[If you could, would you update us of your thoughts as to the timing of our exchanges (e.g. don’t be the 1st mouse, wait a few weeks vs. get in, get out & get on with your life) & any other helpful info?]

We Choose & Plan, to BEGIN EXCHANGING in JUNE – Earlier, rather than Later. For US, this will work out Best.  On our end, NOTHING will be finally decided, until the Substantially Increased Rate Values, are OFFICIALLY PUBLIC. There’s MORE IMPORTANT DETAILED information coming, that cannot be known, UNTIL THAT MOMENT, in order to make Final Decisions. In our Personal Experience over the years, in these types of “Big PLANNED Monetary Events” We choose to NEVER EVER follow the masses…especially in 2018. We Believe, we’ll have Plenty of Options, and Plenty of Time, to make those decisions accordingly…with NO WORRIES.