Dr. Clarke


They will RV – “Revalue” the Dinar, which means they will assign a BRAND NEW SUBSTANTIALLY INCREASED VALUE to it.   Actually right now, they change it almost daily anyway, as it fluctuates up & down already, so the words, “Substantial Increase” is the kicker.  RI or Reinstatement really isn’t accurate at all, because they are not going back to Anything – especially an EXACT OLD Rate, when it was Devalued by the U.N., IMF sanctions.

The only accuracy that RI or Reinstatement might have, is if you want to apply it to, if it’s Officially Internationally Traded and on the World Markets, like BEFORE, PREVIOUSLY – which OFFICIALLY has NOT yet been declared (talked about, but not Official), even though they are UNOFFICIALLY doing some International type things with it quietly, and without Fanfare – FOR A REASON…which the UN & IMF is well aware of, on Purpose, to accomplish more important things, up to this point. This will be a Brand New Rate, that perhaps has NEVER been seen before – qualifying as an RV or Revalued number…one thing is certain – NOW, THE MONEY CAN FLOW.

THIS IS WHAT WE BELIEVE is on the Plate, and about to Occur:   Sometime between May 25 – May 31st, Iraq (CBI) will substantially increase the Value, of their Dinar Currency…and ALL the Floodgates will blow open. (Yes, Ruby Slippers, we believe the VN Dong will also be triggered within 24 hrs. of the Dinar, with a New Substantial Rate Value, as well).

There won’t be any Advance Warning…No Special Intel leaked from the CBI, U.S. Treasury, Bankers, printed Articles, Newscasts, Mosque’s…NOTHING. There won’t be any Auctions shutting down right before, or Dealers cutting off Currency sales right before, or ATM’s blinking saying “Stop in tomorrow & pick up your New Lower currency – Get it while it’s Hot!”…NONE of this will happen in Advance…THE RATE WILL JUST CHANGE. …YES…and Right in the MIDDLE OF RAMADAN.