DR. CLARKE: (TODAY’S News 5-20-18)

Things are HAPPENING, Exactly as we’ve been describing, over the past few Weeks…..you can read it all, in ALL our Posts since April 4, 2018 (LINK).

We’ll Try to Keep this Simple.

TODAY, Abadi is the PM till July 1, 2018.

TODAY, Sadr won the election, and has already endorsed Abadi for a 2nd Term.

Sadr is “FOR THE PEOPLE”, similar to President Trump.
Sadr loves the U.S. – the NEW U.S. under Pres. Trump……NOT the old one. They’re “Winning” Now….. and Opposes Iran.
Sadr wants to “Drain the Swamp” of all the Corrupt Politicians, AND RV the Dinar, asap……he’s always been focused on these 2 aspects, primarily.
Sadr is NOT a politician, but can use the Power……with Abadi, his Proven Military Leader & Hero (Via the NEW U.S. & coalition)

Sadr moving Iran out, ASAP.

TOGETHER, they can NOW do things, that were NOT POSSIBLE, before.

This partnership was PLANNED, months ago…….and endorsed by the ____, ____ , ____ .

…….for Abadi to NOT push an RV BEFORE the Election – But AFTER.
…….for Abadi to NOT campaign vigorously, for Re-election.
…….for Sadr to “Make it Look Like” a “FORCED RV”, from “God”, for the CBI to move, AFTER the election, once Sadr Publicly picked his PM (Abadi).

* IMPORTANT – (The WORLD will Like & Approve of this, NOW, in this Way.”…….especially the RV.

There are SO, SO, SO many more details we could print, but don’t want to bore you with – WHICH REALLY AREN’T NECESSARY, anyway.

You & EVERYONE on the Internet, only “SEE”, what’s printed in the articles coming out, AND thus make all these determinations, based on “VERY LIMITED VISION”.

WE’VE BEEN SAYING, “MAY 2018”, since back in our April 4, 2018 POST – FOR A GOOD GOOD REASON! (Please make a note of this Date, 1 1/2 months ago….)

Then, we narrowed it down Even Further, just 4 Days ago in our 5-16-18 POST, by pointing out the Dates of “MAY 25 – 31st, 2018”.

TODAY, without going into Detail, we can say this:

“If you don’t already have all your Paperwork READY, you better get on it……NOW…….We mean get on it, TODAY!”

RAMADAN, Tis the Season!

We fully expect, just ANY DAY NOW, some very Misleading, Diversionary, “FALSE FLAG “ information to come out in Iraq, in Opposition to an RV………probably between TODAY, and MAY 26th (This Saturday)…….”Blow it Off”.

Followed Up immediately, maybe Sunday the 27th or so, with an OFFICIAL & PUBLIC Substantial Increase in the Dinar, IN THE MONTH OF MAY.
In, “MAY 2018”.

The ONLY thing we’ve ever said about JUNE, is that we are Planning & Choosing to EXCHANGE in the Month of JUNE – Earlier than Later.

To make it SIMPLE, this is how we “SEE” it:

The NEW, substantially increased Rate (Re-Valued), is Printed PUBLICLY, by the CBI: “MAY 2018” (Latter Days 25-31st)
We Plan & Choose, to Exchange in JUNE – Earlier than Later.

(Actually, we really really like the 27th & 28th for some reason…….and even the 24th possibility, because the 24th, we expect something Very Important to come out.)


Well, that’s the “TODAY News”, as we “SEE” it. Our Views, Opinions, Beliefs and “FACTS”, according to Dr. Clarke, on this beautiful SUNDAY!

Dr. Clarke

P.S. HOUSTON, this is NOT a Drill!



Hey, there’s even a FULL MOON, on the 29th (Wed.)

……and there’s 31 DAYS, in the month of MAY. (Thurs.)

FOREST has put his hat on……