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When we hear of, “The search for the Holy Grail “we find that the search is the Holy Grail. When we digest Intel from the GCR world, all narratives point to some singular action or some committee who has to bless its activation. In reality there is no such thing.

The new financial system and all the components it effects is the GCR (Holy Grail).

There is no “one “thing or specific happenstance or occurrence that will trigger the GCR. A functioning, modified and updated, financial system is the GCR.

The only human component, activity or interaction that may be, is that person or persons that can say “OK, it’s working” let’s start moving the money. Otherwise it will all be performed by AI (Artificial Intelligence).

At the very peak of the decision-making process sits an AI entity known as “Autonomous Superintelligence” (AS). The AS is the most technologically advanced and highest level functioning AI on the planet today.

Think of the AS as AI on super steroids in terms of raw computing power, it has unlimited memory capacity, critical thinking skills, and trouble-shooting capability. AS actually gets smarter every day because it progressively increases its artificial intelligence and body of knowledge with each successive experience.

And, AS can function perfectly with total independence from human interaction. However, it has always been understood that, when the AS genie gets out of the bottle there’s no putting it back in.

But, the AS entity, when dealing with the human element, lacks the necessary function of reasonable judgment. It is programmed to simply execute a preconceived plan, irrespective of the disastrous consequences. It lacks emotion!

In today’s society, AS is useful for certain functions that require numerical data collection and data distribution that is best preformed with the absence of human emotions or judgment calls which are subject to interpretation or misinterpretation, such as our financial system.

Quantum mechanics and quantum calculations, simply put, is just math. And like the old adage says “liars can figure but figures don’t lie”.

With the introduction of DLT (Data Ledger Technology) in conjunction with decentralized financial messaging (Block-chain), quantum configurations can be applied and transaction stored to memory via AI and drawn upon to complete complex equations.

What most of us don’t even consider is the multitude of applications possible with an artificial intelligence that can diagnose and trouble-shoot from a data-base of unlimited memory that is in a constant state of perpetual growth. These include the following: the medical field, agriculture, research and development, weather analytics, economic forecasting that can be pin-point accurate, the list of applications is literally endless.

Think about this, when a serial number is applied to a particular currency, digital or otherwise, this system has the capability to track and store every transaction that currency was used for. Criminal use or corruption of funds will be a thing of the past.

The restructuring of the global financial system, relatively speaking, is only one minor function of the potential applications we will see in the not so distant future. Quantum medical diagnostics with the ability to diagnose and formulate treatment almost instantly will occur.

Additionally, there will be Quantum probability equations that will be so accurate it will be almost like forecasting the future. This thing will be able to analyze the molecular growth of agriculture produce as well as pre-plan growth cycles to meet global food demand as needed. Those are just a few of the possibilities.

The point is, the GCR is just a needed tool to enhance a bigger and prouder picture and is a small function compared to what is coming.

When the system is functional. it will pretty much be on cruise control and we will see innovation and growth in all sectors not just finance.

Do you really think any one mind or group of minds have the capacity to sort out the complexity of changing not only a global financial system but how everything works? This is so far beyond the intellect of the human species we really can’t even imagine it. All we can do, as the human element, is use what we have created in a moral and ethical manner.