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Recently, one of our readers steered me to an interview with G. Edward Griffin, author of “The Creature From Jekyll Island”. It inspired some simple thought revelations like “hiding in plain sight” and “controlled opposition”, things I had been aware of but had not applied to some nagging questions that linger in the back of my mind.

Mainly the question of, what will be the true outcome of a GCR/RV ? What will be the real end scenarios of post-RV?

Throughout history, almost all Governments have used the technique of “controlled opposition” to trick, subdue and divert attention away from the actual opposition, aided and abetted by the complicit mainstream media. In recent times most are now aware of the complicity of mainstream media, which has taken a major hit from the confidence factor of the viewing public.

This lack of confidence in the public of the “truth in reporting” has migrated to alternative media via internet. But, make no mistake, the bigger and more popular the alternative media organization is, the more the more the possibility of controlled opposition.

No matter the media outlet, the primary goals are to dominate, lead and control the ‘opposing narrative’ and divert the public’s attention away from the facts i.e. it is not opposition in any way, shape or form. Rather, it is manufactured opposition designed to look like real/true opposition.

As an example, did you know, that once the Federal Reserve Act was created in 1913 and submitted to congress by Senator Aldrich it had to be sold to the American people? Remember the Federal Reserve is a cartel. A cartel of bankers. Just like there are shipping cartels, oil and trade cartels.

 It is any group of individuals or companies with similar interest who join together to control prices and limit competition. When the Fed was attempting their sell campaign to the public, to be the ones who would control and print currencies, actual members of the bank cartels came out and lobbied against its own agenda.

The public then viewed it as “well if the bankers don’t want it, and bankers are all crooks, then it must be good for us”.

The concern arises that “we the people” are the opposition and are we being controlled with the constant bombardment of narratives being delivered in the GCR/RV arena? These narratives talk a lot of truth because if they didn’t, they would be easily identified.

If a large number of people know about the RV, it is most likely because they want us to know it. We are being systematically groomed into a new financial system. But who will be in charge of the new system?

No one asks the question because we are so frustrated and over the old system we readily accept the new one. We are the opposition and we are being controlled. We all want to jump off the burning ship, (and the banks started the fire) with no thought that the waters we are jumping into could be shark (bankers) infested.

There are examples throughout history where the powers- to- be create the problem only to arrive with the solution. The housing crisis, the great depression, most every war that has been fought and now a global financial meltdown. They create a solution then look for a problem to apply it to.

They create a cure for a disease and if there is no disease. they create one and they have the vaccine. If you want to apply this to today’s environment, look at the QFS.

Quantum mechanics has been around for decades but it did not have the capacity to integrate with working systems. Mainstream technology had to catch up. A solution looking for a problem! No problem? Create one! Controlled opposition!

The global money supply (printing of money) has been expanding at unprecedented rates. That money is then converted into hard assets ie: gold, silver and real estate. When the old system collapses who will be holding all the hard assets?

So overprint non-asset backed currencies, imbed non-secure financial systems through a gambit of mechanisms and institutions globally that were destined for failure.

hen let the people know, who in turn will overwhelmingly oppose it and be more willingly to accept a new system presented to them that is secure and asset backed. But who will hold those assets, and thereby control the new system?

The point to all this is “be aware”. In the past, at the times we the public were being manipulated, we were unaware of it. Only years later when we look back do we see what actually happened. Do not be complacent and keep a vigilant eye on things that are presented as too good to be true.

There is always a hidden agenda and the more awake that you are, the easier it is to recognize one of them. It is an on-going process of awakening. Don’t be so quick to drink the Kool-Aid.

Secure a portion of your new-found wealth in hard assets, so no matter what trickery, hidden agenda or system that will ultimately surface, you will be positioned to integrate seamlessly.

Remember “half the battle is knowing you’re in a fight”.    DJ