We said over a month ago many times, that Iraq would NOT substantially raise the value of the Dinar Officially & Publicly, BEFORE the Elections – while Everyone Else said the exact opposite.

Well, we got another one Right. Again.

You want FACTS? That’s a Fact. Jack.

We’ve also been telling you the HUGE IMPORTANCE of North Korea, for 2 years, over & over. Now, you SEE what we’ve been talking about, and WHY it’s so important in you getting paid SUBSTANTIALLY, on your Currency Investment, with Iraq & Vietnam.

REGIONAL PEACE, especially in the Far East, affects your Vietnam Dong currency, as well as, China, and the connections both China & N. Korea have to ISIS, Iran & Syria in the Middle East REGIONS. Do you “SEE” yet? ​

2 years ago, we also told you to RUN FROM IRAN’S RIAL currency, when most others were saying, “Hurry up and get it”, after the idiotic Iran Nuclear deal. What a mistake that was. Now you SEE “Why”. We got another one Right. Again.

From our LAST POST 5-2-18 (LINK), we said:

“There is one other major thing, that must happen for AFTER the Election, that we cannot mention & explain just yet – until AFTER the election – that will determine the timing of this event.”

Now we can tell you. THE EVENT we spoke of, is the MERGING of Sadr & Abadi & their groups, to INSURE that Iraq continues on it’s positive growth track, apart from major Iranian & Terroristic influence and control – CREATING AN EVEN STRONGER & MORE STABLE IRAQ THAN BEFORE. Even if Sadr ends up with more votes, he CANNOT become Prime Minister, because he did not run for a seat. THEY KNEW THIS THE WHOLE TIME…..even the people VOTING FOR HIM KNEW THIS – and STILL voted for him. Either way, Abadi will eventually continue in Power. And By the Way, all the Official Votes are not in yet – AND DON’T BELIEVE THE LYING MEDIA IN IRAQ, ABOUT ANYTHING, ESPECIALLY AN ELECTION.

Abadi may still have more votes and be the clear winner. But in any event, the country will be MUCH more Stable, Secure & Stronger, now that the public is officially supporting a Sadr – Abadi alliance & merge.

When we said a month ago, that the U.S. would protect it’s investment (7 Trillion dollars)……..THAT’S WHAT WE MEANT……Nobody is rigging the election. They ALREADY KNEW the overall sentiment of the people, and used it to their advantage WITH A PLAN, bringing Sadr into the forefront picture, for a much stronger Iraq. “THEY”, meaning all those opposed to Iran. Use your imagination. Genius.

The UN, IMF, U.S. (and the World), would NOT let Iraq move their currency BEFORE the elections, because there was still a slim risk that, if something went wrong, Iraq would suddenly be headed right back into the horrible place it just came from, over the past few years – Controlled by Terrorists, backed primarily by Iran. They’re Protecting they’re Long-Term Financial Interests, in Iraq, and in the REGION…….in an “IL-LOGICAL” Way.


That’s why 3 weeks ago, we said, “Abadi has already WON the election”.

As of the time of this writing today, Abadi has not officially been declared having won the election, nor has there been an announcement who the NEW PM of Iraq will be – WE BELIEVE ABADI WILL CONTINUE, only stronger now with the Public Support of Sadr & Crew…..and that’s WHY, Abadi didn’t even campaign and push his bid for re-election much, in the first Place.

Sing with Us – SADR. SADR. SADR…..with ABADI, ABADI, ABADI…..

Did you know, JESUS walked on Water? Resurrected several people from the Dead? Turned Water to Wine? Fed 5,000 people with 5 loaves & 2 Fish?


God-Spirit-Universe-Source, IS and always WILL BE, “IL-LOGICAL”.

The Flood. Parting the Red Sea. 10 Plagues of Egypt, Earth’s Perfect Orbit, Life on other Planets, Trillions of stars in the Sky……need we go on?

Those who LOOK, will “SEE”.

JESUS is NOT the only Master to ever walk the earth.

YOU, my friend, are a Master. YES, YOU! ALL OF YOU……as JESUS accurately stated: “YOU will do Works, Greater than I”.


……and while you’re at it get busy to, “LOVE your Enemies”, which he also said, is necessary.

NOW, back to our Regularly scheduled program……

When the CBI a few weeks ago, said they were “Ready & just waiting for a SUITABLE ENVIRONMENT” ……What the CBI TRULY MEANT, was “We need to wait and MAKE SURE the right Prime Minister & his Groups – his PEEPS – is in Place, BEFORE we Publicly & Officially change the currency.”…….all because the UN, IMF & U.S. made sure of it. They do not want another Saddam Hussein disaster, which could otherwise escalate very rapidly, with one of the OTHER candidates making Prime Minister in power, bringing strong Iranian influence into their future. This had to be GUARANTEED NOT TO HAPPEN – ONLY AFTER THE ELECTION – NOT BEFORE……..and NO, the Election was NOT Rigged. They already knew the overwhelming sentiment and direction things were heading…….Waaaaaay IN ADVANCE.

We got another one Right. Again.

They will RV – “Revalue” the Dinar, which means they will assign a BRAND NEW SUBSTANTIALLY INCREASED VALUE to it. Actually right now, they change it almost daily anyway, as it fluctuates up & down already, so the words, “Substantial Increase” is the kicker. RI or Reinstatement really isn’t accurate at all, because they are not going back to Anything – especially an EXACT OLD Rate, when it was Devalued by the U.N., IMF sanctions. The only accuracy that RI or Reinstatement might have, is if you want to apply it to, if it’s Officially Internationally Traded and on the World Markets, like BEFORE, PREVIOUSLY – which OFFICIALLY has NOT yet been declared (talked about, but not Official), even though they are UNOFFICIALLY doing some International type things with it quietly, and without Fanfare – FOR A REASON…….which the UN & IMF is well aware of, on Purpose, to accomplish more important things, up to this point.

This will be a Brand New Rate, that perhaps has NEVER been seen before – qualifying as an RV or Revalued number.

Not that ANY of these definitional semantics even matter – RI or RV…..unless of course, you’re counting Chickens.

HOWEVER, one thing is certain – NOW, THE MONEY CAN FLOW.

One other side note, as to the timing for “AFTER THE ELECTION”, that needed to occur, was the U.S. Embassy in Israel, Officially being moved to Jerusalem. THAT had to happen Monday the 14th, AFTER the Elections, due to the major Uprisings, unrest, death & destruction, that was sure to happen – Which it did – Dozens killed, hundreds injured. This Event needed to be “Out of the Way”, in the Middle East, as well – BEFORE Iraq would substantially move it’s currency.

WE HOPE these “IL-LOGICAL” FACTS are making you Happy. FACTS…….or is it Opinions?

Facts…..Opinions……Opinions…….Facts. Won’t you be glad when All this @#%&! is over with!

NOW……….WE SAID this in our last POST 5-2-18:

“You’re going to get slung all over the place, like never before, in the month of MAY.  Just hang in there, and “Go With it”. It cannot be Logically figured out.”

Remember? Well, that’s EXACTLY what’s been happening…….and MAY is not over YET.

FOR ALL YOU Haters, Doubters, LOGICAL Thinkers, Negative, Faith Losers, “Glass is Half Empty”…..GENIUSES – We’ve been saying THIS, since the beginning of APRIL:

“MAY 2018”.

THIS IS WHAT WE BELIEVE is on the Plate, and about to Occur:

Sometime between May 25 – May 31st, Iraq (CBI) will substantially increase the Value, of their Dinar Currency……and ALL the Floodgates will blow open. (Yes, Ruby Slippers, we believe the VN Dong will also be triggered within 24 hrs. of the Dinar, with a New Substantial Rate Value, as well)

There won’t be any Advance Warning. No Special Intel leaked from the CBI, U.S. Treasury, Bankers, printed Articles, Newscasts, Mosque’s, Street People with tennis shoes on the ground, Store owners, Government Officials, Scrolling headlines or footnotes, Grandma’s..…..NOTHING. There won’t be any Auctions shutting down right before, or Dealers cutting off Currency sales right before, or ATM’s blinking saying “Stop in tomorrow & pick up your New Lower currency – Get it while it’s Hot!”…….NONE of this will happen in Advance.


The Rate will CHANGE FIRST………THEN, SOME of this stuff will happen, After the Fact, including the Announcements & Articles…….

However, YOU won’t give a Rip about ANY OF IT BY THEN!

You’ll be 100% Focused on the “INSANITY” of the Exchange Chaos taking place, and what you’re going to do next…..while tracking the Forex Market Rates, as it moves up & down.


YES……..and Right in the MIDDLE OF RAMADAN.

We know……it’s “IL-LOGICAL”.

(HEY, we highly recommend that everyone, STOP LOOKING BACK at “What Was”, as early as Yesterday – and START LOOKING FORWARD every day, at “What Will Be”.

Do you really Like SPINNING BACKWARDS ALL THE TIME? Evidently, because 9 outta 10 postings on this site and others, is all about the PAST!

Get out of the PAST, and get into Right NOW…….which is your Future NOW.

What happened yesterday, last week, last month, last year, 5 years ago, 10 years ago – IS NOT TODAY, and WILL NOT BE TOMORROW.

Every Day is Brand New Territory – ESPECIALLY with these Investments.

IT’S A VERY VERY BAD HABIT…….that doesn’t help you or anyone else…….especially your Health. It’s very TOXIC to your cells. VERY!…….according to Doctors…..at least, that’s what Dr. Clarke hears.)

NOW, again……back to our Regularly schedule Program. Again……

We also know, that this does NOT have to happen over a Weekend, even though the Last Weekend in MAY, is a 3-Day weekend, here in the U.S. with Memorial Day. That has NOTHING to do with the timing, despite over the past few years all the talk, about Long Weekends, Markets being closed, Weekend Bank days, Getting a head start, and all kinds of other “Jibber Jabberish” similar to the widespread, inaccurate LOGIC, over the past month of, “It’s going to happen BEFORE the elections. NO, it DID NOT……even with the Majority out there saying it would……except us, of course.

IN FACT, we like a WEEK DAY, such as Monday May 28th or Tuesday29th….or maybe Thursday the 31st…..just as good as any other time……because as you already know, we’re NOT LOGICAL.

We’re “IL-LOGICAL” to our core!

IRAQ WILL PICK THE RIGHT DAY, and in fact, it’s probably been in Que already, for a very long time…….now that they Know, “Which Way the Wind is Blowing”, regarding the imminent new PM & Company…….and just to be Clear – EVERYTHING doesn’t have to be Totally Complete government structure-wise or Law-wise…….THEY (UN, IMF, U.S.) just wanted to make sure the “Wind was Blowing in the RIGHT Direction”, i.e.: Abadi, Sadr – vast Majority (Suitable Environment)…..and with no major Terrorist uprisings, even during the Elections – which is a Miracle in itself……this has shown the World investors & partners, including World governments, something important about the true Safety & Security of Iraq, in modern day – which is a huge “Positive”, in support of their upcoming Substantial Currency Revalue, Financial & Economic Reform completions. – GIVING EVERYONE A SOLID CONFIDENCE.

MAY 25 – 31st. Those are our Dates…….just like we said Initially a month & a half ago, in our April 4-4-18 POST, “LATER, rather than Sooner” in MAY……AFTER the Election, not BEFORE, just like we accurately stated over a MONTH AGO on April 4, 2018.

Everything Happened, as we described.


Are we Clear?

ARE………WE..…..CLEAR? (In the words of Jack Nicholson – “A Few Good Men”)

How did Tom Cruise reply to Jack? _______________.

(Love that part of the movie)


We like the Odds……

All In our Carefully orchestrated, loosely Spiritual, Free-Will slinging, Fact Sizzling – Opinions, Beliefs, Viewpoints, Thoughts & Malarkey.

Dr. Clarke

P.S. If you’re LOGICAL, you’ll say, “It can’t happen till June, July, August, September, October, November, December, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023, 2024……Never.”

……just like the LOGICAL geniuses, back in the day, that said, “NOBODY can walk on Water. Nobody. That’s just not possible. Because IN THE PAST, that’s NEVER happened before.


……and in modern day, with Trump becoming President.

……that’s WHY, we’re……… “IL-LOGICAL”.

Open Your EYES…….Come out of the Darkness……into the Light……and truly “SEE”.

It’s IMPORTANT NOW, to be like FOREST GUMP, sitting on the Front Porch, waiting patiently, quietly & assuredly…..Waiting on the Signal. Waiting until the time is RIGHT……Waiting on God/Spirit/Universe/Source to say “GO NOW!”……to Blast off on a 3 year run around the World, with 100% Focus, so to Speak – just like Forest did – AT THE RIGHT TIME.

EVERYTHING always worked out for FOREST. EVERYTHING.


Because he always LISTENED. He always WAITED. He always followed his own HEART. THEN, he Moved QUICKLY, with 100% Commitment.

It won’t be a Whisper……

Can you HEAR it?…….

One Last Thing……



“MAY 2018”.