DR. CLARKE (TODAY News 5-27-18):

Our “TODAY” News is Short and Sweet.

Things have changed a bit. As we said in our last Post 5-20-18 (LINK), May 24th did bring some Big News, in that the N. Korea meeting was cancelled by Pres. Trump.

We figured…..The meeting may still happen SOMETIME in June. This does NOT have to happen, before there’s an RV in Iraq & Vietnam. However, there are ties to it, because of China, and also the status of Iran and the Nuclear deal, that Pres. Trump cancelled. Negotiations are happening in the “Closet”, as we speak……

Given the status of “EVERYTHING” – The “Worldwide View”, we Believe, as of this writing “Today”, that Iraq will Officially & Publicly RV the Dinar, ANY DAY AFTER the Public Announcement of the next Prime Minister, as selected by the Sadr Camp – which looks to be Abadi…….and should happen ANY DAY NOW.

This will satisfy the requirements the CBI publicly set, for a “SUITABLE ENVIRONMENT”, in order to do so. How many DAYS AFTER……..nobody knows. But, it shouldn’t be long.

Keep in mind, that there is urgency, due to Iraq wanting that donor money, pledged from all those countries at the Kuwait Conference, which is waiting on a “Suitable Environment”, and an RV, in order for those funds to flow to Iraq.

Additionally, the factions that oppose the Sadr-Abadi camp, will rebel once they announce the new PM, so an IMMEDIATE RV, will help soften the possible riots & uprisings that occur, keeping them “Happily Busy” with positive money matters.

During RAMADAN (ending June 15th) is the perfect time…..

We have our eyes particularly focused on the weekend of JUNE 2, 3rd……with Eager Anticipation. Our Optimum Personal Exchange Window, has shifted to after the 15th, into the 3rd Week of JUNE. Figure that out…..

RATES. In regards to RATES. Nobody knows exactly what the rates will be, until the Moment, they actually make them Public. However, we fully expect, and are guessing at an Exchange Rate in the U.S., on the Iraq Dinar, to be in excess of $4.00, within a few days of the release.

On the Vietnamese Dong, we fully expect, our guess is an exchange rate in the U.S., of over $2.00, within a few days of the PUBLIC increase – and we expect them BOTH to move within 24 hours, of one another.

Who cares what the “Come Out Rate”, or “In-Country Rate” is in Iraq & Vietnam?

All that matters, is the “Exchange Rate”, which is the “Out of Country” rate, for any country in the Exchange process…..and fluctuates, based on the “Market” – the FOREX Market.

The “Markets” drive the Rates, up & down, so it’s always anyone’s guess.

What do we base these on? Our “Gut”. Net asset value of the country. Previous rate history. World Economic conditions. Competing currencies. Regional Values. “FOREX Market Value”.

We’re just speculating, based on our own “stuff”…..not current bank screens, for sure.

We don’t care about ANY other currencies, that anyone else talks about.

We Do Not see this information on Rates, as we just described, changing anytime, until they’re First Publicly released.

The “RATE Godz” have spoken.

And FRIENDS – a Special Message from the “TAX Godz”:

Do yourself a Favor. PLAN on paying your Income Taxes on this thing, until you get a Legal, Verifiable, Legitimate,“FOR REAL” Guideline, IRS Ruling in writing”, on this currency exchange, that says otherwise.

Don’t be Ridiculous, and rely on some “Rumor”, or hearsay, FROM ANYBODY.

You’re in the Spotlight….and Personally Accountable.…..and we’re certainly not professional Financial, Tax or Legal advisors.

Get Licensed, Professional, Tangible……Assistance.

These are our “TODAY” News updates, as they sit right now.

We feel this information is EXTREMELY SOLID, and in place.

These ALL, are just our Projections, Viewpoints, Beliefs & Opinions. Simple. Straight forward.

WHAT’s in it for us? Nothing. We’re just “Contributing”.

Enjoy the next few DAYS……

Dr. Clarke

P.S. Here’s something you CAN CONTROL:

When we said “PAPERWORK” in our Last Sunday’s Post 5-20-18…….we meant ALL PAPERWORK. ANY Paperwork………

Your Driver’s License is Paperwork.

Your Passport is Paperwork.

Your Currency is Paperwork.

Your “Lists” are Paperwork.

Your Gift Letters are Paperwork.

Your Bank Prospects, are Paperwork.

Your Receipts, are Paperwork.

ALL your Legal Documents are Paperwork.

Your Articles of Incorporation, Trust Documents, Bank Account Verification Statements, Utility Bills, Divorce Papers, are all “Paperwork”……….

GET your PAPERWORK READY NOW!……..in case you need SOME OF IT……..You may not need all of it…….BUT, you already know, you’re going to have to PROVE WHO YOU ARE, before you can Exchange. DO IT……….NOW.


AND…..we expect some REALLY REALLY Good News, Tues. (29th) or Wed. (30th) this week.

“The TIME is very, VERY short…….but has long, long, LONG-REACHING affects.”