According to what we just learned Late Last Evening –  That “ONE major Funding issue” we talked about in our Last Post – Is still open. What is it? The RATE VALUE OF THE DINAR, HAS NOT OFFICIALLY & PUBLICLY, SUBSTANTIALLY RAISED IN VALUE.

Until Iraq makes their Dinar Rate OFFICIALLY PUBLIC, PUBLIC, PUBLIC…NOTHING ELSE HAPPENS! Additionally, NO OTHER CURRENCIES will move substantially, eventually, either, UNTIL THIS HAPPENS. IT IS SUPER CLOSE…to those Digits Moving Up.

When did Kuwait Substantially Increase the Value of their Currency back to the $3.00+ range?   MARCH 24th…a Sunday. There was NO BUDGET needing to be Passed…NO LAWS needing to be Passed…NO AUCTIONS needing to stop or suspend…NO GAZETTE required.  In fact, the country was in SHAMBLES, with NOTHING ORGANIZED, water & electricity down, with BANKS being closed, except for a couple dozen, opened JUST FOR THIS EVENT of exchanging DURING the NEXT 6 WEEKS, as the RATE VALUE suddenly, with no advance warning, except to say that they publicly announced it would be a YEAR before anything changed…OFFICIALLY & PUBLICLY, SUBSTANTIALLY RAISED IN VALUE.

The Middle East culture is very “tight knit”, and is BUILT on Patterns, Cycles, Superstitions, History, Religion, Omens, DATES…and DECOYS.  We Believe, and have for some time …that this DATE holds special significance, with regard to Iraq OFFICIALLY & PUBLICLY raising the RATE VALUE of their Dinar.  WE’RE LOOKING at “EVERY DAY”, over the next 2 WEEKS, as a VERY HIGH Probability of this RATE VALUE increase, HAPPENING – OFFICIALLY & PUBLICLY…Leading up to MARCH 24th, 2018…given what we just learned Late Last night.  …that “ONE Big Funding Issue”, has still not been resolved.  It HAS TO BE, in order for everything else to MOVE, like you want it to.  We’re WAITING.