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Where Would We Be Without Our RV Friends

Okay, so where are we now.

Nearing the end of yet another month of one crazier than crazy year.

Matter of fact, I can’t recall a crazier year in all of the years I’ve been in this.

Not even back in 2011 when Talibani was hospitalized with an undisclosed condition one day, then spotted out suit shopping in London the next day.

Back in Iraq playing golf at Baghdad Country Club the following day and then in a “lights-out” coma in Germany the day after that.

We all thought that was crazy.

Oh, how naive we were.

Mere rookies in the crazy game known as the RV of the IQD.

I have a feeling even “they” were unprepared for the level of craziness we’re currently experiencing.

Not in terms of waiting for the GCR to pop, anyway.

And yet it is… and it has… and it continues to be one of the craziest years any of us Dinarians have experienced in this 15 year long internet-fueled trek to the finish line.

Nope, this should’ve all been over and done long ago.

Speaking of long ago, when I first got into this whole shindig of shenanigans, the rumored back wall being passed around at that time was November of 2013.

And at that point I just couldn’t see it.

There was no way that was going to happen.

I mean, how could it drag out that far.

That meant years beyond anything anyone could even fathom.

Way beyond the two week window we were initially promised.

With everything we were hearing at that time, this thing was just about to pop and we’d be lucky if our first order of dinar arrived in time.

The hints were everywhere, impossible to ignore.

Heck, even if you weren’t involved in the RV of the IQD you couldn’t help but see how Iraq was on the road to recovery.

On the way to being Iraq again.

Only this time a much better example of itself.

A Gold Plated example.

Not to mention their freshly installed Made In The USA Government.

They simply could not lose.

And so of course, neither could we.

We knew everything about the RI in Kuwait and it’s relatively short time frame.

How they lied to everybody about not even being close to returning to normal.

Not anywhere’s near a rebuilding of their infrastructure.

Let alone their monetary situation.

And then Poof, under the cloak of darkness, they were brought back to where they were prior to the sanctions being imposed.

Almost as if nothing had ever happened.

Yeah, it was almost that quick.

And speaking of crazy, they allowed their currency to float and float it did.

Like a kid at the State Fair letting go of his helium filled balloon, the rate took off for the sky with no signs of stopping in the near future.

That’s about the time quite a few others took notice and jumped aboard for a great ride.

We heard stories of those that jumped ship in the $7 and $8 range, sad they didn’t stick it out as they watched it reach $9+.

And then, almost as quickly, someone burst the balloon, gravity took over and the rate dropped like the proverbial rock.

Suddenly, those that bailed at $7 didn’t feel so bad.

Happy with the moves they made and even happier they escaped that stress filled volatility and the $3 settling point.

Will the PTB make that same mistake again, allowing the IQD to float on its own?

Not a chance. This GCR is all about across the board stability, not volatility.

Unfortunately most of us weren’t along for that ride.

Easily understandable as that was prior to the internet being a thing.

But we witnessed the evidence of it, whether we knew it or not.

Mostly in the satisfying of our National debt as well as the surplus of funds during the “C” administration era.

And there we were, sneaking in the back door to Iraq’s supposed rinse and repeat version of the Kuwaiti experience.

It was almost too good to be true, how could we lose.

With big time Corporations like Haliburton building miles of oil pipeline and if I recall correctly it was Citibank (the original Bank that was to be in charge of the monetary side of things) clamoring to get involved.

B of A came along after that, only to drop the Charter ball and be denied as well.

It wasn’t until late 2010 or early 2011 that rumors of Wells Fargo entering the picture began to manifest.

Not to mention Verizon promising to get Iraq’s communication situation back on track.

China and its promises to build thousands of homes and miles of infrastructure and a whole list of other biggies, all clamoring to stake their claims.

We were golden.

How could we not be.

All we had to do was wait.

And wait some more.

Okay, so we waited a bit longer than we wanted but the news was sooo good we just knew we were right on top of this thing.

All we had to do was continue to wait.

We simply could not lose.

Well, nothing but our patience.

As well as our minds.

And speaking of waiting, back in mid 2011 rumors of Wells Fargo acquiring Abbot Downing began to surface.

Which wouldn’t have been an issue except that it wasn’t going to happen until April of 2012.

Say what!

Another year away!

Say it ain’t so.

This thing was ready to pop NOW!

Not a year from now.

Of course, it didn’t pop and Wells went on to acquire Abbot.

The only good news in all of that was that Abbot Downing was known for only dealing with well heeled clients who held $50M or more.

So, logically of course, knowing the state of the US at that time, still reeling from the 2008 market crash, there had to be a method to this madness.

Which served to further fuel our belief in the validity of the RV.

After all, if the RV wasn’t real and really about to happen, then there certainly would be no need for Wells to get involved with Abbot Downing.

Gotta love logic and common sense.

Especially when you’re constantly viewing everything through your RV goggles.

And so we resumed waiting.

And as we waited, the rumors continued to flow.

Which, honestly, helped to keep us in the game.

Similar to now, we couldn’t prove any of them to be true.

Yet, by the same token, neither could we prove them to be false.

The only thing we could do was treat the rumors as hope.

Hoping someone knew someone or something more than we did because when it came right down to it, we really didn’t know anything.

Meaning hopefully they were true and hopefully they meant we were close to the end of our journey.

As time continued to roll along and the RV of the IQD took a back seat to the globe engulfing GCR, the crazy rumors continued, morphing to fit a strange new global event.

An undertaking so monumental only those that, thanks to all that waiting, had gone totally mental, could only barely begin to grasp.

This seemingly unknown thing called the GCR or better known throughout Dinarland as the Global Currency Reset, began to take center stage.

I only mention known throughout Dinarland because at that time there wasn’t a trace of any of it, rumors or otherwise, outside of Dinarland.

Which also meant that as the RV landscape changed, not only did we have to turn up the volume on our powers of believing in the unbelievable, our ability to expect the unexpected, the cast of characters that were bringing us the rumtel had to change their M.O. as well.

How could they not.

Week in and week out, their storylines continually reaching a crescendo of craziness, only to leave us empty-walleted each and every Monday, there was simply no place for them to go other than the far reaches of the Earth.

A few even taking their GCR tour off-planet as it were.

It was either that, or make a quick exit, Stage Reno.

Some chose to continue trudging forward while others hit the road altogether, off to greener pastures filled with free energy, colloidal silver, tantalizing tea and a host of other free-range homemade remedies.

Which allowed others to take the GCR stage.

And just as everyone in Dinarland is different in their own special way, the Guru’s themselves all brought various flavors of their own.

Some pleasant, some not so much.

All of them, while extremely similar, delivering their messages in their own distinctly special way.

Were the messages always positive?

Heck no. Anything but.

Some were just downright harsh, stating that this RV/GCR would never happen.

They, nor their sources, couldn’t see it.

Therefore, it wasn’t real.

Sheesh… talk about unbelievable.

Of course, we chalked all that up to their own inner frustration and disappointment, nothing more.

They were only saying what many of us were feeling.

Difficult to fault them for it.

If you can honestly say you haven’t wanted to scream at the top of your lungs at some point or another along this journey, then you’re obviously in a group of very few members.

Honestly, that’s been one of the most difficult aspects of this entire journey, the need to keep it all under wraps.

Continually internalizing, not letting your frustration get the best of you.

Riding your own roller coaster of reality.

As well as keeping that internal info from all the naysayers, those that have doubted this too good to be true so called scam straight from the start.

The last thing we Dinarians need is to have them think they were right.

Because personally, I still don’t believe they were.

And I hope for your sake you don’t either.

I continue to remain convinced that this GCR is the real deal.

And that it’s really going to happen.

But that doesn’t make the wait any easier.

For most of us we’re stranded on an island of our own, only able to vent to our RV/GCR friends that are also involved in the currencies, most of which want to scream right along with us.

If not even louder than we do.

Have we had a few mutual Ventathon’s along the way?

That I can neither confirm nor deny.

Only our nearby neighbors know for sure.

One thing’s for certain though, the less you say now, the less you have to explain away after the fact.

For me, keeping it lowcognito is the way to go.

No, I won’t be making the trip to Las Vegas after the fact, nor will I be wearing any Super Specialtastic t-shirt either.

I’m going to gladly sign my NDA and be quietly on my way, Secret Society status fully intact.

On my way to helping friends and family, yet none of them will be the wiser.

They’ll simply think they’re on a lucky streak, as well they should.

My community will benefit greatly as well.

Not to mention many people I will never meet nor ever know.

But I’ll know inside that because of my continuing to wait it out, refusing to give up, others will reap the benefits in monumental ways.

For many years to come.

I’m more than anxious to begin paying it forward as well as paying it backwards in terms of saying Thank You to all of those that have helped me throughout my life and more importantly, throughout this journey.

Because if it wasn’t for them, I wouldn’t be where I am, still hanging in there, eagerly anticipating crossing the finish line.

Despite all of the seemingly endless hitches, glitches and delays.

I hope you’re continuing to hang in there as well.

I still continue to believe this is real.

And I believe it’s really going to happen.

I just haven’t a clue as to when.

I don’t think anybody does.

Not even the folks rumored to be furiously working on this thing.

Fortunately I think they’ll be just as happy as we’ll be to reach the end of this journey.

So at least we all have that in common, which means we all have like-minded friends in this thing.

Even if we have yet to meet them.

Hang in there folks, for all we know it’s almost over.


Dr. Dinar

Disclaimer; I’m not a Wealth Manager, Financial Advisor, CPA, Tax Attorney, RV/GCR Committee member, nor in any way connected with Dorothy, the Scarecrow, nor the Tin Man. I’m simply someone that chooses to believe in the power of positive thinking and on the odd chance this thing truly is real, I want to make sure I’m there at the finish line to enjoy it.