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When The Going Gets Tough

We’ve all heard the saying, “When the going gets tough, the tough get to keepin’ on going.”

Well, like it or not, for those of us that live full-time in Dinarland, most have likely been living that mantra for quite some time.

At least since Dr. Shabs told everyone back in 2011 that this RV would without a doubt “pop” no later than the end of June.

Of 2011.


No if’s, and’s, or Malarki’s.

Well, what is it they say about the best laid plans?

Wasn’t it something about the first mouse gets the trap, the second mouse gets their cheese moved, the third mouse is forced to create an entirely new plan.

Something like that.

Whatever it was, apparently they were right.

At least so far anyway.

I’m sure we’ve all been forced to make a change of plans more than once along the way.

As the sands in the sandbox continue to blow by like the days in Dinarland, we’re constantly being forced to invent numerous ways of remaining inspired.

Doing our very best to continue to hang in there.

To remain in the game.

To ride this thing out until the very end.

Lately the numerous rumors of more and more Dinarians losing hope,  giving up, bailing out and selling their currency back have been flooding in from all over Dinarland.

Like Banksters from tall buildings, rumors of folks packing their bags and jumping from the windows of the RV “Insane Train” have become an almost daily occurrence.

Even some Dinarland “notables” have fallen victim as of late, declaring if this goes beyond such ‘n such a date, I’m packin’ it in, sellin’ out and goin’ fishin’.

Of course, he started backpedaling almost as quickly as the statement left his lips, knowing full well there isn’t, nor will there ever be, another opportunity such as this RV.

If anything it just shows to prove that everyone is vulnerable.

That no one is immune, despite their claims of a solid, unwavering foundation in their “knowers”, knowing just how imminent this RV/GCR truly is.

And it’s even more mind-blowing when one considers that according to both the articles, as well as the rumtel, that we’re closer than we’ve ever been to seeing our dreams come true.

Now, how close that is is truly anyone’s guess.

Yet, at the end of the day, it’s more than likely closer than we were yesterday.

Or at least closer than we were the day before yesterday.

It’s unfortunate that those Dinarians that have packed their bags and headed for greener pastures weren’t able to weather the sandstorm of supposition that runs rampant throughout Dinarland.

And pretty much has since the very beginning.

Further proof that this circus of made for tv confusion, created to lead everyone astray, is obviously working its magic.

Just as “they” intended.

One look at the smorgasbord of opinions throughout Dinarland proves, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that no one really knows all the in’s and out’s of the who’s, how’s, why’s, and why not’s of the supposed holdups, distractions and countless delays and why we’re all still sitting here, broke and waiting.

Week after week.

After month.

When I think back on all those supposedly “in the know” folks that have forcefully spread their opinions throughout Dinarland over the past decade plus, then slowly faded off into the sunset, never to be heard from again, it boggles the mind.

Consider at least my mind extremely boggled anyway.

For so many that screamed from their soapboxes that they held the final piece to the puzzle, only to have them completely disappear from the RV scene as if they never even existed, is amazing in itself.

We’re waiting for a new budget.

We need more laws to be passed.

The security needs to be securely secured in an extremely secure manner.

The PTB need to surrender their power.

We need our Banks asseted.

We still need one more Purple Pig to jump over a Blue Moon.

The laundry list of “To Do’s” not yet done is staggeringly endless.

And for me, that never-ending nonsense only helps to support the theory that this “Plan” has and does change time and time again.

We know for certain it has changed at least since 2009 as the original “Plan” has already been released for public consumption.

And we’ve come a long way since then.

A very long way.

And still no RV/GCR.

Not that we can see anyway.

Therefore, the Plan can and more than likely will continue to change.

In fact, it’s probably part of the plan.

Plan on it. I do.

So many times throughout the years, we knew there was just no way they could do this, that, or the other, no way they could survive without first having an internationally tradable currency.

And yet, sure enough, they did survive and have continued to kick the can down the road.

Tinkle, tinkle, clink, clink, down the road it goes.

Low and behold, sure enough this big blue ball kept on spinnin’ ’round ‘n’ ’round.

On its axis of feeble.

Right on schedule, just like they planned.

It’s about the only thing that has remained on schedule.

Of course, still without an internationally tradable currency.

Imagine that.

I don’t know about you but crazy as it may sound, at this point in the game, all those insignificant dates have helped me deal better and better with all of the supposed smokium filled deadlines never panning out.

The “must happens” and “back walls” that have come and gone along the way.

The simple distraction of a possible maybe has helped me get through many a stressful weekend.

Yes, I want this to happen.


In fact, I NEED this to happen.

Like yesterday.

Actually, about 3,546 yesterdays ago.

Maybe more. But who’s counting.

And last time I checked I didn’t have the Easy Button waiting for me in my desk drawer.

Nor in my titanium briefcase.

Which unfortunately means that at the end of the day I don’t have any more control over when this thing happens than anyone else does.

Where does that leave me?

It leaves me waiting, that’s where.

Myself, along with everyone else in Dinarland that makes the decision on a daily basis that they will continue to stay strong and ride this thing out, assured to be there at the finish line.

Still waiting.

After all, what else can I do in a situation that I simply have zero control over anything but my feelings.

My emotions.

My actions.

I’m basically left with only one option.

Because, believe it or not, we’re the lucky ones.

The chosen ones.

The people that know about this wonderful opportunity.

And I consider myself lucky that I’m lucky enough to realize that.

And yes, the ride can be brutal at times.

Often feeling as if we’re drowning, gasping for our last breath.

But again, we’re luckier than lucky to even be on this ride.

Remind yourself of all those that aren’t as lucky as we are and that right there should be enough to help you stay focused on the end of this amazing journey.

Whether it’s selling used car tires, Grandma’s antique salt & pepper shakers or recycling bottles and cans, you gotta do what you gotta do to make it through.

Hang in there folks, this thing is gonna happen.

It’s merely a matter of time.

You’ve made it this far.

Now is not the time to give up.


Dr. Dinar

Disclaimer; I’m not a Wealth Manager, Financial Advisor, CPA, Tax Attorney, RV/GCR Committee member, nor am I in any way involved in the promoting of buying or selling of Grandma’s antiques, collectibles, heirlooms or foreign currency. I’m simply someone that chooses to believe in the power of positive thinking and on the odd chance this thing truly is real, I want to make sure I’m there at the finish line to enjoy it.