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Imagine If You Will

They said it would get crazy at the end… and if you’ve been on this roller coaster for any length of time, thinking to yourself how much crazier can it get, then you’ve more than likely thought we were already at the end.

On numerous occasions throughout this road trip.

But alas, we have yet to reach the required level of craziness that would signal our having reached the end.

What we once considered to be sheer craziness, at this point, has pretty much become our daily Dinarland routine.

From off-planet Aliens spying on us from their speeding spaceships to Clones wearing ankle monitors and flexible foot casts to gold ties and fringeless flags and everything else in between, there’s pretty much nothing off limits for these rumor writers.

After a while absurdity becomes the new numb.

Leaving all of us to wonder if we truly have reached the crazy stage or if we’re simply crazy and we should exit stage left.

At this stage of the game if you’re not beginning to question your own sanity, then you’re doing better than many of us.

Most of us are beginning to wonder if we’re merely existing in some alternate Universe, simply participants in some 8th Grade kid’s science project.

And the batteries that run all the amusement rides in his diorama mysteriously ran out of juice.

Don’t go here.

Can’t go there.

Don’t do this OR that.

And whatever you do, wear a mask!

Even if it harms you more than helps anyone else.

After all, you don’t want to get a $1000 fine, do you.

And if you do by chance reach the point of being so fed up with this quarantine thing that you brave it all and risk a trip to the grocery store, you’d better be wearing a mask while you’re driving alone in your car because you don’t want to chance giving another driver in an oncoming lane on the other side of the road the flu.

Do you?

Of course you don’t.

So it’s best to follow all of their guidelines, regardless of whether or not you believe in them.

Speaking of believing, I don’t mind telling you my “believe in the unbelievable” level has reached an all time low.

While I used to be able to differentiate the difference between what I believed to be believable and what was so utterly absurd that there was just no way I could wrap my head around it.

But now that they’ve done such a great job in flipping the script, what was once considered reality is anything but.

When you spend your entire life being told you’re not supposed to wear a mask inside a Bank and now it’s mandatory that you wear a mask inside a Bank and if you refuse to obey orders, you won’t be allowed to enter.

How are you supposed to digest something like that.

Especially in such a short time frame.

When something goes so completely 180 degrees in a opposite direction, completely against everything you’ve ever been taught.

By anyone. Ever.

In your entire life.

That becomes a difficult pill to swallow.

And you can’t help but begin to question the future and everything else that goes along with that.

In the beginning, when we first jumped aboard the Insane Train to RV Land, things were much simpler.

We were, for the sake of argument, on what at that time was thought to be a less than two week long (at most) journey to the promised land.

How hard could it be.

We’d already put in the research, done our due diligence, and although we weren’t sure of a date, we knew it was soon.

And as for a rate, we knew it could only go up.

Time to start our post RV planning phase.

First we were told to make a plan for the IQD to RV at a dime.

And then another plan in case it did the $1.17 floatable thing.

And yet another for the then hopeful pre-Saddam $2.80-ish range.

Oh, and who can forget the RI/RV scenario with its possibility of a $3.22 cash-out.

Or was that cash-in?

Who knows. It’s been so long now, I’m not exactly sure.

And let’s not forget to add the way wonderful extra 20% to that, ya know, for inflation an’ stuff.

Which would then bring us up to the magical $3.41 to $3.86 zone.

That place where many of us have lived for over a decade now.

But what about all those fine folks that stated over and over again they were seeing numbers on the back screens of around $4.20.

Were those just the placeholder rates that we’d heard so much about.

You remember, the one’s where they needed the numbers to be wide enough to hold the proper amount of spacing between the digits.

They couldn’t just use a bunch of one’s as they wouldn’t properly fit the format and therefore would be spaced incorrectly when the codes were finally released and the true rates were digitally dropped into place.

You know, the real rates.

The actual Out of Country rates.

Not to be confused with the In Country rates.

Like apples and celery, two completely different fruits.

The rates in the $6 to $9 range.

Oh sure, Shabibi muttered something at a meeting in Jackson Hole back around 2009 about Iraq’s ability to support something in the $15 range.

Which of course we knew was simply a flippant remark, just a bit of frivolity to avoid being hit by a randomly flying sandal or two, knowing that there’s no way that the good ol’ IMF would approve nor allow any country’s currency to be 5 times higher than any other country on the map.

And rightfully so.

It would be monetary suicide.

Can you imagine how much they’d have to sell their oil for.

No one could afford to buy it.

So at that point, what good is an off the charts super high currency rate if no one else can afford to do business with you.

Precisely… no good at all.

And we’d be remiss if we were to leave out the ever-elusive, too good to be true, Contract rates.

Those super secret, sky high, sovereign sized, beyond belief rates of oh, I don’t know, let’s say $28 to $32.

Wait! Let’s not leave out the $38 for those lucky few that are fortunate enough to claim the Penthouse Suite as their Crib.

To say the rate rumors alone have scaled the Mt. Everest of Absurdity is an understatement on its own.

Unfortunately, the rate rumors are merely scratching the surface of the endless absurdity being posted daily in Dinarland.

And yet, crazy as it may seem, there is indeed a new Sheriff in Crazy Town.

Matter of fact, a whole new Town.

A new Headquarters of Craziness in this thing we refer to as the RV/GCR.

And that, my friends, would be the world previously known as the Real World.

The every day world.

The world of the 7 Billion folks that occupy this big blue rock we all call home.

Yes, it’s official.

The real world has now taken the title away from Dinarland as being The Craziest Place On Earth.

Is that a good thing?

Ummm… perhaps yes, perhaps no.

You see, we were kind of depending on a certain amount of craziness giving us somewhat of a heads up as far as where we were in this seemingly never ending saga.

And without that little bit of helpium in our GCR toolbags, where are we now to look for our virtual RV/GCR checklist updates.

Are we forced to rely on the oh so unreliable lamestream news for our updates?

As much as I don’t want to, perhaps we have to.

Matter of fact, shockingly enough, we might want to.

Now, I’m not saying turn on your local evening news and scan it for something scrolling across the bottom ticker pertaining to the RV/GCR.

Don’t bother, not going to be that easy.

But if you look at the bigger picture you’ll begin to see that from a global perspective, there are some huge changes taking place these days.

Things that, for the regular folks out there, more that likely don’t begin to register on their radars.

Which is as it should be.

After all, we’re on a need to know basis.

And for those that aren’t in the know, they don’t need to know.

But for us currency holders, amongst these once every so often blips could be that ever elusive nugget we’ve all been waiting oh so long to see.

Let’s hope we believe it when we do see it.

So continue to keep your eyes peeled, this thing very well could be happening right in front of our eyes.

Only nowadays it’s wearing an entirely new disguise.

One that can no longer be seen through Dinar Goggles.


Dr. Dinar

Disclaimer; I’m not a Wealth Manager, Financial Advisor, CPA, Tax Attorney, RV/GCR Committee member, nor am I a time traveler from the Twilight Zone. I’m simply someone that chooses to believe in the power of positive thinking and on the odd chance this thing truly is real, I want to make sure I’m there at the finish line to enjoy it.