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Shell delivered the entire field of oil Majnoon to the Iraqi government

Two officials in the Iraqi oil sector, on Wednesday, that Shell received the Majnoon oil field in full to the Iraqi government.

Reuters quoted officials as saying that “the Royal Oil Company Royal Dutch Shell left the Majnoon oil field and handed over all operations there to the state-run Basra Oil Company after meeting in Basra today.”

“The delivery process was smooth without any problems,” an Iraqi oil official said after the meeting.

The Ministry of Oil has signed in March with two contracts with the company “Anton” Chinese company “Kipiar” US, to operate and maintenance of Majnoon oil field after the announcement of Shell to withdraw from the field.

The Majnoon field of the large oil fields, which is located in the territory of Iraq by 100% and contains 11 oil reservoirs multi-capable of production, and three types of oil, is heavy and medium and light oil.

He said that Shell asked to withdraw from the field of Majnoon to devote fully to the development of gas investment operations in the Gas Company of Basra. Source