.

Understand that the messages being delivered are architected for a designed purpose or end goal. Who, what, how and when the message is delivered is calculated to serve a controlled agenda sequence. While this article is geared to the GCR/RV arena we see it in multiple other arenas. Marketing, politics, and business activity is what is most prevalent using sound-bite techniques.

The purpose of mentioning this is to bring an awareness to all to be more diligent before forming perceptions on information’s received or digested. When receiving or digesting Intel, I would ask myself questions such as the following: ‘who is delivering the message’ and ‘is it possible there could be an ulterior motive behind it’, before forming an opinion on its validity.