Dr. Clarke 5-2-18

P.S. Re-read our 4-4-18 POST…….then the 2 Posts after it, for FULL clarification.

At the soonest, there’s a great shot at this from the 13th thru 15th, heading into Ramadan for 30 days, the perfect time (Downtime, Gratitude & Forgiveness) to “Manage the Insanity” that will incur AFTER the Rate Changes –

Immediately AFTER THE ELECTION – Retail pricing changes, Paycheck adjustments, Bank runs for currency swaps, Contracts & Agreements, Taxes, Foreign Trade…..all happening AFTER the election. NOT Before.

It’s too BIG to Manage BEFORE the election………as we outlined in our 4-4-18 POST.

Plus, there is one other major thing, that must happen for AFTER the Election, that we cannot mention & explain just yet – until AFTER the election – that will determine the timing of this event.


“MAY 2018”

(You’re going to get slung all over the place, like never before, in the month of MAY.

Just hang in there, and “Go With it”. It cannot be Logically figured out.)

It’s “IL-Logically” – COMING OUT.

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