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Greetings.The brush fires are again ablaze with the impending GCR/RV. More connecting the dots, speculation, and misinformation or should we say conversations that keep being inserted in the various narratives. That’s why they call it “circulation” because it travels in a circle.

One must always keep in mind “those that know don’t say” and “those that say don’t know”. Some thought or speculation is developed and it just gets passed around through all the information gurus and sites.

The feelings of desperation, from those involved in the GCR, are only exasperated by the pandemic and a government that is incapable of coming together to solve any real issues that have direct effect on everyone.

The Senate goes on vacation in the middle of an economic disaster? What? Literally millions of people are facing foreclosures, businesses closing for good, unemployment benefits that barley cover gas in the car, no food, bills stacking up and our political leaders go on vacation? Who works for who?

Things were already bad enough before the pandemic then throw a presidential race in there to convolute it even more. Neither party wants the other party to be a hero and will build roadblocks to assure it even if they have to decimate the population to do it. Absurdity has reached a new level.

I want to believe that my personal sources of information are pretty profound. These are comprised of Very top of the food chain and the worker bees that are actually the ones handling the functions of the GCR/RV. I rarely read any bloggers or information guru’s stuff.

Even my sources are expecting the release any minute.

So every now and then I cave in and drink the Cool-Aide only to kick myself in the butt for not listening to my own common sense. We are all susceptible to the “a drowning man will grasp at a straw” syndrome. But in the end we have to discern between theory and reality. Not the way we want things to be but the way things are.

The cause and effect outcomes of a GCR could go either way. It will either fix everything or cause even more chaos. I have an argument for either possible outcome. No way to know until it happens.

One thing to take note of, there not is or will not be any one particular event that will trigger this. Like a trip from a bunch of guys from Iraq or some secret announcement filtered into somebody’s speech or the public arrest and humiliation of some high profile bad guy or bad guys.

Certain occurrences have to take place in their own time and don’t have the capacity to lock in a specific date or time line. Like building evidence for a warrant or an entire war torn country getting their act together. When they are done, they’re done. To release funds before it’s time is a house of cards and the GCR is a mega skyscraper and before the juice can be turned on, the wires better be connected.

Systems and analytics are an ongoing trial and error of application and integration of new technologies. It’s like a mechanic under the hood of your car, with you in the driver’s seat, saying “ok, try it now”. Sooner or later the car will get running. But to put faith in and feed off of the constant narratives of connecting dots and speculation is so not good for your mental health. So until then, hope for the best but plan for the worst and we will be fine.

On a lighter note, here is a pandemic event. Picture this! I am in a crowed store with my 30 year old son. We are both wearing a mask. All of a sudden my son turns to me, with terror and panic in his eyes, and says “I have to sneeze”. A split second reaction is needed. Does he take of the mask and go for the elbow? But if he does that the whole idea of the mask goes away and you can’t sneeze in a pandemic crowd! Do you make a run for the door outside? Do you try and hold it? No time to figure it out. Then “Aaaaa Choo” he sneezes in mask. You can imagine how disgusting the outcome was since he has about a one inch beard. I laughed hysterically for a solid 5 min followed by another 10 min of sporadic hysteria.