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Highlights from The Big Call Tues. 10-20-15

Bruce’s call is already good. He teased that there’s a possibility it could happen during the call. The man knows how to tease.

LadyB22 :Bruce, prepared for possibility that it could go down even as we speak

Mangelo:  Bruce call: tonight we where expecting a celebraTION, even tonight we are expecting something might go down

PinkRoses: Bruce call intel… Bruce call: hearing right now, very very positive, hearing things that anytime now, few people talking about Friday. Consider anytime now and then.

Mangelo:  Bruce call; intel, hearing positive things at any time now….Some very good contacts say on Friday.

DinarBlessing:  B: still hearing Chinese currency being included in the SDR

PinkRoses:  Bruce call: we bellieve what has happened that China reminbi (sorry misspell) reserve, not proof yet. nothing inhibiting it not to go thru. Things rolling along nicely, heard nice things today.

Mangelo:  Bruce call: hoping for celebration tonight but if not by thursday!!!

GSWoo13:  Bruce says we are right THERE hoping for celebration call on thurs feel positive and at ease

DinarBlessing:  B: have your things ready for bank ids

PinkRoses: Bruce call: we need to realize we are right there. We are in good shape to have celebration call on Thursday. I want you to feel positive, at ease, and think about what it is you will need to do to get everything together like ID, utility bill in your name, currency counted on paper, verify it. Everything is very positive. two sources putting this out. Not entertaining anything after Friday. I wont hear it. Ken will be on alert.

DinarBlessing: B:  we should be excited but don’t let our excitement cloud our sobriety so we are clear headed at the bank

PinkRoses:  Bruce call: We are excited, should be excited, but same time not let our excitement not cloud our soberity so when it happens we not lose focus. Forward thinking.

EDT:  Just waiting on the Dinar RV and was thinking that it would be announced at the same time China was to become a reserve currency.

DinarBlessing:  B: there was some news today about General Dunford (sp?) who’s been appointment in Iraq to defeat ISIS

GSWoo13:  A general was put in charge in Iraq to defeat ISIS in a strong position of leadership in news today going to se emajor things come through her in short order
Mangelo:  Bruce call: rates are high we will be pleased

PinkRoses:  Bruce call: Not a whole I can specifically bring in. In the news about a General D., has been appointed in charge of the forces that will take place in Iraq in terms of defeating ISIS, a leadership position. In the news today. WE will see some major things come through here in short order. You can rest, sigh of relief knowing we are close. That is all I can bring out. The rates very good. I also the rates are higher than we thought as another person has mentioned in Dinarland.

DinarBlessing:  b: poised and ready

Mangelo: Bruce call: now has a guest on health

Mangelo:  Bruce call: q & A on health

PinkRoses:  Bruce call: Bruce: we are in pre celebration mode, so Q and A asking it to be on health

gswoo13 : I appreciate Bruces positive attitude i know many have been discouraged today

GSWoo:  Bruce said we need to get in shape and DANCE!!!

Barbsbiz: Bruce said he cannot see it going past the 25th

Raeneddy:  Back to the Future 2…..They traveled back to the future…….10/21/2015

GSWoo13:  raeneddie maybe there is some significance of THAT date…. You never know!

Nissi: my friend just sent me the picture of the back 2 future oct 21 2015 04 29…lololol

LadyB22:  Frank26 just said, laws are published and Monday, amendments will be passed…. then things will move quickly. So now he’s saying soon. … Talking about citizens using gold now, citizens could trust banks and go in, in preparation for lower denoms.

KMAN: Maybe someone with contacts in the far east can confirm this. From Thailand….Already knew it… Bank billboard congratulating the RMB ” Billboard said welcome rmb the new world currency”

KMAN: Hope to get a link about the China news on the RMB.