Jim A: Dear Dr. Clarke-Long time reader, seldom commentator.

Thanks for all your updates. I’m always skeptical about these “if this, then that” scenarios, such as the Jun30 payout to Iraq, and all the other barriers we had to cross
which would then result in the RV.

That said, it sure does seem a logical next step that Iraq would at least move to a 1:1 footing w the dollar, once the security situation has been stabilized.

With the Mosel announcement made, can you state in plain terms what you see as the next immediate steps from Iraq?

Thanks, Jim A.

DR. CLARKE: Jim A:  -Thank You. Ahhhh Jim, connect these Dots:

Pres. Trump returns AFTER G20, same day Abadi announces Mosul (like we said Friday – We Guessed).

This past week, Pres. Trump removes legislation preventing U.S. from exporting & selling Natural Gas & Oil. Now U.S. Is fully free to profit from as much as possible, on exporting these natural resources, previously held up since 1975, to somehow to satisfy OPEC interests. Not anymore.

Iraq has other values & importance, but 100% OIL is funding your deal….your investment…..from day one. Set the record straight.

Vietnamese Dong – We Believe that there will be a period of Weeks, after the Iraq Dinar raises significantly, and it’s officially Internationally Traded, before it raises significantly.

So much we cannot say on this. Forget the Double Dipping nonsense. Nobody important cares about that. In Fact, maybe they WANT you to Double Dip???? Hint: How many currencies in the World Today?…..go read about VN.

N. Korea in the China-Vietnam (Region).

Pres. Trump scheduled in VN when?

When did Obama visit VN last?

Patience. ISIS-Daesh. Middle East.

2017 Important.

Connect the dots.


(We really don’t know)

Didn’t we say on Friday, that this weekend, Saturday night into Sunday, was BIG? Ha ha.

Next steps: MASSIVE Money continues to flow in July. Did u see what’s happening with Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, US., with regards to Billions of $$$ being moved? That’s just what you Know about .

Chill for a couple weeks….

ALL, in our sarcastic, humble, egotistical, far out, untrue, non-serious, sympathetic, blown away ……OPINION.