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Rafidain Bank: The amount of seven billion dinars was damaged and replaced by the controls

Rafidain Bank on Wednesday issued a clarification on the amount of seven billion dinars, stressing that these banknotes were “damaged and ready for replacement.”

The director of the Rafidain Bank Khawla al-Asadi said in a statement, “Economy News”, “What happened in 2013 of the losses in the street Rashid caused by heavy rain led to the cracking of some of the walls of safes and the rise in water level Tigris River above the level of safes, Led to the entry of water from the doors of safes and walls and through the drainage networks, which represents a force majeure on the bank.

“The destruction of banknotes and replacing them with the Central Bank is a legal process according to the law and controls and instructions adopted in the management of cash between the Central Bank and banks.”

Al-Asadi pointed out that “the banknotes that were exposed to water in time are bad notes that were intended to be exchanged with the Central Bank, based on article 34, paragraph 1, of the Central Bank Law No. 56 of 2004, which states that the legal currency of non-negotiable paper and metal currencies Without prejudice to paragraph (h) of this Article, the Central Bank shall withdraw any paper or metal currencies that are in a non-negotiable condition and execute them and exchange them in paper or equivalent currencies in value.

“The replacement was at a cost and commission according to the controls of the Central Bank after due diligence was taken to prove the case and all concerned parties in the whole subject.”

The governor of the Central Bank Ali Al-Alaq made statements during his hosting before Parliament, before Monday, “12 November 2018” in which he said that the amount of 7 billion Iraqi dinars were damaged by 100 percent, due to leakage of rainwater to the coffers of Rafidain Bank. Source