Dr. Clarke


GET your PAPERWORK READY NOW!…in case you need SOME OF IT…You may not need all of it…BUT, you already know, you’re going to have to PROVE WHO YOU ARE, before you can Exchange. DO IT…NOW. When we said “PAPERWORK” …we meant ALL PAPERWORK. ANY Paperwork…Your Driver’s License is Paperwork. Your Passport is Paperwork.  Your Currency is Paperwork.  Your “Lists” are Paperwork.  Your Gift Letters are Paperwork.  Your Bank Prospects, are Paperwork.  Your Receipts, are Paperwork.  ALL your Legal Documents are Paperwork.  Your Articles of Incorporation, Trust Documents, Bank Account Verification Statements, Utility Bills, Divorce Papers, are all “Paperwork”… AND…we expect some REALLY REALLY Good News, Tues. (29th) or Wed. (30th) this week.  “The TIME is very, VERY short…but has long, long, LONG-REACHING affects.”