Leroy:  Dr. Clarke, There are no guarantees in life, although I disagree with that. You have again given us inspiration, motivation, positive insight on the possibility of this ride FINALLY reaching its destination.

Although I try to guard myself from a possible celebration of joy for a positive prosperous(for many) end to this investment, I think back about the past and how sure we were lead to believe it was at the end, the light was seen and all will be over.

This in turn has filled many with frustration and DISAPPOINTMENT in regards to this RISKY investment. (low risk) It does seem now that most of the dust has settled. It seems there is a worldwide desire to “just get along” and remove as much corruption as possible.

Although you and I both know that all filth and corruption will never be eliminated in the real earthly world that we live in. So I feel with all of the positives produced and announced that this roller coaster which can be compared to a caterpillar has turned into a butterfly in order to start to take flight.

Now we know that we cannot ride on a caterpillar and we sure in heck can’t ride a butterfly, so I will now proclaim that the ride portion of the ride we are going to get on now will be a hot air balloon and start to take flight.

Think about it, isn’t it only fitting that we are now on a balloon ride because it is silent, you don’t hear it coming, all you can do is SEE it. It suddenly appears! Another thing about it, if the hot air still isn’t flowing, you’re screwed!

So with this Illogical, magical and mystical analogy of the new means of transportation we are riding to the end, the one think that really concerns the riders in the back of their minds would be, will the balloon burst?

I HOPE on June 1st our balloon doesn’t burst and I hope it has safely landed between 5/25 and 5/31. We used to be in a plane and hoping it would land, now I believe the BALLOON is the means of transportation because we are either going to land or it will burst.

So do we land or does it BURST, that is that million dollar question. Dr. Clarke, I would be TICKLED to hear what you think of my analogy! Maybe we should have balloon rides at the party on the patio, if indeed there ever is a reason to schedule one!

DR. CLARKE (5-18-18):  LEROY: Great stuff. We always bring you what’s happening “TODAY”, according to what we “SEE”.

NOBODY can Guarantee what happens “TOMORROW”.
…….even Iraq changes their mind HOURLY, or LIES about it, whichever definition you choose to believe, on a daily basis – as does just about every other country on the planet ….some more than others.

As we write this, at least 8 students have been shot & killed at a Santa Fe, Texas high school. YESTERDAY, everyone was Fine. TODAY, history & Lives have changed, FOREVER.

What’s going to Happen Tomorrow? We don’t Know for sure.
Nobody knows for sure.
But, we can tell you about “TODAY”…..or yesterday.

…….AND we can share our Viewpoints, Opinions, Beliefs and Expectations……perhaps “FACTS”, as we see them, based on “TODAY”…….as we “SEE” them.

We Love Balloons, and we Love Airplanes, both. Take your pick.

We FLY, with or without, ANY of them.

If anything significant CHANGES “TODAY”, in most cases, we let you know. If not, we stick with “TODAY”, until it does – IF it does.

“TODAY” we Love, “MAY 2018”.


TOMORROW, could be “Anything”.

Keep Focused, “Lighten Up”, and ……..”FLY”…….No Matter What.

Dr. Clarke