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Relax… It’s Done

It’s done? Did you say IT’S DONE!?!

As in the process has reached completion, everything is finished, it’s actually done?

Yeah, right!

I’ll see it when I believe it.

And based on my most recent bank statement, they don’t believe it either.

How many times have we heard that it’s done, there’s nothing else that needs to be completed, just sit back, relax and wait for it to show over the next 24/48/72 hours.

Like… a hundred trillion, including all the zero’s.

Almost as many times as we’ve heard that it’s close and they want it completed by the end of the quarter.

By the end of the fiscal year.

Sooner, rather than later.

Or that it’s imminently imminent.

Or that the rates are on the back screens and we’re just waiting for them to show up on the front screens.

Basically, far too many times to count.

Way too many times to still fall for it, right!?!

Seriously though, if it’s done, then why can’t we see it.

Why aren’t we currently sitting in one of the over 6,000 Exchange Centers, each of them within a 80 mile radius of our homes, signing 28 page NDA’s, redeeming our ZIM, validating our VND or exchanging our IQD.

Spoiler alert… because it’s NOT done.

And we certainly don’t need Cap’n Obvious to tell us that.

At least I don’t anyway.

It’s more than embarrassingly obvious to both me as well as my friendly local bank teller that I’m still broke.

Okay, so most of us can agree that despite what we’re hearing, it’s not done.

However, having said that, there’s one thing we can all agree on and that is they’re hard at work, working on getting it done.

“They” being the so called GCR Committee.

That the process is rapidly progressing, deeply embedded in the process of processing, there’s no stopping it, too late to turn back now.

I mean, they are working on it, right?

Please tell me they are, even if it’s only a rumor and chances are pretty good they aren’t.

I at least need to think they are, if only for my own insanity.

Now that I think about, what if they aren’t. What if they aren’t actually working on it.

What if they forgot to put anybody in place at the very top of this pyramid.

People that truly are in charge of all this stuff.

The so called Release Committee.

Not to be confused with the GCR Committee.

What if they forgot to appoint an actual group of folks that have been nominated to be the be all, end all, of all of this.

What if this entire thing is so compartmentalized that they forgot to create the one compartment to top all the other compartments.

The Release Committee compartment.

A place for all the button-pushing trigger-pullers to get together and do their thing.

Sure, they remembered all the Facial Recognition software and the Security Drones.

That’s the kind of stuff dreams are made of.

Stuff like that you simply can’t make up, let alone forget.

Can you?

Nope, not even if you wanted to.

Call me crazy but with as long as this thing has been going on and with all of the relentless glitches popping up along the way, I can easily see them forgetting the key ingredient.

That being someone to sign on the dotted line.

Or even worse, what if there actually is an RV/GCR Release Committee in place and like all the supposedly sequestered Exchange Center employees, they’re still awaiting a particular “ping” or who knows what type of a notification, that everything is ready to be released but due to the thickness of the plexiglass on the Cone of Silence, the messages simply can’t get through.

Sheesh, for all we know they too got so wrapped up in all the Dinarland rumors that they already received the “GO” signal to release the codes long ago and they blew it off, thinking it was just another flse start

Maybe they’re waiting for actual visible proof in the form of a link to a YouTube video showing Aliens wearing gold ties, standing in front of fringeless flags, waving their seven-fingered jazz hands, giving them the “four thumbs up” signal to release the codes.

Heck, at this point, there’s not much they could say that would surprise many of us, least of all me.

Oh, other than that it’s done and to have it actually BE done when they said it was done.

Now THAT would be one heck of a surprise, wouldn’t it.

A surprise to me, anyway.

A surprise I’m more than ready for.

All I can say is please continue to hang in there.

It’s ALMOST done. Almost.

They’ve only missed it by that much.

One of these tries they won’t miss.

All my best,

Dr. Dinar

Disclaimer; I’m not a Wealth Manager, Financial Advisor, CPA, Tax Attorney, RV/GCR Committee member, nor in any way connected with C.O.N.T.R.O.L. or K.A.O.S.. I’m simply someone that chooses to believe in the power of positive thinking and on the odd chance this thing truly is real, I want to make sure I’m there at the finish line to enjoy it.