Dr. Clarke


We want IRAQ to Substantially Raise the Value of their Currency, Publicly. Officially. PERIOD. They haven’t done this yet, and neither has Vietnam.

An International Currency Status, (like Vietnam for instance) is MEANINGLESS to you and everyone else, UNLESS they RAISE THE VALUE. Iraq could make it’s currency Officially, Publicly International, and STILL keep the same rate value range it’s had for the past 15 years, if they wanted to – just like Vietnam, for instance…

AND you still have no gain on your investment.  Public, Official INTERNATIONAL STATUS alone, still doesn’t help you!  …UNTIL the Rate Value Rises.

Your currency’s value, is only as good as what’s PUBLIC & OFFICIAL, as a value given on a computer screen.

However, it happens INSTANTLY…without Warning ahead of time, without Announcement ahead of time, without Telegraphing ahead of time, without anyone’s Secret Knowledge, AND certainly without someone, ANYONE, printing articles telling you WHEN & HOW, it’s going to happen…and ESPECIALLY coming from a Middle Eastern country like Iraq or a Far East country like Vietnam. IT…JUST…HAPPENS.