Leroy: Dr. Clarke, One additional thought, the others (and we know what you think of the others) mention the 90 days within the 2% compliance guideline.

They claim that it started on March 13th which would have it end around June 12th. You state that you believe that it will be ripe enough to pick the fruit the end of May which would be approximately 2 weeks short of the 90 day compliance guideline.

What is your best take or Illogical Opinion on this particular topic of impeding situations? Could the baby arrive 2 weeks earlier then what the guidelines would require, if in fact the guidelines are required?

Just some thoughts! In the Virginia Slims commercial they always said “You’ve come a long way baby!” That my friends we have. How I would love to have a party on the patio around the 4th of July! (allowing for time to plan)

DR. CLARKE (5-17-18): Leroy: NO……90……DAYS. Nonsense.