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Dr. Scott Young ~ Q & A Nesara/Gesara

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U.S. Dollar Value Slowly Being Chipped Away by Side Deals

Stansberry Research:  6-21-2023

“Deflation will start coming back. And then, they’re going to turn around and start money printing again,” says Chris Blasi, president and CEO of Neptune Global.

 “The market is perceiving the rates are a little high and that the Fed is gonna overdo it and that we’re going to go into a recession.”

He explains that we will be experiencing some “strong deflationary forces” in certain sectors of the economy as global supply-chain issues persist and housing prices continue rising.

 He also contends that the U.S. dollar’s dominant status is fading as countries around the world shift toward trading in local currencies or alternative assets in the future. “When you move from a unipolar [system] to multipolar and one currency to multicurrency, and that’s a time of chaos, that’s when gold thrives,” he concludes.

Chapter stamps:

00:00 Jay Powell’s comments

 4:45 De-flation

7:19 Mild recession

8:13 Gold price

11:26 Demand of gold

12:54 Gold taking off

15:20 Status of US dollar

17:47 Geopolitical situations

 19:09 Silver price


The Fed is Unleashing their Final Secret Weapon | Reverse Repo

Heresy Financial:  6-21-2023

The Federal Reserve has finally begun to unleash its secret weapon on the markets. The reverse repo facility has finally started to drain.

The Fed has kept this weapon in its back pocket for a few years, and the time has finally come. And we’re about to see up to $2 trillion be released on the market.


0:00 Introduction

0:27 What is the Repo Market

5:35 Where Reverse Repo Came From

 8:28 Funding Government Borrowing