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President of the Association of Iraqi private banks: Iraq does not build only his sons

The head of the Association of Iraqi Private Banks, Wadih al-Hanalal, stressed the need to build a generation of young people capable of building their cities destroyed by terrorism, stressing the need for an attractive environment to invest in these cities.

He said during the conference “Emancipation of liberated areas” held on the sidelines of the Baghdad International Fair, and attended by “Economy News”, “Iraq is built only by his sons,” stressing the “need to build a generation capable of this construction.”

He added that “to achieve the construction process must be provided jobs for them through loans and initiatives provided by the banking sector in Iraq,” pointing to “the need to provide investment environment for investors in liberated areas and give priority to the firm companies as well as the elimination of bureaucratic procedures.”

The governor of Anbar, Ali al-Dulaimi, said on the sidelines of the conference that the damage to the infrastructure structures ranged from 80 to 90 percent, pointing to the synergy that led to the return of a large part of the displaced within four months of liberation.

He stressed that the province does not know how much its share of the “Kuwait Conference”, “counting on the completion of the government lineup,” as he put it.

He added that Anbar province will witness the establishment of several projects in the next year, including the sewage project worth 140 billion dinars.

Meanwhile, the director of the municipality of Mosul, Abdul Sattar Khader al-Habo, said that “Da’ash destroyed on the right side 12,000 housing units, and the Shifa Medical Complex, which is similar to the medical city in Baghdad, was completely