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On a daily basis, false reports are being spread over the internet which have created false hopes and a great deal of anxiety. Everyone who has followed the metamorphous of the GCR/RV are mentally exhausted with the steady flow of narratives pronouncing the start.

The actual mechanics and functionality of deploying the GCR have been installed and tested for sometime. Now the last thing to deal with is identifying and halting those who have been obstructing the release of the funds. There are those willing to do pretty much anything for their own gain even if it at the expense of the entire world.

The obstructionists determined to delay, corrupt or stop the GCR are being dealt with in a more immediate fashion.

The Cabal pays their minions well to do their corrupt bidding. These well-paid minions, who run the risk of being convicted of treason still will do what they are told to do by the Cabal because these Cabal devils will not hesitate to do horrendous things to them or their family members. Do not underestimate the cruelty of these people. The good news is there is a lot more of us, when given the opportunity,who will be good for mankind.

I have been told that we are in the very last stages before the GCR starting. The Cabal will soon, if not already, be running out of obstructionists. Arrests are being made immediately now when corrupt activity is spotted, sending a chilling message to these evil doers.

The uncertainty of the Covid-19 outbreak has affected the mobility of everyone globally including the buyer’s administrative arm and functionality of the GCR/RV protocols. In addition to that, there have been several hundred hack attacks to impede the GCR from starting.

In short, officials, over time, have dialed in how to spot and catch the obstructionists that have for decades maneuvered behind the scenes evading prosecution. Numerous traps have been set, baiting the bad guys to show their ugly intentions and as the herd of bad guys slims down, the traps become more ingenious and harder to for the bad guys to identify. Eventually they will capture all of them or at least scatter them to the winds making their capacity to do harm ineffective.

Although one thing we must consider and be mindful of is the definition of “start”.

When looking at the bigger picture and intent of a GCR/RV, the primary goals are not to make millions of millionaires. Rather, it is to set in motion a sequence of events to create a prolonged, efficient, and non-corruptible financial system for generations to come.

When things “start” and funds are released, who or what is designated to receive funding first? No narrative currently circulating is privy to that information. The public bloggers do not have access to that rule book.

I am told that the first priority is the development and administration for deployment of sequestered new technologies. These technologies are essential to be utilized for future humanitarian projects. When we hear “start”, these funding’s could already be in motion and we wouldn’t know. The sectors of the world that are in most dire need will most likely will be prioritized with some type of immediate relief followed by development of long term solutions. Has that process started?

The point is, we don’t have access to the master rule book. We have no idea how these funds are prioritized and purposed and should contain our excitement when hearing it has “started”. Started for whom, what and where? The stage must be set for the band to play and “we the people” are the band.