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The Intel/rumors of the Impending GCR/RV have lit up again. According to what I would consider “reliable sources” along with the mainstream Intel providers, the consensus is that the start of the GCR has begun. The question is, at what levels?

The public was expected to go following the close of poles on the 4th. Made sense and plausible that funds couldn’t be released prior to the election so as not to give anyone the chance to affect the election. They even gave an exact time frame.

If we were to be honest with ourselves we have heard the same thing countless times. There are embers of truth in most information networks that seem to fan the flames ever so often. But the reality is the architects of this event have their own agenda, with the public being merely a consideration. They know we must be considered or all kinds of ugly will come their way. But it has always been my contention that we don’t know what “start” means.

For the public it is self-evident what it means but without knowing the bigger plans’ detail we have no way of knowing what “start” means in relation to the master agenda. We have to sort through speculation, rumors, and connecting the dots to at least get some idea of the function particulars of the event. The truth is no one that is an influencer (Bloggers and Info sites) has all the particulars and the information they pass, believing it to be the whole truth, is given to them with a purpose in mind by their powers- to- be. What that purpose is, is anyone’s guess.

This event will happen, that is pretty much a sound consensus.

Too many confirmations from profound sources. The when, how and why we will only know when it is done and not before. The information narratives keep the public calm for the time being by every now and then fanning the flames of expectations.

We have seen the chaos of the U.S. elections. That will pale to the possible chaos brought on by the GCR. While we all want to sit back and dream of the good we can do for ourselves and others, there is always cause and effect and something like this, that will have such a massive effect on the entire planet, comes with good and bad outcomes. Preparation for both possible outcomes, good or bad, must be considered prior to it activating.

The stock market, banking, global power shifts, new technologies, trade agreements, job placement and displacement are just a few of the items that will be affected. The world can’t handle our election process without going into a tailspin just think about what will happen from a GCR.

People as a rule do not like change. We are always seeking it but ounce it is upon us human nature wants to resist. By definition you are going from what you know and makes you “comfortable” to “uncomfortable. Change always come with growing pains and what we are talking about is “everything “changing.

Do not be possessed by the ongoing speculations to the point where it affects your normal living decisions. This event should be a supplement to your fiscal diet but not your diet and don’t underestimate how conniving, devious and ruthless the bad guys are that are road-blocking this event. That’s why they are called the bad  guys.