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The information pouring out on the GCR is all over the place. I have heard so much, all good, but as usual none of it can be verified from a layman’s perspective. No way for the common person to see any verification that is credible. The only real verification is spendable money in the bank.

I have been told or it has been stated that the currencies globally are now gold backed. Debt forgiveness has begun in various countries.

The gold wrapped accounts have been valued into the QFS. Australia, as of May 1st 2020, will close their government for 6 months and will reopen under GESARA (Global Economic Security and Reformation Act).

The U.S. government is quietly following suit to do the same. The FED has been absorbed into the UST. Prosperity Programs are activating. Money delivery systems have transitioned into the new models. Everything one can think of related to the GCR/RV is either happening or done.

But I still cannot produce a hard verification of any of it. (IE: Federal Registry or Congressional Records or my bank account)

The overall purpose for the event is the humanitarian projects derived from the funds and the economic stimulus achieved from their engagement. If you can think about a human need, there is a project for it.

Under the current state of global pandemic fears and the resulting economic hardships birthed from it, if you had been dedicated to any certain project, conditions have forced a transition of priority on where you apply or dedicate your time and efforts.

Unless you have some form of economic stability, it can be very difficult to focus on a project development.

What goes unnoticed and is rarely reported to the masses in any meaningful way is that there are many ongoing activities, projects and new technologies being utilized currently.

There are new things happening that are slowly but surely migrating into societies on every continent. We, as the human race, amongst the unrest and upheavals of the world, have so very much to look forward to! If not for ourselves to experience, then for our children and grandchildren to benefit.

I spoke with a gentlemen the other day who is involved with a new vertical growing system who has achieved amazing results. The nutritional value and crop sizes are truly unbelievable. And this is happening!! rather than ‘going to happen’.

They have produced lettuce with three foot leaves, no GMO or other insecticides, use 75% less water, ten times more nutritious (Verified by the laboratory analysis), 40 foot vertically grown ( talk about maxing out available agriculture space), a distribution system allowing for delivery within 24 hours from time of harvest to consumer availability ( reduces spoiling and improves freshness), with new technology.

They have even designed the planting and harvesting cycle to sync with the consumption levels within a delivery circumference assuring limited transportation and storage concerns. There are numerous other technologies and advancements that are already developed and ready for scaling up in just about every sector.

The real question and concerns is why haven’t they been deployed on a meaningful level? We have ways, right now in real time, to feed the world and we don’t?

We have the means for free energy, medical breakthroughs, greenhouse gas reduction, un-corruptible financial systems, to end poverty and the powers to be want to focus resources on distractions they themselves created?

We all may have to deal with the negative occurrences that come from a heavily populated world environment but take heart in the fact that certain entrepreneurs have taken the initiative and are moving forward regardless of the roadblocks placed in front of them.

As we roll out of, or get accustomed to, this current pandemic or future other crisis, take heart in the fact that the world is on its way to a better place.