DR. CLARKE (11-12-17) – OPINION:

Remember this printing from our 8-8-17 Post:

“REMEMBER our Last Post (7-27) when we mentioned how important the “Weather” was?….well, the “GROUND” is about to Shake, BIG TIME!…….find something SOLID to hold on to….”Literally”.

In more ways than one, “Mother Earth”, is about to make a Statement, to remind everyone, that we all must “LIVE HERE”, to “BE HERE”.

LAST WEEK, a Super Typhoon hit the center of Vietnam, equivalent to a Category 4 Hurricane, dumping record rainfall & flooding, just One Week RIGHT BEFORE the APEC’s last Meeting this weekend in DA NANG, of the “Leaders Summit” in Vietnam, where all the Leaders of the 21 Countries met this past Friday & Saturday (yesterday the 11th)

TODAY, the Nov. 12th (Sunday), a 7.3 earthquake was registered in IRAQ – Kurdistan to be exact, on the Iraq-Iran Border. This is the largest Earthquake on Record for the country of Iraq. That previous record of 7.2, took place 88 Years Ago.

WHAT’S GOING TO HAPPEN this week, RIGHT AFTER the Earthquake in IRAQ?…..

ANY correlation or similarity to what just happened One Week after the Typhoon in VIETNAM?

IRAQ earthquake – VIETNAM typhoon……one week apart?………hmmmm.

You can’t make this stuff up……

We already told you what WE THINK, two days ago…… (LINK)

Have a SUPER THANKFUL WEEK!……..In our Almighty & Reverent Opinion.