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The Association of Iraqi Private Banks is conducting a liquidity risk management and interest rate course

On Sunday, the Association of Iraqi Private Banks held a training course on “Managing liquidity risk and interest rate” at the headquarters of the Association, with the participation of 34 trainees from the Central Bank and government and private banks.

“This training program will enable us to understand the challenges and recommendations needed to manage the liquidity risk,” said Ahmed Al Hashemi, director of administration and training at the Association of Iraqi Private Banks, during his speech at the opening of the session. “Liquidity risk has long been one of the main drivers of the crisis, During the early phase of the liquidity crisis, which began in 2007, many financial institutions, regardless of their capital adequacy level, are still struggling because they do not manage liquidity properly.

“The course will last for four days for the period 18-22 / 11/2018,” Hashemi said, adding that participants at the end of the program will be able to review the lessons learned from liquidity management in the current crisis and use a structural approach to assess liquidity risk management and asset and liability management and funding strategy Understanding how banks can anticipate, control and perform stress checks on the funding sources available to the institution and build an emergency strategy to deal with external cash flow pressures. Source