CLARKE: Normally, we wouldn’t respond so quickly, or so clearly and DIRECTLY, as we’re going to do in this post. Simply, because we want this on record, for the near future, when everyone can look back, and see that WE were part of your Total SUCCESS, NOT your Detriment, in any way. On this side of the equation (Pre-Exchange), it’s easy to be Stupid. On the other side of the equation (Post-Exchange), it’s another story completely – it’s too Late.

We want to make sure that all you Doubters, Troublemakers, Liars, Con Artists, Illusionists, Dis-honest, Dis-loyal, and pretty much Mr./Ms. NEGATIVITY – Learn a very BIG Lifelong Lesson here……..Because, mark our words with 100% Certainty, this month of DECEMBER 2016, WILL NOT PASS, WITHOUT IRAQ substantially raising the Rate & Value of their Dinar Currency AND Officially declaring it FULLY INTERNATIONAL in status, of which, ANYONE outside the country of Iraq, will be able to TRADE OR EXCHANGE it, for Legal Tender.

We Started this year of 2016 with you in January, FOR A SPECIFIC REASON, and we’re going to END this year, with you, as well……HAVING REACHED YOUR FINAL GOAL.

You may or may not decide to Exchange your currency in the month of December, for various reasons, which we cannot comment on, except to say, that there are a number of reasons you may or may not exchange, due to timing, rate fluctuations, partial exchanges, taxes and a long list of things, because every person has a different set of life circumstances. However, this situation with Iraq having a currency, that is only usable, tradable and qualifiable, only in the country of Iraq, at a very nominal value – IS ENDING IN THIS MONTH OF DECEMBER 2016.

WE COULD NOT BE ANY CLEARER, OR PRECISE THAN THIS……And all you Doubters, Stone throwers, who every day, every minute, live your life looking for everything that’s WRONG with the World, instead of everything that’s RIGHT with the World – I’m sure, you’ll always find yet something else to complain about, pick apart, and find Someone Else to BLAME for something, even after you get the opportunity to exchange your currency, and perhaps have millions in your pocket……BUT, you’ll Never be part of OUR World, that’s for damn sure. (not that you’d want to be)

Now, we want to answer a few of your questions, because we always feel that, it’s Important, Considerate, and just what we do, to help this ride seem a little easier along the way.

11/30/2016 09:38:37 am


11/30/2016 10:22:24 am

Thank You Dr, Clark, Do You think the Dong is ready now for a revalue. Thank you for staying in touch. Bill D.

BRENDA/BILL D.: Thank you. The status of the Dong, is exactly the same, as it’s been for the past 2 months……waiting on the official ISIS statement of Safety & Security. It’s more of an internal thing, amongst nations. Now all you smarty pants, armchair quarterbacks that think you know so much, would say, “oh, how does ISIS have anything to do with VN & the Dong? I just don’t see any correlation? Well, you show your, let’s be kind here – lack of understanding. The complete network of connections, tentacles and CRAP called ISIS, spans the globe, and has infiltrated financial arena’s that you & the general public aren’t even aware of…….and no, we’re NOT talking about some very mis-used term by so many amateurs, called the “Cabal”…. Using the name Cabal, is your first clue that, you’re dealing with a pre-kindergarten student in world affairs, that has no clue what’s “really” going on. The Dong, will SOON start raising in value, so sit tight, be smart, and catch it at it’s highest point – and PLEASE FORGET ABOUT THIS COMPLETE 100% NONSENSE ABOUT CONTRACT RATES & an NDA. THERE ARE NONE!

REMEMBER WE SAID THIS, WHEN YOU SIT DOWN TO EXCHANGE AND YOU ASK THEM ABOUT CONTRACT RATES, AND THEY SAY “WHAT?” and you’re in SHOCK – You’ll then have a complete “Reality Check like never before……along with a lot of other BS, that’s been sold to millions of people over the YEARS. We’ll say if for the 100th time – the DONG has nothing to do with Iraq’s Dinar Currency! It DOES, have EVERYTHING to do with ISIS – which is primarily IN the country of Iraq. So, the two are linked, but just not how you’ve been schooled. All you holders of the DONG, Please read and read and read, what we just posted here – over & over & over, so you understand it fully – because YOU’RE RUNNING OUT OF TIME, BEFORE THIS ALL BECOMES “REAL”……SIT TIGHT!

IT’S READY RIGHT NOW, AND HAS BEEN FOR QUITE SOME TIME. Why do you think it Just went to an All-Time high value, agains the dollar last week? Can you say, “SETUP?”….yes, believe it.

11/30/2016 09:44:53 am

Dr. Clarke,

This was a pleasant surprise. I sure hope your correct. I truly feel something is going to happen soon. December does feel like a special month for everyone involved.

Dr. Clarke is there anyway they will let us know they raised the value?? I know I can go on Currency Exchange and look it up, But will it show up their or not??

Also Dr. Clarke do you see the Dec 7th IMF meeting moved up to Dec 5th a good sign of them showing a rate??

Thanks Dr. Clarke PACKERFAN

PACKERFAN: Great win over the Eagles! Yes, the IMF meeting is big, but the date is not that important. What is important, is that they are formally meeting – not for anything NEW, but to finalize what is already done.

11/30/2016 11:20:56 am

Time will tell DOC.  What do you and yours think about how this goes down whenever that might be ? Do you think the mainstream talking heads will mention any of it or just watch it come and go quietly? This has aways intrigued my thinking. Can you imagine being one of these internet it’s a scam bashers and realise HOLLY SHEET It happened!?!?! There would be some very unhappy people that most likely will not keep their mouths shut. I’m curious if you see situations like this being a problem? Thank you.

COWHAND: YES, this will hit mainstream media BIG TIME, just as last week when it was reported that 85% of India’s currency was COUNTERFEIT, Black market. Reason it will be International big news, is that they want to RUN UP THE VALUE, ASAP ON FOREX and in all trading market platforms. Much MORE $$$$$$……dah?

11/30/2016 09:55:05 am
I really find this information difficult to believe. If there was a clear indication that the rate had increased in country that would be like telling everyone to be sure and load up on Dinar as we’ll be going international soon? I just don’t think they are going to project that kind of information.

PARKER: You’d be Wrong. Everyone has had 15 years to load up on Dinar, so the world is full of skeptics, no matter how good it looked, because things have gone on so long……we’re telling you THE TIME IS UP, AND THE MOVE IS ON – NOW!

11/30/2016 10:55:46 am
Dr. Clarke,

As this crazy world turns so does the reality this will likely go into 2017. The can keeps getting kick down the road as you always say “FOR ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY”

Thanks for your version also update

God Bless

DENVER PUP 13: This is NOT going into 2017. NOT. You may decide to EXCHANGE in 2017, but that’s it.

11/30/2016 10:57:18 am
Dr. Clarke,
It is difficult to express my degree of appreciation for you; you have been a blessing from above, and clearly are man of your word. Thank you for coming back in today, and letting us know where we’re at in this process!

Do you know, will we be able to trade in our dinar in 2 different appointments? I would like to exchange some of it at least in December so I am able to give notice at my job, and buy gifts. It is sounding as if in general it might be better to wait, to exchange most of it in January. I suppose it remains to be seen, just wondering your thoughts.
Thank you dear man!

JEN RN: Exchange as many times as you choose. Play the rates, because they will be all over the place, in the days and weeks that follow, International status, and Forex entry into the market. AGAIN, FORGET THESE PHANTOM “CONTRACT RATES” – THEY NO LONGER APPLY. THEY HAD A PURPOSE YEARS AGO, AND RIGHT BEFORE THE CURRENCY IS DEEMED INTERNATIONAL FOR EARLY EXCHANGES – BUT NOT ONCE THE CURRENCY IS EXCHANGEABLE TO EVERYONE AROUND THE WORLD – Use some common sense on this one folks. Why would you need an NDA and even a “Contract Rate”, when it’s a common market International currency?

11/30/2016 11:44:37 am
Dr. Clarke

Are we still be able to exchange in December if the lower denoms are still being released in Iraq in January?

Best regards,

CHAMAKO HARRIS: YES. Forget about the Lower Denoms (LD’s). They’re irrelevant to you and where you’ll be soon. Irrelevant. You and everyone else have been “LD’d” to death……Forget about them……..and while we’re on the subject – FORGET ABOUT THE DAMN CURRENCY AUCTIONS, AS WELL. YOU will NOT see anything happening with CURRENCY AUCTIONS that will tip you off, as to WHEN this all goes down. NOTHING. Remember we said this.

11/30/2016 12:58:19 pm
Thanks for the update again. Can we safely assume we will not have spendable funds until sometime in 2017 due higher executives and such of the banks will already be taking their holiday breaks. Thanks again

GREG G: YES. You will have FUNDS TO SPEND IN 2016. 2016!……if you choose to exchange in 2016.

11/30/2016 01:21:11 pm
Hi Dr Clarke,

What impact would the OPEC oil deal that was passed today have on the rollout of the rv next week? Thanks and God bless.

DEE: ABSOLUTELY HUGE HUGE HUGE! TRILLIONS OF DOLLARS MOVED WITHIN IN DAYS!!! Use your common sense here, with all the countries around the world and the OIL revenues that are affected. Why just today, Oil raised $8 per barrel, IN ONE DAY! Do the math, if you dare.

DISCLAIMER: Because this is a public forum, and we’re NOT PROFESSIONALS OF ANY KIND, and we DON’T WANT ANYTHING FROM YOU – No Money, No currency sales, No MLM’s, No product sales, No Seminars, No Workshops, No Group gobble-d-goop, not trying to get followers, website clicks, make money off conference call hits, Promoting our Religion, Spirituality, Political Party or NOTHING ELSE……..

We say, the following: Everything you read on this post, represents our OPINIONS, BELIEFS AND PERSONAL VIEWS, with absolutely NO basis of Fact whatsoever……AND is for your “ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY”. If you choose to believe ANY of it, that’s 100% your choice, and nobody else’s.

With this we’ll say, Farewell for Now, but DECEMBER 2016 is the month you’ll finally say, “IT’S OVER”………We REALLY WANT THIS FOR YOU. That’s what we want…

“EXCITEMENT” should be your key word every day for the entire month of DECEMBER…..and that’s only THE BEGINNING.

WATCH EVERYTHING………especially what’s “ILLOGICAL”

Blessings from Santa,
Dr. Clarke

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