Well, here it is – MAY. A month ago, in our 4-4-18 POST (LINK), everything we laid out, including “MAY”, has come to Pass……as well as, the subsequent 2 Posts (category LINK) since that date. You might want to read it again, because EVERYTHING we wrote is still valid, and what we Believe to be true. This is our Perspective.

WHY did we circle Sunday, April 29, 2018, on the calendar?

Because it was THE BIG Turning Point.

North & South Korea, formally agreed to END the Korean War, and bring the two countries together in Peace, after 65 years (1953) – making History…..

AND De-Nuclearize, and shut down nuclear plants.

2 Months ago, NOBODY would have EVER believed in a million years, that N. Korea, would take a Complete 360 and do this. (Actually we were off by 2 days, because they announced it early, on the 27th.)

We cannot tell you how BIG this is, in terms of Economic stability & adjustments….like World currency management. Everyone wants to focus solely on Iraq, but we’ve got BIG News for you….and we’ve ALWAYS SAID this…..IT’S GLOBAL – UN, IMF, U.S.

The Far East Region, is Very Very Very Important. (China, Vietnam, Indonesia, Philippines, Japan, Koreas)

We’ve been talking about the importance and impact of N. Korea on this now, for the past 2 years, FOR A BIG REASON. Now it’s OUT & PUBLIC. They have a ways to go, but this is what we were looking for, and now has Officially & Publicly occurred.

FUNDING can now take place.

(btw, OIL is skyrocketing @ $75+… Every hour that passes, is a cha-ching! moment for Iraq….by Design)

NOW, April 29th was also important, because of the banking stuff that was going on in Iraq last week, but contrary to all the hooplah & jumping up & down everyone’s been doing about Banks & Cards in Iraq…..it really wasn’t & isn’t, that big a deal, and NOT the reason we circled the 29th.

Iraq’s been educating citizens on their banking system changes for the PAST 3 YEARS, holding conferences & meetings, trying to get them to trust & use the banks – which hasn’t really worked much, although they’ve made SOME progress. They’ve only started to make some headway on this, since ISIS was officially defeated last year, and since then SOME of the crooked politicians are Out – because now the citizens are feeling a little better. Just a little. As far as all these CARDS go, they’ve been using them for YEARS, and will continue to increase the use of cards, as much as possible. Nothing really new. No Big deal. (Yawn)

We have NO REASON to Believe, according to our Long Long List of Data poop, that this will go into June or later. (other than maybe gambling & playing the exchange rate game)

We have EVERY REASON to Believe, this happens in “MAY 2018”.

However, we always say, “THERE ARE NO GUARANTEES IN LIFE. NONE.”

(Look at N. Korea. Look at the 2016 U.S. Presidential election. Look at Brexit. Oh, and by the way, we believe that the Euro Union as it exists today, will be broken up, by the end of 2018, re-formed eventually, and become a completely different animal, over the next couple years.)

We’re not here to try and convince or sell you on anything, unlike others.

We’re just passing on to you, our Perspectives, Beliefs & “IL-LOGICAL Opinions”.


Dr. Clarke

P.S. Re-read our 4-4-18 POST…….then the 2 Posts after it, for FULL clarification.

At the soonest, there’s a great shot at this from the 13th thru 15th, heading into Ramadan for 30 days, the perfect time (Downtime, Gratitude & Forgiveness) to “Manage the Insanity” that will incur AFTER the Rate Changes – Immediately AFTER THE ELECTION – Retail pricing changes, Paycheck adjustments, Bank runs for currency swaps, Contracts & Agreements, Taxes, Foreign Trade…..all happening AFTER the election. NOT Before. It’s too BIG to Manage BEFORE the election……which is only 10 Days Away from Today……as we outlined in our 4-4-18 POST.

Plus, there is one other major thing, that must happen for AFTER the Election, that we cannot mention & explain just yet – until AFTER the election – that will determine the timing of this event.


“MAY 2018”

(You’re going to get slung all over the place, like never before, in the month of MAY.

Just hang in there, and “Go With it”. It cannot be Logically figured out.)

It’s “IL-Logically” – COMING OUT.