Leroy: Doctor Clarke, Read it for the second time. I don’t consider your last bit of information as a post. Sorry, don’t want to offend you. I would classify it as a BOOK!

A classic at that. I checked the table of contents not once but twice and still didn’t find the chapter as to ‘How to tick off the rate GODS”! I mean look at the book you covered everyone, the believers, the encouraged, the discouraged, NEGATIVE NELLIES, new comers, old goats, older goats older than dirt, the meek, and the tried and true veterans of this investment, but not the rate GODS!

So if you write a second book or even a short memoir, it would best not to ignore those RATE GODS! I have heard that they can get really nasty if they get pissed! So again THANKS for the insight and A real hearty DILLY DILLY to ALL!

Doc, something else has jumped in to micro mind. I would love to have you include it in your Memoir of your Classic Book released yesterday.

I have asked this in the past but I will bring it up again since you have made note of it. You said that millions are invested in the Dinar. You seem well connected or a good storyteller, I prefer to believe connected. How many U.S. citizens do you feel are invested in this and how to what amount of total investment do you think people are.

I am sure the IRS have an idea and as you implied, know who you are after seizing the records of the 3 main dealers of the Dinar. Also something else popped in my mind, if they know who has larger portions of this investment, are they going to target those?

Government when they get too big (like they are) seems to try to keep thumb on you. Just would like another suggestion for a chapter in your next book. Thanks for any new and illogical factual only, information.

DR. CLARKE (2-20-18): OK Leroy, Let’s look at the RATES.

This is the way we “SEE” things.

It’s pretty Simple.
Let’s look at the “FACTS”. FACTS, not Rumor. Not Hype. Not B.S. Not somebody’s “Whatever”.
Let’s Get sober for just a minute here.

“IL-LOGICAL” Example:

IRAQ in the 1990’s Pre-War, the U.S. exchange rate was $3.00 plus.

On average, over the past few years, you could exchange 1 Million Dinar at around $1,000 avg.

What happens with Oil-Rich – Iraq, 15 yrs. later, given today’s parameters, World economy & RELATIONSHIP WITH THE U.S.?

At $3.00, your $1,000, suddenly exchanges for $3,000,000.

VIETNAM in the late 1960’s Pre-War, the U.S. exchange rate was $2.00 plus.

On average, over the past few years, you could exchange 1 Million Dong, at around $50 avg.

What happens with TOP 10 Worldwide Growth Economy – Vietnam, 50 yrs. later, given today’s parameters, World economy & RELATIONSHIP WITH THE U.S.?

At $2.00 your $50, suddenly exchanges for $2,000,000.


“NOBODY KNOWS FOR SURE, WHAT THE RATES WILL COME OUT AT, INITIALLY – NOBODY”…….except the person sitting in front of the Computer Screen, at the time of Entry, the time of CHANGE, and the Person giving them the information to Input, based on the Committee’s Final Rate Decisions.

We could Care Less, about ANY other currencies.
WHY have you exchanged them?
Just because somebody TOLD YOU to, and everyone else was jumping on some Emotional Bandwagon, based on Rumor?
Did you research the FACTS, at ALL?

For instance, we told you about the ridiculousness, of the Iranian Rial over a 1 1/2 years ago. It’s SERIOUSLY dropped in value since, and is continuing a massive downslide in value…..WHY? Because it’s IRAN.

Why even bother? You’ll probably be Dead & gone, before this stuff has any value, whatsoever – and that’s if they even keep it.
Look at WHAT & WHO, you’re dealing with!
Wake Up.

We consider ALL these other currencies, way way TOO BIG of a “Gamble”, “Too Risky”, “Too Questionable”, ”Too Long-Shot”, “Bad Government Histories”, “Bad Government Economics”, “Bad Debt Problems”, “Bad Reputation Problems”, “Bad World Trade Prospects” etc., given the “FACTS”.

Yes, you can Roll the Dice, and perhaps “Get Lucky”……but we just don’t operate that way, based on “Way Way Too Much Risk” – especially in Today’s Worldwide Economic Climate.

Are we recommending you go out and exchange for more currency? NO. Not at all. We don’t deal, exchange, sell or whatever, any currency, or have anything to do with it, or anyone who does. We could care less, except that it’s just a trade instrument, necessary to transact business today.

In FACT, we don’t SELL ANYTHING, to Anybody.
(Oh, and please keep your Day Job & CYA, until maybe it’s TIME.)


HOWEVER, you’d better be careful Where & Who you buy it from, because there’s TONS of it, that’s counterfeit. FAKE. That’s why, if you can, always exchange it from a LEGAL BANK or Registered, Certified Source, that’s well documented, with your Receipts and legitimate paper trail.

There are going to be LOTS of people on exchange day, that will have a BIG Wake-Up call, when they find out their currency, especially lots of Dinar – is FAKE….because they haphazardly exchanged it with a questionable source (Some so-called Dealers on the Internet) – just to quickly jump on the bandwagon, because somebody told them to.

Now don’t go asking us all these questions about who’s currency is legit and who’s isn’t, because we won’t answer. It’s too late, so you’ll just have to wait and find out what happens. However, there are several ways to check it, if you’ve been paying attention. Take on your own Responsibility and do the Work. Nobody’s going to do it for you.

And yes, as far as we know, Sterling’s currencies were “Legit”…..as far as we know. Can’t guarantee it, but that’s what we believe to be true, because we’ve personally checked some of it. All the rest? Questionable. Who knows?
Before too much longer, you’re going to find out for sure.

You want to Long-Term Save, what you Get – or what you Got?


What’s this mean? SPEAD IT OUT over MANY places. MANY.

However, there is NO 100% Safe Haven, for anything!


What WE like as our Basic List:

– Some Banks (very little), unless STRONG additional 3rd party insurance.

– Credit Unions (Only Very Old, Very Strong ones)

– Investment Houses – Like Blackrock, Vanguard, Fidelity, Schwab, Merrill Lynch etc. – for example, because of the high levels of diversified insurance coverage, but there are others.

– Gold, Silver, Oil, Gas

– Cryptocurrencies (very cautiously)

– Cash

– Land

– Business (very selectively)

– Of course, there are many more.


As we’ve said Many times, we’re not Legal, Professional Financial, Tax, or “Anything Else” Advisors, and don’t want to be. Find those Professionals Face-to-Face, and get it done RIGHT.

NO shortcuts. Spend the money, and get it done RIGHT, Lock Solid, Professional.


We’re just HERE, Intending to “ASSIST THE PEOPLE”, with our Viewpoints…….Opinions, if you will, for those that are still stuck on that famous word.

That’s ALL.

At the End of the Day, YOU and YOU alone, are 100% RESPONSIBLE, for ALL your Choices in Life. Nobody Else.

Great Question Leroy.

Dr. Clarke

Dr. Clarke:  P.S. It’s getting “REAL-ER” & CHANGING by the Hour.


When it comes to TAXES, for God’s Sake, get ALL YOUR FACTS from the IRS or Your Designated Country’s Official Tax System DIRECTLY, seen or given in WRITING directly from the Up-To-Date Source, as shown to you, READ BY YOU, Validated & Confirmed by a Licensed Professional, such as a Licensed CPA TAX PROFESSIONAL, when you make ALL YOUR DECISIONS.