Mike:  Insanity – when things are going crazy , no-one notices that a currency has revalued, and lots of happy people are ,Hopefully QUIETLY, going to the bank…the IQD is the linchpin for the dominoes , but Iraq is just a player with a script :

When it’s time, they will step up to the microphone and make the assigned announcement…they, and other freed nations and entities will start with a clean slate on a level playing field –

What’s the holdup ? people with sticky fingers and greedy hearts not wanting to play nice and give folks a chance – they are finding they don’t have a choice –

If all you’re watching is the news out of / about Iraq, you’ve missed the point of this whole ride – things are being done for you by people you will never see or hear about – and yessir Doc , it’s pretty close.

​JR:  Thank You Dr. Clarke:

All They See is You. Yes Good Doctor, I have watched and listened well. Yes; I am soft-spoken and more subtle. I truly dislike leaping from the High Dive Platform, so I will just
Stare at the “Calm Waters” below me; for a while longer. Still waters always provide a reflection of all that is real.

For those of you who have gazed into the depths of Christine Lagarde’s Mystery of past prophetic IMF numerology; enjoy what is to come. To me this is just conjecture and wishful thinking..

Iraq has no official holiday or holy day until after the time frame of 3-11; Or will they? Do they now?

Kim Clement supposedly presented a prophesy of a Spring currency event, Some say is in 2018..; Hmm Spring draws near. My silly dog is still chasing his tail. Oops he almost got it that time.

Hello Christine: March Seasons and Holidays in Iraq are The “Spring Equinox” “First” day of “SPRING” (Gregorian calendar) Tuesday March 20, 2018?

Spring is a new season and a new beginning. I detest the taste of numerology however: 3-20-2018, = 8+8 =16, 1+6 = 7. 7 is considered to be very spiritual in numerology.

The Number 7 also designates Biblical completeness. Was it not also God’s Sabbath day of rest?

Nowruz Wednesday March 21, 2018 is coincidentally the day of the vernal equinox that usually is associated with the Gregorian calendar, of the previous day. It is also known as the Iranian New Year and the Persian New Year, which is I believe a regional holiday event in Iraq also.

Hmm 3-21-2018 = 9+8 =1+7 = “8” The number 8 is supposed to signify a balance in spiritual and material aspects…this may be thought of as a balanced time between the two realms. In the material world, this tends to be a time of high focus on finances or financial aspects.

According to some sources, this is a time when one can expect to recap harvests of financial seeds which were sown and now have become ripe.

For those religions that dabble in what are considered to be occult practices…this is a very interesting time period. Spring harvest, hmm as one Marches into April, May flowers may have already matured?

“COINcidentally” again, 3-21-2018 is deemed to be a new year by those I believe of Iranian decent in Iraq, while this same day may also hold some miraculous attributes as the first day of “Spring”; In the BIBLE the number 8 signifies a new beginning.

Yes I know I am on slippery footing here, gravel is steadily moving beneath my feet as I speak. “During this time period,” Iraq is also moving from the New Moon phase into the First Quarter Moon phase on “March 24th.”

This could also be considered a new beginning for Iraq.

“This may be thought of as a fresh emerging dawn, giving birth to a season of change; SPRINGing forth into a new year of endless possibilities.”

OK… I admit that part of me did jump to a rather large possibility, however I am still clinging to a tree root at the edge of the cliff and pulling myself back towards reality. Or am I?
Notice: I did not say conclusion, Good Doctor. Yes, I remain very hopeful for this March.

“IRAQ: This appears to possibly be your Golden opportunity to rejoin the world stage. This is your time for unity and transparency. I believe your time draws nigh. You have been invited to perform center stage for the entire world to see.”

It’s time for me to just be held.

God Bless You and Good Night “Good Doctor”