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WOW ! The GCR/RV jungle drums are sure beating louder than usual. Of course there are circumstances or criteria, attached to the information, that allows for explanation for further delays that can’t be proved or disproved.

Information says it has started, and if you are registered properly you will be getting a personal call from the administration of the end compensators with instructions.

There is a pecking order for who gets paid first and most likely a logical explanation as to why, such as volume, SKR’s, sovereignty, groups, royals and whales (large volume holders). As far as the general public goes, we are kind of down the food chain due to the complexity of staging the mass payouts (IE: 800 numbers and exchange centers). But, hey, good news is good news. I’ll take it.

No one knows how long it will it take to transact through the pecking order and patience seems to be the message of the day. You have literally had years to prepare, so if you are not prepared you might want to be. I wouldn’t get overly excited and quit your day job just yet ,but if you have had the good sense to follow recommendations and prepare, you are ahead of the game.

Remember, this is basically a simple transaction and preparation is not that complex. You will need standard transactional information you would need in any financial endeavor. Also, you need two forms of updated identification, receipts or SKR documentation (if it applies to your situation).

You will need the account you want it deposited to (the type of account or trust account) which if you don’t have one, it will most likely be provided for you. And also, at least have an articulated brief or executive summary of a project you plan on pursuing should there be an option for enhanced rates or if your intentions are to go that way.

So, prepare your paper work, stick it in a folder and go about your day as usual. This could be another brush fire but the effort to be prepared is minimal, so why not be ready.

Actual exchange protocols, rates and transaction instructions will be provided by the end compensators on an individual basis since each transaction is unique. This also opens up the possibility of being scammed by otherwise than honorable individuals, so be mindful when contacted that you are indeed speaking with a valid authority.

Make sure you ask the right questions as to how the person you are speaking with obtained your information and it verifies with your records.

Having been on this roller coaster for years, I myself, am a little skeptical. The presenting of this new information that the GCR/RV has started, while on the surface appears to be great news, it still does not definitively answer the same nagging questions of when, how much and how.

By stating or implying there is a pecking order for payouts, which makes sense that there would be, it gives us hope that it is real but at the same time justifies why we are waiting.

In other words it could be just a way to keep the masses calm, justify delays and deliver good news at the same time.

Either way nothing changes until we actually see spendable funds individually, so control your expectations until we see firm confirmation that someone somewhere has been paid.  DJ