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I’ll Gladly Pay You Tuesday…


And by finally, I mean… well, FINALLY!

Finally, after all these years, I’ve finally seen something with my own eyes that I consider to be a huge piece of the GCR puzzle actually become a part of the public awareness.

Something they can’t simply make disappear as they do with everything else that doesn’t serve their best interests.

I’m referring, of course, to last Monday’s shocking collapse of the oil futures market.

That had to be a tough one for anybody to miss.

As far as importance in the way it affects their everyday lives, that’s pretty much anybody’s guess.

Sure, for many people this more than likely just flew right over their heads, never even thinking twice about it.

Except for those few that equated it to lower prices at the pump.

Low and behold, in most states, that did seem to happen just a few short days later.

Yes, they can and do manipulate fuel pricing so I’m more of a believer in their making it appear as if it had an instant affect on fuel prices but to be honest, these were oil futures.

So this once in a lifetime drop in oil prices didn’t actually have an immediate impact.

But at least it appeared that way.

And at this point, that’s good enough for me.

And hopefully it did for anybody else looking forward to seeing the end of this whole RV/GCR soap opera.

I’m just so overwhelmingly excited to finally see something tangible.

Something we can sink our few remaining teeth into.

Something some of us have been waiting and hoping for over the past decade.

That being something that feels real.

At least as real as real can feel in this whole RV/GCR thing anyway.

Up to this point everything that’s supposedly happening has always been according to secret sources behind the curtain and we’re continually being tested on our ability to believe in the unbelievable.

And taken to task if we refuse to follow along with all those that believe in the unseen.

But this… this is different.

Not only is it happening in our local public’s eye, it’s affecting the global markets as well.

And that has to be a huge signal of some form of progress.

A sign that things are changing in our global economy and that just has to be working in our favor.

Like it or not, it’s becoming increasingly clearer that they won’t step in and fix this economic situation until the very last minute.

Until the last straw is truly at its breaking point.

Is that part of the plan? Who knows.

At this point I’m still unconvinced that they even have a plan.

Unless you consider expecting the unexpected, thereby making the unexpected the expected, as being their plan.

If so, then they very well could be sticking to their plan.

Otherwise, as far as any plan goes, I believe they’re working more in a reactionary mode as opposed to an actionary mode.

Especially when you add in all of this other global chaos that we’re being submersed in as of late.

Any way you choose to look at it, things are getting crazy (crazier?) and I truly believe things will eventually reach a point to where they can no longer simply print their way out of a corner and will have to make the switch.

And that will signal our time to shine.

Our time to execute our plans.

The plans we’ve been working on for far too long.

So please folks, hang in there.

Don’t allow all the chaos we’re currently surrounded by to in any way dissuade you from reaching the finish line.

We just have to be getting close.

Anyone can see that.

If you’ve made it this far, you’ll make it to the end.

Then we can all celebrate in whatever way we deem fit.

Be it a Tuesday or any other day ending in “Y”.


Dr. Dinar

Disclaimer; I’m not a Wealth Manager, Financial Advisor, CPA, Tax Attorney, RV/GCR Committee member, an owner of a currently empty oil taker nor am I a speculator in the oil futures market. I’m simply someone that chooses to believe in the power of positive thinking and on the odd chance this thing truly is real, I want to make sure I’m there at the finish line to enjoy it.